Tuesday, May 24, 2005

sleep = good

howdy friends n neighbours!!

its ur resident pyro here. (duh, who else?). I'm sitting here at home in front of da telly at half 1 in da morning watching sumthin i've already seen on hallmark wen i know full well dat i have to wake up early 2moro coz i have class at 9. its hard to pull away tho. hallmark's showing 'life on liberty street' wiv ethan embry in it (currently my fave actor), so naturally i juz had to watch. whoever sez dat watching sumthin when u already know da ending is no fun obviously doesnt have a fave actor.

so i've finally finished celebrating arsenal's cup final triumph over man utd. and now da inevitable. after wednesday's (or thursday morning depending on where u r) champs league final, there goes da end of da season. and i'm left wiv a gaping hole in my already empty life (drama queen??). wot will i look forward 2 during da week now? n wot will i do on saturday n sunday nites? now i dun have a reason to fight wiv my lil sis over television rights ("angah dah cakap i'm watching arsenal dulu lagi la!! Bukannye diorang tak repeat AF tu"). no football = almost no life.

oh well, i better save some of my whining for later. Theres a long way to go till the end of august and i dun wanna run out of complaints juz yet. juz wondring, has nebody else noticed da rise in population of gigantamous moths around? saw loads in an around all da engine blocks. its a complete nightmare. imagine this 'The invasion of the Mutant Moths' (eeekk!!!). i wont be able to sleep 4 a week.

Before i finish ranting, i juz wanna mention dat my best friend clare hingley is going 2 cardiff to watch her team in claret n blue (dats west ham 4 those of u who dun really watch football) play preston north end in da play-off final. Big match with loads at stake (promotion is considered 'loads'). its cool coz she's only goin wiv her mum. i wish i cud go watch arsenal play at da millenium stadium (or better, at highbury) wiv my mum. neva gonna happen!! a gurl can dream tho. so best of luck 2 clarey-plairey and da hammers for monday's game. hope 2 see u in da premiership nxt season coz frankly, west ham r 2 suave for 1st division.

ok then. dats it for now. more as it develops. hasta luego.

khairun 'i'm not a retard!' baharuddin

Monday, May 23, 2005

Heya boys and girls....

Like the title says, its da very 1st entry (woohoo!!). Been thinkin abt bloggin for a while now but never really happened (until 2day dat is). So before i start ranting, lets make 1 thing clear, i am not, repeat AM NOT an arsonist (although i do so luv Arsenal). Being a pyrophile doesnt automatically make me an arsonist does it now?? of course not.

Now dat we got dat outta da way, on with da ranting. I'm writing this a day after da FA CUP final, in which, as most of you might've heard, Arsenal won. Woohoo!!! The match last nite has got 2 be one of da best cup finals i've ever seen. it was 0-0 throughout da whole of da 90 minutes, and it remained dat way through da whole of da extra time. and then comes da good bit, penalty shootout. i knew it was gonna be a tight match but who woulda thought it would be decided on penalties.

So basically da match started with a bang (obviously, given all da hype leading up to da final). The big question on all gooners' mind was whether campbell was playing or will senderos be starting (well, it was on my mind neway). the answer is, my fave centreback, Senderos was starting, and rightfully so too, he's been absolutely outstanding. fabregas started ahead of freddie ljungberg and reyes got paired up front with da maestro, Dennis Bergkamp. Obviously, King Henry didnt start, as so clearly revealed by Wenger. dunno what Sir Alex was on about trying to prepare as if henry was playing. I do wonder what goes on in his head sometimes.

Honestly, Arsenal didnt play as well as i'd like them to. And to my absolute horror, man utd created so many chances dat i was starting to prepare myself to lose dis match. Arsenal didnt look threatening and roy carrol didnt have much to do. But super Lehmann really did impress last nite with some of da saves he made. So on and on it went, united putting me in2 cardiac arrest every so often. Then late in da 2nd half ljungberg came on, wearing his brand-spanking new puma celerator boots and things started to look up a little. And after waiting for ages and ages on da sideline, da referee finally let van persie come on. But with all those changes, da match was still tied 0-0.

After some more nail biting minutes, da 90 minutes plus injury time was up and the game was to go into extra time. And after another 30 minutes of extra time, no1 managed to score. altho towards the end of da extra time, reyes got sent off for his 2nd bookable offence which was a silly challenge on ronaldo and so the cup winner was to be decided on penalty shootout. up comes van nistelrooy and converted da penalty and lauren did so too. it was even stevens. to cut da story short, super lehmann saved da penalty from da ever so ginger scholes whilst arsenal converted all 5 superbly, da last 1 being at da hands, or rather, feet, of captain fantastique, and so arsenal are the FA CUP WINNERS!!!!

For me, the delirium of winning the fa cup lasted da whole nite and carried on for da most part of da next day. sure people would say dat it was luck (especially those who arent arsenal fans) and i kinda have to admit dat it was a bit, but dats da whole point of football innit? Oh yeah, lemme juz pay tribute 2 one of my fave brazilians, Edu (i only have 2 fave brazilians, guess who da other 1 is). He'll be leaving us in da summer (sob) and i wish him well wherever he chooses to go. sigh. i'll miss him.

well then, dats abt it 4 da 1st eva rant of a pyrophile. Stay outta trouble boys n gurls. Remember, fire burns. hasta luego.

khairun 'pyro' baharuddin