Thursday, October 27, 2005

good day and a massive hello to every1!!!!

most of u who's reading dis most likely dah finish wiv da bane of ur existences which are da finals so i'd like to wish u all a very happy n festive holiday!!!! u deserve it. especially those who had to go thru calculus 2 n electronix. *shudder*. i feel sick juz thinking about my results. but dats all in da past. i'm in holiday mode now. woohoo!!! sleep eat n be merry. but eat at nyt only la.

which brings me to da nxt point (i dun really no wot my 1st point was but saying 'which brings me to my 1st point' kinda sounds silly but it might juz work). alrite! scrap wot i juz sed. which brings me 2 my 1st point. nxt week raye oledi. sgt hebat. tak rase lame pun puase. like before if puase i'd be lyk 'bile nak raye'. but dis year not lyk dat pun. n da excitement pun different. y agaknye? ne suggestions y? hmm...mystery la.

so rite now i'm at home n spending my days watching naruto. no cartoon series have been able 2 move me quite as much as naruto. i laugh, i cry, i curse and i get anxious along wiv them. sounds odd? dont judge me until u've watched it urself. ahaha. ppl say watching cartoons is bad fer u but i dun think so. not wen its naruto neway. it teaches u stuff. japanese mainly. i now know how to say 'why me', 'perverted hermit', and sum other phrases, mainly ending wiv 'dattebayo!!!'. ahaha. fer those who havent seen, please, i beg of u, go see! i have all da episodes if u wana boro. ahaha.

i guess watching it got side fx kot. its like i cant tell da difference between reality and made up world nemore. i often find myself doing seals wiv my hands n trying 2 concentrate chakra on my palm n doing da rasengan n getting highly frustrated wen it doesnt work. oh, n 1 more thing, is it normal to fall in love wiv a cartoon character at my age? i mean, kalau kecik2 dulu suke kat all da princes in da disney films understandable la kan, but i fancy kakashi sensei sooo much. ahaha. i wonder if theres a guy who looks like him.

animes aside, lets get to da serious stuff. football. as much as i hate looking at da midtable section 2 find arsenal's position, it juz proves wot a beautiful game football is. u might be on top 1 season and nowhere da nxt. altho all da stick da press is giving arsenal is getting too much. its not really dat fair. all d injuries n da financial instability. dun write us off. its only october. i have faith. ahaha.

nehow, dats it fer now. juz pray dat i wont be too lazy to update dis blog. take care boys n gurls. adios n hasta luego.

khairun '6th hokage' baharuddin

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

g'day ladies n gents

long tym no blog (wot else is nu?) its nad's b'day 2day so here's a massive shoutout 2 nad-chan. happy 20th! god bless u m'dear.

lemme see, since da last tym i wrote, i have managed 2 do a number of stupid things. 2 in particular came 2 mind (only bcoz they're da most recent). numero uno happened in la trabaja tienda (direct and oh so incorrect translation of workshop). u'd expect to get injured there so by right u shud be more careful. but not me. nosirree. i was looking at da turning punye chips, u no, da pretty springy silvery ones dat look lyk tinsel (christmas came early!!). i was so mesmerised by these things dat i decided to take one and try n straighten it out. wen dat was done, i went n picked up anotha one. and anotha, and anotha. until pade suatu ketike dimane da pretty turning chipping thing decided 2 take revenge on da way its brothers n sisters got straightened out and it cut my thumb. so it bled (my thumb). n it bled a lot tapi i takot nak mintak plaster kat pakcik tuh. dah la permanent pms (kan alan kan? mengalahkan gurls). which reminds me, i got told off last nyt by dat pakcik coz i was on da fon. i mean, i completely understand if it were during class tym ke, tapi dis was during ot. besides, it was my mum calling, takkan i nak biar je. haiyo! me n alan came to da conclusion dat he's deprived of fon calls. or deprived of sumthing la. otherwise he wont turn out 2 be so bitter lyk dat.

nehow, numero dos happened yesterday. i wanted 2 kejar da lift. its lyk 'yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dibawa berciciran' or sumthin 2 dat effect (my bm is deteriorating). da lift oso didnt stop, and i managed to bang my knee against da wall. sakit maa. now its all bruised. takpe la. bruises will only make u stronger kan?

moving on. workshop is fast becoming a pain in da bum. i mean, serves me right la kot 4 putting things off till so late but who could blame me? kalau da stuff we do r interesting mesti i'd be rearing 2 do it. actually dats not true. haha. imagine if da technician or demo looked lyk freddie ljungberg, mesti i wana ot hari2. haha. gatal siot! so now all da workpieces have 2 be handed in within a real short amount of time. so sangat lah kelam kabut. tapi takpe. i work best under pressure. its all good. haha. yeah rite. if u see me crying my eyes or tearing my hair out, dont bother asking y la. coz it'll be bcoz of workshop.

good news! 2molo start puase. yay! me likey puase. coz afta puase its raye. n raye's a whole lotta fun. but it was kinda sedih coz i missed da penyimpan cop mohor raje2 or sumthin punye announcement. dat has to be da best. nvm, terpakse la tunggu raye nanti. god bless all of ur puase n ibadah during da coming month k!

on a slightly alarming note, at abt 4am last nyt da floor above mine ade kebakaran. cant be serious tho. i didnt know abt it until i bangun dis morning. which shows how tido mati i am or how faulty da alarm system in my block is. either way, had it been a great big fire, i'd probably die of smoke inhalation or mmg rentung terbakar la. oh yeah, me n da rest of da ppl in my block. so dis morning i saw sum ppl investigating (whoooo r u? who who who who (dat was da csi opening theme btw)). i reckon it was da work of an arson. not me tho. i'm a certified pyrophile but i'm not a pyromaniac. fire burns la. sum ppl mustve missed dat.

neways, gtg. stay outta trouble. especially if da trouble involves fire. adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'magpie' baharuddin