Monday, March 30, 2009

destroyer of worlds

i haven't written anything about kamen rider in a while so here goes.

this year's kamen rider is decade.

a pink rider? they've ran out of cool colours

this time round its special since decade travels to other heisei riders' universes. in the first episode this dude came up to decade/tsukasa kadoya amidst his crumbling world and told him that in order to save his world, he has to go and destroy the other worlds. or something. we're up to the 9th episode now and we've gone through:

kuuga (from the year 2000)

kiva (2008)

ryuki (2002)

and blade (2004)

at first i thought they were gonna go about this chronologically since kuuga is the first rider from the heisei era. but then they jumped to kiva's world so that theory basically went down the drain. and they made changes to the characters and storyline as well. i didnt know this when they went through kuuga's world since i've only seen 5 out of the 9 previous rider series (ryuki, hibiki, kabuto, den-o, kiva). so when they arrived at kiva's world, i expected to see seto koji as kurenai wataru but instead got this little kid who played the small kandou jan in gekiranger. its interesting to see how things unfold in this whole alternate universe thing.

moving on, decade henshins using this card system and he can henshin into other riders as well using these cards that he has.

Justify Fulldecade card on the left, kuuga card on the right

his signature rider kick thingamagig (called final attack ride) reminds me a bit of den-o's rod form, where den-o would chuck the rod through a series of hexagonal shapey thingeys. decade does his kick through a series of card shapey thingeys. its really quite awesome.

final attack rider

its way too early to tell whats going on, as in who the bad guys are. seems like someone's been going around the other riders' world telling them that an evil rider called decade is gonna turn up and destroy their worlds so when he does turn up, all the riders start to attack him. but in the end he saves everyone and their worlds anyway. so i guess i'll just have to wait and see. anyone wanna wait and see with me?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mr Manhattan

Nope, I don't get it either.

Monday, March 23, 2009

it's been a while since i properly finished my tertiary education. and i'm wondering whether i should get off my bum and start to properly look for a job. i mean, a month or 2 at home doing nothing is certainly nice but i cant help feeling like my brain is going rusty from the lack of doing brain challenging activities. sure, watching poorly translated kamen rider dvds require an enormous amount of brain power but it totally falls short to the daily neuron stimulations i encountered during my uni days.

speaking of stimulations, have you ever felt the need to touch something after you've taken a look at it? case in point. went to my cousin's house warming on saturday. they took out their wedding photos (they got married on the 31st of January this year). and the photo paper of the, well, photos, looked textured and i just had to touch it to see whether the feel of the thing matches what i'm seeing. same goes for all of the albums that they took out. awesome isnt it? Multisensory Aesthetic Experience (mae).

mae is a band i've been listening to for quite a while. their music is really pretty. why are they multisensory? because they have these little pictures in their cd booklet and you're supposed to look at the pictures while you listen to the songs. cool huh? although i never really do that whole multisensory thing because lets face it, how long can you stare at a non-moving picture. my attention span just wont permit it.

isnt it just an awesome concept though? imagine if you could capture not just the sights and sounds, but the smell, taste, and basically the feel of a moment. wouldnt it be awesome, if years down the road, you'd be able to let your kids smell the rain at your wedding, or have a taste of your wedding cake? hmm, fancy that.

on to the subject of cakes and the like. i'm off to bake a pudding. apparently my sister dreamt i made queens pudding a few nights ago which is her brain telling her i havent been making anything sweet for tea in a while now. my grandad seems to like it to so i should definitely bring some round for lunch.

oh, before i go. earth hour! have you signed up? switch off all your electrical appliances (lights, fans, pcs and the like) this saturday (28th March) from 8.30pm for a whole hour in support of Earth Hour. if KL Tower can join in why not us? it'll be nice to be engulfed in complete darkness once in a while eh? oh, and make sure you guys are somewhere familiar when you're in the dark or you'd probably bump into all sorts of things.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I &hearts Mraz

went to his concert last night and i only have 1 word. adorkable. hehe. he's awesome. that tshirt he's wearing in the pic, it says i ♥ kl. how awesome is that?

the concert was at stadium negara and never have i seen it so full. it wasnt that full when inxs played there and it wasnt that full even when muse had their concert there. the air was just humid and stagnant (at least at the rock zone anyway). but it was well fun. he's an awesome singer (vocal range up there with mariah carey) and an awesome performer. even managed to put in bits of wonderwall (oasis's song) into one of his songs (you and i both methinks) which i thought was just awesome.

his band was equally awesome. the brass band (all 3 of them) were wearing malaysia's football jersey. you know, the black and yellow stripey one, instantly endearing themselves to everyone who went to the concert, despite the weird situation and the heavy criticism the football team is under right now.

he played all the songs that i hope he would except wordplay and curbside prophet. but songs like life is wonderful and dynamo volition more than made up for those songs' absence. he really had the crowd going. despite the (almost) unbearable heat. and he must've said thank you in every language known to the modern man.

all in all he's worthy of every 'awesome' in this post and certainly more. right at the end he said it certainly wont be their last visit to malaysia. i'm really counting on that.