Thursday, November 20, 2008


well, for most people anyway. for me and ida, it was back to the lab once the poster exhibition is over. the day was tiring enough as it is, what with the standing and sitting around. but once we got to the lab, it was a whole new kind of tired. we'd left this carbon epoxy composite to cure overnight and somehow it got stuck on the table. and now we kinda have to do the damn wing all over again. that makes the score = Wing - 3, IdaKiren - 0.

i know murphy's law applies to each and everyone of us but i'm starting to think that it applies itself a little too well to our final year project. there was that wing thing. and then the other day it was the glue thing. nope, i didnt get my hand stuck on the table top with industrial glue although that option seems rather more enjoyable compared to having to do the wing again. i went and bought this glue after carefully reading the label which clearly says its foam safe. so what happened after i put the glue on the foam? it completely dissolved like a whole section of my wing of course. hah! i bet you didnt know that foam dissolves did you? and by foam i mean polystyrene foam, not shower foam because why on earth would you put glue on that kinda foam?

so back to the poster exhibition. the dude who was paid to evaluate us was from DCA (department of civil aviation). nothing went past him. you should've seen his face. he didnt just look at you. he was looking at your brain. like how your brain is functioning and your thought process. i was planning to just wing it (geddit? WING it? hahaha) but after i saw what happened to hadi and upin, i actually thought up a structured way of doing things.

the real fun of the day came, not from the exhibition itself (obviously), but from the final moments spent with my coursemates. thats it then you lot. i doubt i'd be seeing much of yous after this, which will take some getting used to after seeing you guys roughly everyday of every week for the past 3 years. remember, you guys are buying me lunch with your first paycheck. you'll definitely be missed (sounds morbidly like an obit eh?).

from left:- fizah, mai, fza, ida, sara, james aka cheong, upin, hadi

danny the movie star who wants to sell us bonds and give us his signature

pesot showing off the back of his poster which he tore off on purpose so that fza could win

anyways, congratulations to all those who are graduating. may you find jobs as soon as is possible.