Monday, November 27, 2006

hello all...

missed me? heheh. bet you did. sorry for the long absence. had a pretty bad spell of writer's laziness. i had all these thoughts in my head that i'd love to blog down, but i never got round to it. i was never online anyway, and when i was actually on, i was busy (a) downloading bleach/supernatural/naruto, (b) updating myself on football issues or (c) looking up things that dont really have to be looked up, ie: the lyrics to 'a shoulder to cry on' by tommy page.

on holiday right now (big massive cheer accompanied by a spray of confetti). been looking forward to this. exams were nothing short of horrendous. so the 2-week holiday was really welcomed. even if it is really really (and i mean really) short. havent really done anything worth talking about so far. except for maybe the fact that i'm taking my driving lessons (finally). so watch out people! soon, i will be a driver on the road, instead of a pedestrian/passenger. honestly, i dont know what kind of a driver i'd be. a good, berhemat one i hope. i mean, i've listened enough to my parents (and recently, my big sis and friends) going on about how the road is full of moronic drivers (to put it lightly). hopefully i wont be referred to as one of those.*shudder* anyhow, driving is something i've dreamed of doing for so long. strangely enough, whenever i dream of driving, the car that i drive always happens to be a bmw. thats got to mean something right?

another thing that i always dream about is smoking. thats really weird since i consider it a really disgusting and nasty habit (no offense to those who smoke). think about it, smoking's harmful to your health and the smell sticks to everything (hair, clothes, curtains). anyways, i was really curious as to why i kept having dreams where i smoke and i thought that maybe i was meant to be a smoker otherwise i wont be having those dreams so often. so one fine day, i decided to satisfy my curiosity and try it myself. i bought a pack of salem lights and when i got home, i went straight to my room and hid it under my matress knowing full well that my parents would hit the roof if they ever found out.

over the next few days i kept looking for an opportunity to take a drag (that is the proper term isnt it?). and when the opportunity finally came, i hurried up and opened the cigarette pack excitedly. i took one out, lit it and, well, i started smoking. now, the thing that happened after i took my first drag was, to me, totally unexpected. soon as i inhaled that horrid cigarette smoke, i started coughing and sputtering. i began to wonder why it is that people smoke when, to me, smoking is comparable to licking the roadside. at least thats what i imagined the roadside to taste like anyway.

the next day i got a mild fever. hahah!! serves me right. i guess my whole body just went into shock from purposely inhaling lethal fumes. so i said to myself 'never again, mate, never again', without being too dramatic. i reckon those 5 something ringgit was the worst ever money spent. i still have the pack of salem lights. its still hiding under my matress. i dont want to throw it away for nostalgic reasons. haha. so after reading this, i hope none of you get the sudden urge to start smoking. its really really bad for you. nothing good ever comes out of smoking. this is a public service announcement.

i guess thats it for now. there's just so much you can write at 4.20 in the morning right? so i'll be back later with more rants. stay outta trouble kids. adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'driver-to-be' baharuddin