Wednesday, December 21, 2005

good morning!!

i'm updating my blog (shocker!) on a wednesday morning (even more of a shocker!!). what's the world coming to?? hahaha. in case you're wondering why i'm updating my blog merely 5 days after my last post, i'll tell you why. its not a mid-life crisis. i just dont have anything better to do. woke up at 7.30 this morning thinking i got fluid mechanics lab at 8.30. got to the lab on time, saw a few people hanging about outside so i hung about outside too (sheep). i hung and i hung and i hung until about 9 when someone came up to us and said that the lab instructor's whereabouts couldnt be traced (wtf??). therefore, lab is cancelled (wtf??) and we'd have to do it next week (wtf??) when we're really supposed to be having tutorial next week (wtf??). huargh!!! bosan siot!

ah yes, typical blog usage as a channel to vent out all dissatisfaction. oh, i can write proper english sentences in case some people are wondering. hahaha. its just that i choose not to. its too much of a hassle. especially if the keyboard i'm using is like the one i'm using now. keyboards in the lab are so rigid. its like i have to put in twice as much effort to type something in this lab, then i would normally. get what i mean? hahaha. ntahpapentah.

hmm. usually there'd be a paragraph about football in every post. wondering whether i should write something now. as most of you know (if not all), arsenal lost. i'm in a period of mourning. but i havent lost faith. the gunners will once again be untouchable and everything will turn out fine. to those who no longer believe that arsenal will reign supreme, cast away your doubts. although texting redza, someone who doesnt watch football during the arsenal chelsea match kind of opened my eyes to other people's views of arsenal. in any case, they're all wrong. hahaha. its funny though how i was convinced arsenal could still win that match when we're 2 nil down with ten minutes to go. actually its not that funny. rather sad come to think of it. okay now i'm depressed. the carling cup match btwn arsenal and doncaster is tonight. pushovers i guess. but i wont count my chickens until they've hatched. you know, just in case i feel like having scrambled eggs or something.

right then. i'll be off now. need the loo (completely useless information to all of you). class starts in 15 mins. stay outta trouble boys and gurls. adios and hasta luego.

khairun 'mourning' baharuddin

Friday, December 16, 2005

hello all!!!

lame tak tulis2 here. bwahahaha (massive understatement). wat with duduk2 n tgk2 tv n surfing da net n all, i dun seem to find da tym to blog. hahaha. wat a loada bull. i looked at da posts n wen they were written. it seems lyk there is a marked decrease in da number of posts per month. if i plot da graph of number of posts versus month, i will get a linear graph which fits da equation y=-x+8.

ah yes, as is apparent from my ongoing rant abt bloody posts per month, uni had inevitably started. been going great so far. relaxed, not much hassle or brain usage. except for linear algebra n vector calculus (i think dats da course title). 1st day pun dah start blaja. i dun mind it coz matrix seems to be kinda cool. but soaking in knowledge at 8.30 in da morning afta a long period of not soaking anything at all is like a piece of metal sponge scourer thing trying to soak up water. it wouldnt. u get my point.

on the other hand, its cool meeting up wiv every1 again. yan is as perky as eva wiv her rather disturbing infatuation wiv mawi, fana all bz wiv her bro's wedding 2molo n using da fact dat she left her bedsheet at home as an excuse to not stay in uni (lucky gal, my mum wont have ne of dat. da nyt i had to come back to uni after da cuti, i found out i left my locker key kat rumah n i was lyk 'damn u, u no good memory!!!' so since i put my bantal in da locker, i used my bag full of baju as a bantal thinking 'hebatnye me to think up sumthing as ingenious as using bag full of baju as a bantal'. but in the end i tak pakai pun coz all da baju packed into da bag made it keras. so next morning i decided to go thru my bag and behold!! wat do u no, my locker key. ah yes, da epitome of forgetfullness. i was thinking 'horridnye me cari 80 kali pun still boleh tak jumpe'. actually, i was juz glad dat i didnt have to wear slipper jamban to go to class, coz my kasut pun in da locker juge). where was i before i opened da brackets? oh yea, cool to see people again.

it was, howeva, very uncool to terserempak wiv my ungs 2040 lecturer during breakfast at deen melawati a day afta i found out about my results. i dun think he recognised me. but still, couldnt enjoy my breakfast knowing he was less than 5 yards away from me.

nehow, football. arsenal drew wiv real bloody madrid (sheesh, who in their right mind would call themselves the meringues, da bunch of pansies) for da nxt round of champs league. bugger. as if doing badly in da league wasnt bad enuff. speaking of da league, dis weekend, da ultimate showdown btwn london's giants, arsenal will take on chelsea at da famous highbury stadium where da gunners will go on to beat chelsea to a pulp, subsequently leading to da sacking of jose mourinho and da signing of 10 year contract of henry, wenger n john terry, who realised dat chelsea are a buncha poofs.

seems like my love affair wiv naruto wasnt shortlived as i had previously predicted. to add spice to da relationship, i met kurosaki ichigo, a shinigami wiv bright orange hair. he's 15 tho. does dat make me a paedophile?? i mean, he's physically an adult, i mean, well toned abs as a result of severe training. owh n his zanpakuto, zangetsu, is really macho too.

i think dats enuff fer now. pray thee dat i wont be too lazy to update my blog. coz my graph of number of posts versus months needs to be inverted. blargh!! bloody 4 by 4 inverted matrix quiz thingamabob.

nehow, dats outta my system. which juz so happens to be an open system (control volume) where there are fluids dat follow da navier stokes equation n landing gears are great. i best be off now. stay outta trouble gurls n boys. adios n hasta luego. bwahahaha.

khairun 'a few millilitres short of a full 1.5 litre coke bottle' baharuddin

Thursday, November 17, 2005


i wrote lyk 5 paragraphs last nyt. tapi then my sis had to use da laptop to do her thesis on bacteria or sumthin so then i didnt save. pandai kan??? neway, before i 4get, SLAMAT HARI RAYE!!! MAAF ZAHIR N BATIN!!! tau la dah 2 minggu raye. dats y we raye sebulan. juz in case ppl lyk me who are malas nak update blog, wait sampai its almost habis raye baru nak update blog n wish ppl slamat hari raye. hmm. faham tak dat sentence??

so raye went brilliantly. i mean, wen else cud u stuff ur face wiv rendang n ketupat n lemang n kuih raye n not have ne1 tell u to stop?? n dis year, my big sis invited her mauritian friend najla to raye wiv us. she's 20 n doing food tech at upm. becoz upm punye exams not finished yet, she cant go back to celebrate raye in mauritius. tough gurl. i dun think i'd be able to face da fact dat i cant raye wiv my family. sedeynye!!!

went back to melaka on diwali. so da day before raye was spent cooking n stuff. i had da godawful task of mengacau rendang. trust me, its not sumthing u wana do wen u're puasa. oh da temptation!!! n then there was dis whole argument about nak isi ketupat sampai mane. mum sed a bit more than half. but then ayah sed a third. my wan was bz so we didnt ask her. in the end we isi da ketupat until its a third full. dunno wat happened to it. didnt eat ketupat mase raye. makan nasi impit je. hahahaha. but apparently its kinda lembik. i guess mum was right then.

raye day. woke up. fought for da bathroom. eat rendang. felt weird coz not used to makan at 8 in da morning. went for semayang raye. giler ramai orang. balik. makan a bit more. got ready for da salam session n photography session. felt teary-eyed fer najla who was talking on da fon to her mum in mauritius lyk in french n really fast. cant make out a word she sed. makan lagi. watch tv. decided dat its cerite ntahapentah n ate sumo. then went to atok n nenek sedare's houses. had to ride wiv ayah coz mum drove d other car. had a pointless argument about y da car in front is so freaking slow.

pasang doves cd only fer it 2 be switched off after a few songs coz according to ayah, it was 'bising'. had to listen to nurul's (my younger sis) mixed cd. made faces coz da songs r boring but no1 noticed coz ayah was driving n nurul was at da back. went to a few houses. ate sumo. najla asked y is it dat all da houses we go to, we eat. had to explain dat raye in malaysia mmg like dat. afta finish going to all da houses dat we were s'pose 2, headed back to melaka. used da highway. bad idea. giler banyak cars. both ways. stopped at a rest stop. still ramai orang. got back on da highway, saw a car got turned in an accident. thank god it wasnt fatal. wanted to sleep but kesian kat ayah bawak car sorang2. sampai rumah, ate n slept. healthy aint it?

2nd day raye, headed home. not as many cars. ayah wanted to leave early so dat he'll sempat catch da friday prayers at da masjid behind my house. mum led da way. ayah followed. it was funny. if i were mum, i'd be stressed out. went straight to rumah atok. lotsa ppl there. atok's daughters n their families mainly. salam atok n nenek, ate n be merry. ah yes, happy days!! kesimpulannya, raye is better than ne other holiday in da whole wide world.

a few days later, da cuti mode kicked in. u no, still awake at ungodly hours, sleep until its noon. wake up fer a few hours n then sleep again sampai u feel sick. its great. hahahaha. n during dis cuti, i managed to finish watching naruto. yay! not really finish tho. coz da series tak habis lagi. its more lyk i managed to catch up wiv da series la kot. hahahaha. hebat kan? its now episode 160. downloaded it but havent watched yet. seen da rest. except for episode 139. da gambar tak elok so i had to skip an episode.

neways. dats it fer now. on da footballing front, da 32 teams for da world cup. lemme see. from asia there r iran, s.korea, japan n 1 more i cant remember but its definitely not malaysia la. haha. sum countries from africa including dis country called togo (??) well done to them. lotsa countries from europe qualified. australia qualified. switzerland qualified (yay!). united states, brazil n sum other countries qualified. arsenal will be represented by kolo toure, phillipe senderos, sol campbell, ashley cole, thierry henry...basically da whole 1st team la kot. hahahaha.

okie then, now i'm really done. nyt y'all. eat lots, drink plenty n be merry. peace out. adios n hasta luego.

khairun 'rendang monster' baharuddin

Thursday, October 27, 2005

good day and a massive hello to every1!!!!

most of u who's reading dis most likely dah finish wiv da bane of ur existences which are da finals so i'd like to wish u all a very happy n festive holiday!!!! u deserve it. especially those who had to go thru calculus 2 n electronix. *shudder*. i feel sick juz thinking about my results. but dats all in da past. i'm in holiday mode now. woohoo!!! sleep eat n be merry. but eat at nyt only la.

which brings me to da nxt point (i dun really no wot my 1st point was but saying 'which brings me to my 1st point' kinda sounds silly but it might juz work). alrite! scrap wot i juz sed. which brings me 2 my 1st point. nxt week raye oledi. sgt hebat. tak rase lame pun puase. like before if puase i'd be lyk 'bile nak raye'. but dis year not lyk dat pun. n da excitement pun different. y agaknye? ne suggestions y? hmm...mystery la.

so rite now i'm at home n spending my days watching naruto. no cartoon series have been able 2 move me quite as much as naruto. i laugh, i cry, i curse and i get anxious along wiv them. sounds odd? dont judge me until u've watched it urself. ahaha. ppl say watching cartoons is bad fer u but i dun think so. not wen its naruto neway. it teaches u stuff. japanese mainly. i now know how to say 'why me', 'perverted hermit', and sum other phrases, mainly ending wiv 'dattebayo!!!'. ahaha. fer those who havent seen, please, i beg of u, go see! i have all da episodes if u wana boro. ahaha.

i guess watching it got side fx kot. its like i cant tell da difference between reality and made up world nemore. i often find myself doing seals wiv my hands n trying 2 concentrate chakra on my palm n doing da rasengan n getting highly frustrated wen it doesnt work. oh, n 1 more thing, is it normal to fall in love wiv a cartoon character at my age? i mean, kalau kecik2 dulu suke kat all da princes in da disney films understandable la kan, but i fancy kakashi sensei sooo much. ahaha. i wonder if theres a guy who looks like him.

animes aside, lets get to da serious stuff. football. as much as i hate looking at da midtable section 2 find arsenal's position, it juz proves wot a beautiful game football is. u might be on top 1 season and nowhere da nxt. altho all da stick da press is giving arsenal is getting too much. its not really dat fair. all d injuries n da financial instability. dun write us off. its only october. i have faith. ahaha.

nehow, dats it fer now. juz pray dat i wont be too lazy to update dis blog. take care boys n gurls. adios n hasta luego.

khairun '6th hokage' baharuddin

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

g'day ladies n gents

long tym no blog (wot else is nu?) its nad's b'day 2day so here's a massive shoutout 2 nad-chan. happy 20th! god bless u m'dear.

lemme see, since da last tym i wrote, i have managed 2 do a number of stupid things. 2 in particular came 2 mind (only bcoz they're da most recent). numero uno happened in la trabaja tienda (direct and oh so incorrect translation of workshop). u'd expect to get injured there so by right u shud be more careful. but not me. nosirree. i was looking at da turning punye chips, u no, da pretty springy silvery ones dat look lyk tinsel (christmas came early!!). i was so mesmerised by these things dat i decided to take one and try n straighten it out. wen dat was done, i went n picked up anotha one. and anotha, and anotha. until pade suatu ketike dimane da pretty turning chipping thing decided 2 take revenge on da way its brothers n sisters got straightened out and it cut my thumb. so it bled (my thumb). n it bled a lot tapi i takot nak mintak plaster kat pakcik tuh. dah la permanent pms (kan alan kan? mengalahkan gurls). which reminds me, i got told off last nyt by dat pakcik coz i was on da fon. i mean, i completely understand if it were during class tym ke, tapi dis was during ot. besides, it was my mum calling, takkan i nak biar je. haiyo! me n alan came to da conclusion dat he's deprived of fon calls. or deprived of sumthing la. otherwise he wont turn out 2 be so bitter lyk dat.

nehow, numero dos happened yesterday. i wanted 2 kejar da lift. its lyk 'yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dibawa berciciran' or sumthin 2 dat effect (my bm is deteriorating). da lift oso didnt stop, and i managed to bang my knee against da wall. sakit maa. now its all bruised. takpe la. bruises will only make u stronger kan?

moving on. workshop is fast becoming a pain in da bum. i mean, serves me right la kot 4 putting things off till so late but who could blame me? kalau da stuff we do r interesting mesti i'd be rearing 2 do it. actually dats not true. haha. imagine if da technician or demo looked lyk freddie ljungberg, mesti i wana ot hari2. haha. gatal siot! so now all da workpieces have 2 be handed in within a real short amount of time. so sangat lah kelam kabut. tapi takpe. i work best under pressure. its all good. haha. yeah rite. if u see me crying my eyes or tearing my hair out, dont bother asking y la. coz it'll be bcoz of workshop.

good news! 2molo start puase. yay! me likey puase. coz afta puase its raye. n raye's a whole lotta fun. but it was kinda sedih coz i missed da penyimpan cop mohor raje2 or sumthin punye announcement. dat has to be da best. nvm, terpakse la tunggu raye nanti. god bless all of ur puase n ibadah during da coming month k!

on a slightly alarming note, at abt 4am last nyt da floor above mine ade kebakaran. cant be serious tho. i didnt know abt it until i bangun dis morning. which shows how tido mati i am or how faulty da alarm system in my block is. either way, had it been a great big fire, i'd probably die of smoke inhalation or mmg rentung terbakar la. oh yeah, me n da rest of da ppl in my block. so dis morning i saw sum ppl investigating (whoooo r u? who who who who (dat was da csi opening theme btw)). i reckon it was da work of an arson. not me tho. i'm a certified pyrophile but i'm not a pyromaniac. fire burns la. sum ppl mustve missed dat.

neways, gtg. stay outta trouble. especially if da trouble involves fire. adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'magpie' baharuddin

Friday, September 16, 2005

waddup peeps!!

howz every1 doing? good i hope. i know la, long time no blog. neva been really good at keeping journals. online or otherwise. figures its much easier 2 juz remember stuff. but then again, my memorizing skill isnt my strongest point so dats dat.

lemme see...its been hard to get in da groove dis past few weeks. da cuti hari tu was until wednesday of last week so i only went to class on thursday. even then there was no lab so i only really went to workshop dat thursday aftanoon. so everything was dandy. no stress. even workshop da weekly stress initiator pun didnt give me ne hassle. it was metal forming. we made cones outta sheets of metals!! haha. dat nyt i had management exam. hrmph. dat was a real pain in my backside. but didnt think too much of it coz if i did, mesti i'll end up in a loony bin. lets juz say i'm not cut out for dis management stuff. the only thing i'd be happy to manage is my fantasy football team. which i havent even chosen yet. haiyo. busynye.

nehow, went home on friday coz i had management group discussion. came back on sunday morning 2 do a bit of management but went home at abt noon coz there was no water (stupid truck spill all those precious palm oil in2 our water supply). its times like those dat i thank god i only live lyk 10 mins away from uni. i feel so sorry for those yang stay jauh2. i mean, water is a necessity. i wouldnt mind if i lived on da ground floor ke, but imagine ppl lyk nita who lives on da 5th floor nak angkut all those buckets o water. so dat aftanoon red sent me home n i managed to convince my mum 2 let me commute till water is back on. then on monday morning went 2 uni 4 classes. couldnt concentrate coz it was darn hot coz da air conditioning wasnt working. but during maths i heard da most wonerful news. classes were gona be cancelled starting 1 o'clock dat day till wednesday. so dat was fun.

so ape lagi, ronggeng la on tuesday. had a rombongan 2 midvalley. there were me, una, nad, faiz, fellow aerospace engineer fana, wani and pimp daddy naeem. hahaha. went to see creep. please stay away from dat movie. i mean, da whole purpose of a scary movie is to scare ppl rite? well, if dat was da objective of dis movie, it failed miserably. okla, maybe it scared wani so it wasnt a total loss. da starting pun kitorang dah gelak, altho dat wasnt really da director's fault. how is 'creep' translated to 'si pengampu'?? salah gile. conclusion die? jgn tgk, unless of course u're looking 2 have a good laugh.

onto more important matters. football. as always, u no likey, u skip2 la. yeah alrite, arsenal havent been doing well. i can admit dat. but its early days and we have a game in hand. and alan, i dun think ur theory of 'maen 5 kalah 2 therefore maen 10 kalah 4' is correct. hahaha. wot kinda assumption is dat. n d only reason ur laughing is bcoz united r ahead but it wont be for long. u enjoy ur moment near da top now la. itll be our turn soon enuff. u juz wait. da boro game was annoying tho. i was watching happily da 1st half where arsenal created loadsa chances. reyes was all over. it was a nytmare 2 be a defender marking reyes. so i was happy. then came 1 o'clock da damn astro sed 'services currently not available'. u cud imagine my wrath. thank god red was kind enuff 2 watch 4 me. near half tym, red txt me n sed 'arsenal scored'. n i was ecstatic even if i didnt see da goal. but then barely a minute later red txt me again n he was lyk 'sorry, boro scored. i woulda tot dey'd be wearing red'. lol. cute je. as heart breaking as dat was, it coulda been worse. i mean, redza 'kaki f1' imran watching football? i s'pose u cant really blame him 4 not knowing dat boro was da home team n are therefore wearing red.

so da champs league match ended on a better note. it was against fc 'who?' thun so i juz knew it was gona be a game we'd win (much lyk how i was confident dat boro were pushovers). apparently reyes left it till da last minute to get da 3 points n robin 'not a rapist' van persie was red carded. ah well. board of directors wana appeal against it. n dennis 'non-flying dutchman' bergkamp might juz travel 2 amsterdam 2 play ajax in da nxt champs league match. dunno how he'll go tho. eurostar maybe??

alrite then. dats it 4 now. i gots 2 get goin. c y'all laterz. ciao cincau. (omg dats lame). stay outta trouble. adios n hasta luego.

khairun 'potential loon' baharuddin

Saturday, September 03, 2005


long time no blog eh? been lazy la (wot else is new?). b4 i go on ne further, SELAMAT HARI MERDEKA to semue rakyat Malaysia. aren't we blessed to be living in such a great country. u look in da nuz these days n see disasters everywer (katrina hurricane n dat stampede in iraq por ejemplo) n yet we're all safe n sound. makes u think twice abt complaining huh? i wont start goin on abt da meaning of merdeka now coz u can all go to alan's website for dat. he's got a very menginsafkan post. my atok cerite dat he went n picked up tunku abdul rahman from melaka b4 da ceremony, n he was actually there wen tunku abdul rahman laungkan MERDEKA 7 times. how cool is dat. cant imagine how they all must feel at dat moment. wen i hear it now, i feel immensely proud. but those ppl must've felt an extreme sense of relief and euphoria.

moving on. its cuti now. 3 days cuti but its still cuti nonetheless. nasib baik i started my cuti on friday which means, counting da weekend, i get lyk 6 day's cuti. cant really enjoy it tho. got management exam da day i come back. haiyo. kene bace sangat banyak. okayla, tak la banyak sangat, but banyak la jugak. neways, plan 2 go on a picnic sumtym during da cuti but my ayah macam tak berape nak bagi. haiyo. perhaps if we have a picnic sumwer closer he wont mind so much.

its internationals dis week. doesnt interest me much so, i wont be ranting abt football. oh yeah, mase merdeka tuh i juz sat n watched fireworks on telly. they're so pretty. i LOVE fireworks. okay, i think i should stop now. coz wen u start ranting about fireworks, then u no u've ran outta things to talk abt. so stay outta trouble lads n lasses. adios n hasta luego.

khairun 'anak malaysia' baharuddin

Saturday, August 27, 2005

morning y'all!!!

i cant believe i missed justice league sbb tgk dat britney n kevin reality show. haiyo. salah giler. n it wasnt even becoz my sisters wana watch it. i was on my own flicking thru da channels waiting 4 justice league to come on after da iklan, then, 'hmm, dis looks interesting'. so i watched britney go round asking ppl 'how do u feel abt marriage n commitment?' n completely 4got abt justice league. now i feel guilty. i have betrayed da sacred trust dat da comic industry put in me. i should be shot. ok maybe not shot la. i should face dire consequences.

so last nyt i went and did da da vinci code web quest thing. managed to finish it but i had help. big thank u to kma. i needed sumthin from da book n kma has it so i txt her at lyk 1 or 2 in da morning (yes, i am a freak!) n she layan me, even if i were a bit psychotic. muchas gracias. mesti i couldnt do it without u.

ptg ni got khemah ibadah. ahaha (tak tau kenape gelak). starts at 5.30 so probly balik uni afta asar ke. yep, useless bit of info. tak payah tau pun takpe. haha.

so dats all da rants dat ur resident pyro could provide u for dis wknd ladies n gents. stay outta trouble. adios n hasta luego.

khairun 'trivial' baharuddin

Thursday, August 25, 2005


arsenal won last nyt. oh yeah, fer those of u yang taknak read abt football, skip did paragraph. we practically mauled fulham. didnt watch tho, i was at uni. final score was 4-1 to the arsenal wiv henry n cygan(??) both scoring 2 each. guess its a good scoreline considering sunday's match (against dem stupid twats dat are chelsea). i mean, chelsea's win couldnt be justified as anything else apart from dumb luck. even mourinho sed so. very frustrating. kinda made me regret da fact dat i chose to balik on monday juz becoz of football. kinda. on the plus side, dat match on sunday really showed how good hleb is. he doesnt mind getting stuck in and he's juz a great team player. i voted him man of the match. but drogba won dat title. undeservedly, da prick (arr marah nih (alan style) !) i mean, juz becoz u score a goal doesnt make u entitled to man of da match. annoying giler.

neways, got da football outta my system. contrary 2 popular beliefs, i do have other things 2 do besides blogging (anis n red!). even if da other things are doing homework or reading. so kalau lambat update tunggu je la ye. ahaha. besides, i dun balik rumah everyday last weekend was kinda bz la kot. mum n ayah went 2 perak 4 ayah's old boys' reunion. saw da pix. made me proud a bit. ayah was darn good looking compared to da others there. all da other pakciks were kinda balding n rather outta shape. those who werent balding were greying. mum sed all da wives sat 2getha whilst da old boys caught up wiv each other. one of da wives was kaed punye dean. small world eh?

mum and ayah's weekend getaway had absolutely zilch to do wiv y i was bz. went to kuantan on saturday ikot atok n nenek pegi wedding. seronok je. we went by da old jalan so it took ages n ages especially wiv nenek there nagging atok all da tym '70 je la had laju die tok' and 'atok ni suke bawak laju2' while in actual truth my atok was only doing lyk 80. nenek sed she wanted to buy an anak kambing. kelaka je. she sed on da way back nak stop kat mane2 so she can buy 1 and it can sit wiv her upfront. n atok was lyk 'ye la, nanti tido pun bawak masuk kelambu'. nasib baik she completely 4got all abt it on da way back. cant imagine riding in a car wiv anak kambing.

so da trip 2 kuantan took up most of my saturday. i tot bile balik tu atok was gonna send me straight home tapi balik rumah nenek instead. dah la takde baju. so i had 2 wear nenek's kain batik n atok's tshirt. klaka gile. then rumah nenek takde astro so dok tgk citer bujang lapok dat nyt. went off to sleep at abt 11 sumthin kot (fuyoo awal!!). nasib baik i brought along the da vinci code. which brings me to da nxt reason y i was bz. sgt best buku tu. havent read a good book lyk dat since ages la. page turner. so sesiape yg belum bace, anda dinasihatkan membace buku tersebut. on sunday i juz lazed abt finishing up on dat book. and dats da reason y i didnt update my blog.

dis whole week sgt lepak. i mean, afta dat disaster of an exam dat was calculus, i juz wanted to chill out. so da conclusion kat sini is ur resident pyro has not learned from past experience ladies n gents. lagi mau duduk2 tgk movie n baring2 bace buku yang completely tak related wiv nething i'm studying. altho most of da tym i baring2 i was, in actual truth, thinking abt nak amik major ape. haiyo. berbelah bahagi jugak. methinks aerospace kot, altho red's telling me to think twice abt dat. i dun care la, nak jugak. kakak 4th year in my management class tuh amik aero n she seems 2 be doin great. ok la kot. 1 thing fer sure is dat i wont be taking mechatronics. *shudder* cant face nemore electronix den is necessary la.

neways, dats it fer now. cya round kids. stay outta trouble. adios n hasta luego.

khairun 'proud 2 be a gooner' baharuddin

ps: redza jahat! macam la F1 tuh best sgt (best tu best la tapi takla best sgt). its completely tak, hmm, wots da word, universal. not sumer org bole main. unlyk football. kids pun main, grown ups pun main. sumer org main.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

good day ladies n gentlemen,

its ur head stewardess speaking. thank u for flying wiv pyrophile airlines. bad choice u made. who in their right mind would fly 'pyrophile airlines'?? unless u're pyrophiles 2, in which case i reckon u made da right choice. neways, da exits are here, here n here. n u better pay attention coz if u dont n dis plane crashes, god help u!

i make a good air hostess no? ahaha(my nu laugh). i'm kinda pelik2 la lately. i no y kot. tapi taknak la cakap. ahaha(good innit my nu laugh). me thinks sum of u no y jugak kot. season started oledi!! woohoo!! me lyk, me lyk. y'day watched da everton united game. good match dat. 2nyts arsenal match cant watch. can a bit je kot. fate plays a cruel card fer me. i have to go back 2 uni. huhu. sedey dah. banyak gile keje kene siapkan. have to read a book by a guy called perves hoodbhoy (makes u wonder wot his friends call him). ahaha. still tak habes bace lagi. islam n science is muy interesante n dis hoodbhoy person managed to kill all da interest out of it.

me thinks dats it fer now. gtg siap kan barang2. bringing my nu total 90 to uni. gonna play sum football now. ahaha. dunno if still can fit my umbro football boots tho. dah lame tak pakai. i managed to practice on a few ball skills. in da house nonetheless. banyak dah kene marah. especially ngan kaklong. she threatened to pancitkan da ball if i dun stop. ahaha. i gots skills!!

okie den. now i'm really gonna go. hasta luego ladies n gents. thank u fer choosing pyrophile airlines. if u're not too traumatised, please come again.

khairun 'friendly skies' baharuddin

Saturday, August 13, 2005

hola amigos y amigas,

como estas? estoy bien. estupendo. mi duele la cabeza. me gusta el caballo. aye caramba! la tortura. la intrusa. livin la vida loca. ahahahah!! i'm juz throwin around random spanish terms. tak betol sket. yo loco si?? si si. i think i shud stop being pelik2 now.

lemme see. isu2 semase section. nebody NOT notice da haze?? u must not live in kl then. sgt teruk sampai schools n unis closed down. dis was on thursday la. its a lot better today. can see da sun oledi. just my luck tho, uni was declared closed on thursday at 5. ade workshop so obviously tak berenti buat wshop pun. then friday pun uni closed jugak. hell-looo!!! mmg la friday takde class pun. suke kasi cuti tym takde class tau. apentah. y'day i watched da khutbah jumaat n dey all did solat sunat asking fer rain. n da masjid kat da back of my house did oso. so far no rain yet but da haze has really cleared up. muy bien!

nehow. last week not a lot going on. but lemme tell u a story dats very menginsafkan. da story asks da question, will ur resident pyro ever learn?? hopefully i will. but then again...da story goes lyk dis. once upon a tym in da luvly uni dat is iiu, pyro was given a task to do as part of her workshop class. da task was da infamous benchwork. dis task takes up a lotta tym n effort to complete n it had to be in in 2 weeks tym. so pyro, thinking dat 2 weeks tym is a long way away, put da task at da back of her mind n decided to leave it till later. dis later was actually da week it had to be submitted. so pyro busted her arse off (pardon my french, ahaha). and she did ot everynite of da whole week. n she woulda been able to finish off her task if it werent fer da darned manufacturing seniors who hog da darn workshop. bugger. so she'll be submitting her workpiece rather late. and she didnt live happily fer a few days. the end.

so lads n lasses. da moral of da story is dat manufacturing seniors r twats. (jahatnye me!) only joking. da real moral behind da story is dat procrastination neva, eva pays. sumtyms it works out fine. but other tyms unforeseen circumstances take ova n u'll be thinking 'oh shite!'.. oh yeah, muchas gracias alan fer helping me out lotsandlots.

u wont believe wot i did y'day. i was just lying around lyk i always do on wknds. so wen i got up, my 2 pendants jatuh. i was thinking, takkan la tercabut die punye clasp kot. then i looked rupe2nye dah putus my rantai. huhu. sedey nye. dat thing kinda nu oso. i went running downstairs n told my mum n ayah. ayah was lyk 'mcm mane awak ni khairun nisaa? kenape ganas sgt'. n i was lyk 'mane ade ganas'. dis isnt helping my family change their views of how ganas i am. i'm really not. i'm quite gentle. but u shoulda seen me the other day. i was gonna get in2 da car then my seluar got caught sumwer n it ripped. sgt banyak rip die dat it cant be salvaged nemore. n semalam, b4 da rantai putus incident, i wanted to open da door. then my foot tersangkot kat my trousers n it ripped oso. my mum was lyk 'awak nak we buy u new trousers tak payah la koyakkan all ur old ones'. yeah alrite. as if me almost falling down flat on my face was done on purpose. good thing is mum ckp we cud take it to da goldsmith (da chain, not da trousers) and geddit fixed.

neways, i'll be off now. hasta luego. dun put off til 2molo wot u can do 2day unless u're sure da horrid manu seniors wont be in da workshop n making ur existence a pain in da u no where. stay outta trouble kids.

khairun 'dr jekyll mr hyde' baharuddin

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

ohio gozaimas (hoping dat u guys'll read dis in da morning)

today is da 9th. ayah's 47th bday. happy b'day ayah! hope u'll have panjang umur n murah rezeki!! mum already got u da nu shooting jacket so we no need give u gifts oledi la.

nehow, in gpcl rite now. no class oledi since 10 in da morn. went 2 tilawah wearing baju hijau engin tuh and da ustad didnt recognise me ("awak pernah dtg kelas ni dulu"). stupid green jacket. did ot last nyt (overtym) and it was tiring as hell. all i did last nyt was saw da stupid piece of metal to get da right shape. i wonder, y do i have to go thru all dis trouble wen da t-cutter is staring at me right in da face. is it to teach me to not take machines for granted? i dont take machines for granted. i love machines! i highly appreciate them. now lemme use 'em. got da shape of da thing we're s'pose to get oledi. got da muscles n blisters to match as well. now all i gots to do is file n drill holes. n i wonder again y i'm not allowed to use them macho hand grinders. oh btw, remon doing benchwork = hot!! hahaha.

kma sez, actually, loadsa ppl say, dat i rant a lot abt football. so if u dun wana read, skip dis paragraph n go on down to da nxt one coz dis paragraph is all abt football. so here goes, community shield. yeah alrite arsenal lost. but dats only cause whoeva wins it is cursed and wont win da premiership. muahahahahaha to chelsea!!! da match was rather entertaining me gots to say. me tots fabregas did awesome in midfield. didnt even miss wotsisface who left n got himself cut off of da new old kit photo. got a 1st look at da new guy, hleb. all i cud say is dat he looks like a player wiv lotsa heart. sangat beriye dan bersungguh-sungguh. hahaha. senderos did extremely well oso but me tot they all relied on him too much to defend. no good. good to see van persie play. he did alrite considering da kind of summer he had. onto the other team, well, john terry me likey so he did alright. da rest are twats. including frank lampard. he even got yellow carded 4 being a general twat. da twat dat he is.

for those of u who skipped da last paragraph, u shud take a look at da beautiful game la. its worth it. lemme see, got ibadah camp dis weekend. haiyo. easy 20% la kot kalau pegi. but i'll be missing da 1st match of da season. double haiyo. n its against newcastle. actually, dat shoulda gone skali wiv all da football stuff in da paragraph kat atas. tapi i didnt sbb ade pasal ibadah camp. besides, kalau letak kat atas mcm lagi penuh je da paragraph. tak best la paragraph penuh.

me thinks dats it kot for now. woteva i happen to think up i'll write down in my computer n during da weekend ke weneva la, i'll post it up. alrite den ladies n gents, rememba, fire burns. hasta luego.

khairun 'iron-woman' baharuddin

Friday, August 05, 2005

w'sup peeps!

no updates last week. me knows. altho loads happened. no diddle daddle then, lets get 2 it. k then, last week. it could be called da lost n found week i think. fahan's ibook. yep. da coolest gadget a person cud own. i stand corrected, 1 of da coolest gadgets a person cud own. nehow, sum1 stole it, 2 put it shortly. bloody hell! is nothing sacred nemore? hell-lloo!! i mean, i cant even begin 2 comprehend how da mind of a thief works but isnt there sum kinda code where u cant steal inside uia??? nvm la. a lotta tears, denial n 2 days later, it was back on her desk. odd. on2 my lost thing. i couldnt find my stupid bath scrunchie. lost it on wednesday. nobody stole it tho. i mean, who would wana steal a bath scrunchie. but it was lost nonetheless. then i found it on friday. it was in 1 of my laci. hahaha.

still on da topic of last week. workshop. muahaha. had to do da infamous benchwork. not hard, juz tiring. sawing n filing. i dun mind tho. i want sum muscles. da workpiece kene hanta nxt week. n i have got to be da laziest person in terms of overtym there ever was in da history of kuliyah of engineering. faiz managed 2 finish hers in a week. i still tak habes sawing da damn piece of metal. so now i gotta strive a bit la.

dis week nothing much happened i s'pose. hmm, lemme check. nope. takde pape berlaku pun. workshop yang selalunye interesting pun buat measuring je. abg demo ade sesuatu la, crude tho he may be. dunno his name la tapi. all i no is dat die ade sesuatu. owh, n da workload of electronix is getting ridiculous. pspice, lab report n assignments?? dats juz too much. i would like to have a life outside of electronics but dat doesnt seem possible at da moment. n da lab we have to do pun, haiyo. like kma sed abt da breadboard thing la. only i wish i neva eva have to see it again. eva!!! but i probly wud see it again next week. so dats dat.

neways, best be off. see y'all later. stay outta trouble. hasta luego.

khairun 'procrastinator' baharuddin

Saturday, July 23, 2005


saturday 2day. a day of absolutely zilch productivity. woke up early 2day coz i wanted 2 ikot ayah pegi shooting. but i didnt really shoot nething. ade competition n my dad's in it. havent been 2 subang sgt lame. so wen i arrived everybody there was like 'aik! ingatkan dah retire'. da gunskeeper, all da pakcik n stuff. my reply, 'busy with uni la' tho in actual truth its more lyk 'i neva get up early enuff to ikot my ayah who wont wake me up when he leaves da house'. my dad was in squad A so his squad was up 1st. he managed 2 shoot 17 outta 25 which was really good considering he's only doing dis in his spare tym. dat means he even beat 1 of da malaysian shooters. phewwit ayah! afta dat as usual pegi saturday lunch at rumah nenek n then bile balik rumah i slept. sgt lama. bile bangun ptg tu dah saket kepala. betul la cakap org tua, jgn tido afta asar.

enuff abt my day. boring je sebenanye. i tot maybe if i wrote it down sumhow it wud bcome interesting ke. tak pun. salah my theory. nvm. nehow. 3rd week of uni coming up n all i see are quizzes, quizzes n more quizzes. electronix, maths, management apparently n dats it kot dat i can rememba. takot la jugak. i dunno nething. 2 weeks of learning n i still havent managed 2 absorb ape2 skali pun. a bit frustrating at times but most times its juz worrying. especially electronix. da amount of ppl banyak + da classroon sgt kecik + da lecturer's voice sgt slow = me sleeping. n dont get me started on maths tutorial. same equation la kot.

so y'day's ceramah on IEM was surprisingly pleasant. i felt sleepy skejap2 but most times i was alert n enthusiastic. especially coz one of da speakers, alvin, was sgt best. he looks young. 25 n already 4 yrs working experience. woah. lol. he talked abt public speaking as well. n there's this whole episode wer ppl had 2 sell themselves. interesting eh? erm, well, our own mr redza imran bid on a 3rd year gurl. so i hope wen sum seniors came looking 4 him, he'll be able to look afta himself. haha.

a bit of football update. i tot dennis bergkamp was gonna succeed vieira wen 'captain fantastique' left but turns out i was mistaken. it'll be none other than king henry! yay! i dun think ne1 deserves it more than him, bless his heart. elsewhere, chelsea signed shaun wright-phillips. i reckon dats all wrong. i mean, he's a wright therefore its his duty 2 play in his dad's old club. i know i have a weird view on dis. i mean, lyk pres sez, 'if ur dad was a teacher, takkan u want 2 be a teacher also'. good point i guess. but still. not really satisfied wiv da signings made. but then again, i'm not da manager. trust da boss!!

well then, gtg. wana sleep so i cud tag along again 2moro. stay outta trouble. dun do nething i wouldnt. adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'fantasy manager' baharuddin

Friday, July 22, 2005

hey...(in a cool james dean way)

those of u yang sgt kerap (hahaha, kerap) dtg 2 this website might notice da change in da blogskin. well, haritu a few friends sed dat dey had problems reading da posts so i changed it la. actually, dis 1 makes my eyes go funny sket. maybe coz i'm not wearing my glasses kot rite now. lemme see, theres them comment thingamabobs so now una can post me comments. yay! hahaha. other ppl pun can oso but nobody else seems 2 do it. da song thing might or might not work. only god knows.

nehow. 2nd week of uni went by n its got its own highlights altho none of it involved running around like headless chickens. por ejemplo, 2day was da 1st workshop session wer we did stuff dat ppl in workshops do. my grup kene buat welding 2day, key word being KENE but really we all juz stood around. except 4 one of my grup mates, pian i think his name is, he juz went straight in there. i mean, by da tym 6pm came, he already siapkan 1 outta 2 workpieces. n da workpieces dun even have to be in till a long tym. while we were bz practice2 welding on sum scrap bits n bobs, he was bz using da oh-so-macho hand grinder n everything. i didnt even start mine. haha. massive procrastinator dat i am.

da 1st tym i tried welding, coz u have to put da helmet thing wiv da visor on n stuff dat made me look like darth vader, i couldnt see so i welded da table instead. hahaha. but afta a few go's i manage 2 buat la kot. steady hands is a great advantage. it looks kinda gross la tapi. but dats juz me tho. so now i think i'm ready 2 go on monster, monster garage n help da oh-so-cool reverand jesse james. hahaha. yeah rite. oh yeah, apparently jesse james kawen wiv sandra bullock. odd match eh?

2moro got dis talk/forum/ceramah (delete where appropriate) by da ppl in IEM (Institute of Engineers, Malaysia). guess i'll be goin la kot even tho every single cell in my body is against it. malasnye saye. dats 2 weeks already my wknd doesnt start on friday. eeeeee!!!!(high pitched shriek resembling dat of a banshee's).

erm, me gtg now. cant think of nethin else 2 write 4 da tym being. normal stuff, stay outta trouble, yadayadayada. adios n hasta luego.

khairun 'mechanic' baharuddin

Sunday, July 17, 2005

1st week round-up


long time no rant eh? lots 2 tell but so little time, have to start packing already. ayah insists dat i go back 2nyt instead of 2moro morning. haiyo. wot 2 do? so lets see, uni started last week, as most of u wud no. 1st week was alrite. felt like i'd been back 4 ages tho. normal stuff la 4 1st week. dats da tym wen we all run around like headless chickens to find lecturer's signatures so we cud add juz a few more credit hour to our sem. not a pretty sight. but u shoulda seen me n fahan on tuesday. running back n forth from engin 2 econs n attending da econs class only 2 find out yang dah takde space pun sebenanye. so then i ask myself...why???

nehow, aside da running around, it was great to see every1 again. faiz especially since i didnt c her da whole cuti. managed 2 laugh at syaza but she didnt make too much of a fuss pun abt us going. she juz keeps saying 'nxt tym pegi nak ikot!'. n had a great laugh wen watching da video i put 2getha of our trip 2 langkawi. so all in all, 1st week back was fun.

last week tuesday was dude's b'day so, buenos cumpleanos ALONG!!! fuyo, 22 already. sangat dewasa. may god bless u always n panjangkan ur umur coz lets face it, i cant do much without u. n muchas gracias por el doves cd. me like, me like!!

i had loads more 2 write juz now tapi dah lupa. haha. oh yeah, i dunno wot wenger's plan is, but he sold vieira. i read on friday ke thursday haritu on arseblog, tapi ingatkan arseblogger was juz mucking about. then bace paper, tgk2 betul. sedey la. actually, more terperanjat than sedey. its not exactly da norm 2 sell ur captain kan? so i s'pose dennis bergkamp la captain baru kot. haiyo, have a little faith in wenger la i s'pose.

okie then, dats it fer now. thanx 4 reading. now go do sumthin useful. stay outta trouble. adios n hasta luego.

khairun 'headless chicken' baharuddin

Saturday, July 16, 2005

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

little freedom left

alrite boys n gurls!!

i'm feeling rather sad at da moment sbb in a few hours tym i'd have to go balik college. haiyo. me dun want yet!! da cuti is way way too short la. my big sis beriye cakap 'cuti rase sekejap'. rite, skejap my arse. she had like 3 months cuti. mmg patut pun go back to uni. i guess it'll have to end sooner or later. tapi i'd rather it be later. i shud really be packing tapi sgt malas. da later i pack, da later i go back rite? wrong! da later i pack, da more i kene marah wiv my mum n ayah 4 putting things till da last minute. ala, i'll chance it. muahahaha!!

finally got a new blogskin. yay!! god knows how long i've been looking for 1. got da song problem sorted. now u can turn off da song if its annoying u. so da new look is up n running but i dun think i hv ne post thingamabobs. i'll figure out wot to do later la. da song u're listenin to is da remix to firesuite by doves. me likey lots. another thing (not so much thing as it is a person) me likey is brandon flowers (the killers' frontman). he's hot! rite now, he's top of my list.

i few posts ago, i sed dat stevie gerrard (i cud neva understand wot he sez, sgt thick his accent) was heading to stamford bridge. for those of u who care enuff, he's not. haha. not dat scared nemore. neways, da new dude dat we got, hleb, has stolen my heart already (if dat doesnt sound horribly corny, i dunno wot does). he came from belarus n he wasnt well off. for those of u who already heard dis story, bear wiv me. his mum was a bricklayer so wen he started playing professionally, he saved up his money n bought his mum a washing machine. bless his heart.

i had a weird dream last nyt. i dreamt i went backpacking across europe n sure enuff, da mode of transport dat kept popping up was da train. hahaha. of all da vehicles, train ke?? camel pun takpe rasenye. neways, had a few buddies wiv me but i dunno who they were.

okie then. dats it fer now. i gtg pack. at least then if my mum tanye whether i dah pack or not, i can say yes and avoid her wrath. hasta luego kids. stay away from trouble.

khairun 'hitchhiker' baharuddin

ps: i'll post sum pix from da blast of a trip to langkawi

Saturday, July 09, 2005

tower bloody records


howzit goin boys n gurls. u ever realised how difficult it is to type when u're lying on ur front. sangat susah. saket elbows. i think i'll sit now. ok, dis is strange, i got red marks on my arm. dun think its blood. but wot cud it be?? doesnt matter.

listening to stereophonics rite now. rainbows n pots of gold its called. went 2 tower records kat klcc on thursday 2 get their album, ne album pun takpe (except performance n cocktails coz i already got dat). so i looked la. i looked n i looked n i looked. tapi takde. so i asked da gurl at da counter. n she looked n she looked n she looked. but still takde. not even 1. bloody hell. wot kind of a cd shop is dis?? stereophonics got 5 albums out n tower records had none for sale. always wana make me go all da way to CM to dat cool cd shop where da shop owner's name is andrew. haih. so i decided to look 4 doves's nu album. they didnt have tht either. they didnt have ne of doves's albums. so frustrating la. rase nak tear my hair out there n then or sumthin. naseb baek pakai tudung. urgh.

went to see the hitchhiker's guide to da galaxy on thursday. omg, hilarious. if u havent seen, go see. its like non-stop laughter punye film. n martin freeman is cute, in a dopey sorta way. i 1st saw him in the office. cute jugak. then i saw him in ali g in da house, doubly cute sbb die maen one of ali g's cronies yg british trying real hard to be american from da westside, innit man!! hilarious. neways, back to da subject of dis must see film. everything sgt absurd. da robot, marvin, is a manic depressed robot. the narrator is really cool, voice die stephen fry. and the little animations in between is cute n hilarious. the only thing i find weird is da fact dat dis woman behind me tot it was lame. to each her own i guess.

tinggal 2 days of cuti. aiyo. feels so sekejap. i cant bring myself round to going la. neways, think i'll go sleep. pening dah. nite all. hasta luego.

khairun 'eyebags' baharuddin

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


bongiorno!! (i think dats how u spell it)

dah lame i tak rant about football, no? so here goes. arsenal signed alecksander hleb (no idea how to pronounce his name) n armand traore (i dun think he has ne relations to djimi traore but armand has got to be da coolest name ever). hleb is a midfielder n traore is meant to a full back i think. other than that, gerrard looks set to leave anfield n go down 2 none other than stamford bridge. who else could afford him neway. honestly, i'm kinda scared now. da squad they have is like omg. on a less scary note, brazil won da confederation cup n argentina won da youth world cup.

okay, talk about scaryness (is dat a word??) n all, i had dis really scary nightmare 2 nites ago. i dreamt dat i was at da glasshouse where dude plants her padi (more on dat later). but da glasshouse was divided into segments n i was in da segments furthest from da door. i was in sum kinda life threatening situation n had to get to da door. da gigantamous problem was, i had 2 go past da other segments n those segments were absolutely filled wiv massive moths. i didnt wana go at 1st but my sis was already at da door n told me 2 get my butt to da door quickly. so i lari but i couldnt go da whole way coz all da moths had landed on me n i was so scared i couldnt move. dude had to come get me. n thank god i woke up. *shiver*

neways, on wiv da padi n da glass house. dude has to do her final year project n it involves tanam padi. so last friday i helped her tanam da little things in pots. its more like moving them from big pots in2 little pots. it was messy work wiv da mud n all but it was well fun. sangat petani moden. haha. so ever since then i've been goin wiv my sis to upm 2 water the padi altho i'm not considering being a petani my profession when i graduate. i cant even transplant da padi rite. all da daun on da padi dat i transplant dah bengkok n 1 pokok even died.

neway, dats it 4 now. gotta go finish deciphering sum of il divo's songs. who woulda tot dat da spanish dictionary i used 5 odd yrs ago wud come in handy. dats it then boys n gurls. stay outta trouble. hasta luego.

khairun 'i hate moths' baharuddin

Monday, July 04, 2005

long time no rant

hello peeps!!

been a while aint it? lemme see. banyaknye cerite nak diceritekan. 1st things 1st. da langkawi trip. wot a loada erm, wots da word ye? fun kot. it was such a blast! all throughout da 3 days, i juz felt sangat independent. i mean, without parents kan. macam dah sangat dewasa. but rite now i'm talking to my friend darshna, n she went 2 india 4 the whole of 3 months n she took a year outta uni and now i feel sangat tak dewasa dah. ah well, it was fun while it lasted. 3 days sangat tak cukup.

so lets get started then. left kl sentral on monday nite. we were running a bit late dat nite. da train was s'pose 2 leave at 8.45 and we only reached da platform at 8.40 kot. orang kat platform tu da bunyi2 da loceng already. and it was really loud. who woulda tot dat loceng yang tak berape besar tu could generate so much noise. so we were lari2 sket trying to find our coach. sgt jauh di hadapan. who woulda tot da train wud be so panjang? nehow, manage to get to our seats before da train moves so dats ok kot.

fast forward 12 hours later and we arrive in arau perlis. actually, it wasnt fast forward la. sangat slow. stops every few minutes. agak horrid la. couldnt sleep. terang. no inflight entertainment wotsoever. but it was rather amusing tgk aishah n nad making friends wiv da dude who sat in front of them. sangat friendly. neways, sampai arau, we decided 2 get breakfast. starved. conveniently ade tempat makan kat situ so we ate there sementare tunggu da ticket counter bukak. after makan2 and waiting around, we unanimously decided dat we're not gonna go back by train, thank god. so we went to da jetty by taxi. took ages to get there but its alrite coz da jalan along da way was kinda scenic. padi all da way. nice. to cut a very long story short, we got da bus tix home n got ourselves on a ferry headed 4 langkawi.

once we got there we made our way 2 da hotel. checked in n relaxed a bit. this is beginning to sound like a karangan sekolah. neways, at abt 2 we went island hopping. sangat best. da bestest thing we did there kot. da boat was gile laju and me n una sat kat depan and got ourselves sprayed by da seawater every now and again. pedih la mate but we didnt mind. 1st island we hopped on was dayang bunting. personally, i dun like dat word. i always used to think dat dats only used 4 kucing n stuff. neways, da guide stopped jap and showed da outline of da island n sure enuff, it looks like a pregnant lady. wahey!! now i know y they call it that. so then we stopped at da island n made our way 2 da lake. but da trip 2 da lake wasnt so smooth. sangat banyak monyet menakutkan orang ramai. but once we got past them, everything was ok la.

next up, we went to see my newly appointed fave animal, eagles makan. sangat hot!!! the way they fly sangat majestic and how organized they were in the way they eat. none of those potong queue and all. seeing da eagles makan has to be one of da things i'll try 2 to remember always. sangat best. moving on, pantai beras basah wiv its nice sandy beach was good 4 1 thing which was main air laut so that was basically all we did there. actually, me n fahan je. da rest chose to sit out. got back to da hotel all tired dat petang but sgt thrill so its xpela. had dinner and dat was d end of da 1st day.

2nd day started well. went down 4 breakfast at 7 sumthin. i was impressed wiv myself. neva tot i cud get up dat early 2 go 2 breakfast. but dat was as far as it went. plopped ourselves back in2 bed afta breakfast n stayed there till past eleven. aiyo. but all was not lost. aishah my next door neighbour in asma in sem 1 lives in langkawi. she n her family were kind enuff 2 let us borrow their unser for the day. we were sangat terharu. thanx aishah n family so all 5 of us comfortably sat in the unser and the main drivers were una n nad. n una was really macho wiv her baju camo driving a big car. the only thing dat wud make her even more macho wud be if da car was manual.

so we went 2 buy lotsandlots of chocz, then had lunch. afta lunch we tot we'd drive to go up da cable car but 2 our massive disappontment, it rained n they closed early. huhu. sangat hampa. on da way to we stopped by telaga air panas or sumthin. sure enuff, da air was panas. amazing! hahaha. neways, afta da disappointment at da cable car place, we went 2 makam mahsuri. more bad news 4 us, dah tutup. sedih skali lagi. so we went past pantai chenang and didnt stop coz it was drizzling. we also went past da airport. actually, i only saw da landing strip. port die tak tau kat mane. saw a plane land too. so dat was kewl. we balik n then stopped by da pasar malam n bot dinner n ate kat bilik. early nite in 4 all of us (slept by 11) n so ended day 2.

day 3 was our last day there. woke up early 2 pack. fahan as always woke up latest sbb die boleh siap sambil lari. hahaha. went 2 dataran lang to take pictures mase siang pulak coz da 1st nite we were there we went n took pix of da majestic eagle in da dark. but even then it wasnt terang sangat. it was hujan renyai2. then we headed 2 taman lagenda but couldnt habiskan da whole park coz our ferry leaves at 11.30 and we still had to return da car. so off we went n returned da car and aftawards aishah n her mum was kind enuff 2 send us to da jetty. naek ferry, settled in 4 a bit then went up dekat da topmost deck of da ferry which was terbuka. sangat best. angin. da sprays of seawater pun not bad jugak. soon as we sampai kat kuala perlis we went 2 da bus station. we waited 4 da bus 2 sampai n then naik. it was a helluvalot better than the train i can tell u dat. da seats were nice n comfy, da leg room was banyak n they even had foot rest (is dat wot u call it? coz it wasnt exactly a foot stool). da seats were them reclining types so dat made it even better. slept most of da way 2 kl. n so ended our trip. sampai pudu, waited 4 mum n ayah 2 sampai n then went home all happy n grown up. sebelum mengakhiri karangan saye, di sini i wanna say, to all who doubted dat we were gonna go *coughsyaza* and made fun of us when we were planning da trip *coughsyaza* and laughed at us lotsandlots *coughsyaza*, u're not getting nething from me except minyak gamat. muahahahahaha!!!!

oh yeah, found out sumfink cool 2day. dunno how da topic came up mase tgh borak2 wiv mum n ayah n dude, but apparently u cud make urself unseen provided u have proper intentions n really yakin. in other words, make urself invisible la kot. juz till u get urself out of a tight situation, not 4ever la. juz bace dis 1 ayat from surah yasin n god willing, da person dat u dun want 2 c u wont c u. ayah tried it once n he sed it worked. but wot he sed cud be contested la. he sed once he was on a bus n he had no money so he bace dat ayat n sure enuff da conductor didnt see him. if he did see him, he didnt say nething. da point is, da dude neva asked 4 money la kirenye. cool innit? i gotta try dat.

neways, dats enuff rant 2 last me 2 days kot. maybe i'll post more rants 2moro coz i still got loads to rant abt. hasta luego then.

khairun 'all grown up' baharuddin

Saturday, June 25, 2005

scared witless


hot n sunny day 2day innit? sgt best. altho i spent da most part of it asleep inside, i still appreciate da hotness n sunniness of 2day. juz hope its like dis in langkawi. haha. i am beyond excited. as monday moves closer, i get even more hyped up. not too excited abt da 12 hour train ride but dat shud be an interesting experience. watching sherlock rite now. wow! james d'arcy is hot! even his name is like cool. i'm beginning 2 think dat my thoughts r mostly incoherent n dat sorta translates on2 speech n writing as well. a bit of a problem, no? ah well, dozen bother me dat much. its not as if i'll be working in da pr department pun kan.

couldnt sleep last nyt. i remember on tuesday i had a chat wiv a friend of mine(who shall remain nameless altho i have mentioned his name on da blog b4). we were watching true horror on discovery channel n it was on werewolves. so naturally da chat lead to paranormal stuff. so my friend was saying how he sleeps sometimes wiv da light on. obviously i juz had to take da mick, saying how its not macho n how da light cant protect u from stuff. kinda regretting it now. semalam tak leh tido langsung. i was sleepy by 3 sumthing. then this dog started barking rite outside my window, which wasnt shut. n from there my imagination took off la. i started thinking kenape dog tu nak bark with no apparent reason. kalau it bark kat cat, kenape tak dengar cat tu meow or lari or sumthin kan? so last2 i got outta bed, turned on da lights n played fowlwords sampai subuh. when i told my along dis morning, all she sed was 'u silly child'. i guess having da lights on does sorta make u feel better. so, sorry la unnamed friend. haha. padan my muke kan?

nebody noticed how cool ppl look wen they wear trench coats. i guess loadsa ppl noticed wen the matrix came out. but still. sgt best bile die lari n then da coat sorta flies out behind them like a cape. cool sgt.

ok la, enuff ranting. gtg do sumthin useful. hasta luego.

khairun 'i see dead ppl' baharuddin

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

langkawi, here me come!!

guten tag!

me watching mainstage on channel [v] rite now n theyre showing oasis. yay! stand by me is on. me luv dat song! tapi my sis jahat. she sed noel n liam remind her of werewolves. haha. kelakar jugak sebenanye. loads been happening since i last posted a, erm, post. actually, dats not true. theres juz 1 big thing happening, which is equals to loadsa things happening. ayah finally lemme go to langkawi. muchas gracias to mum for pujuk2 ayah. coz i sure as hell know dat my sulking technique wasnt gonna change his mind. i coulda sulked da whole cuti n i dun think he would say yes. so gurls, haiya bina.

lookin 4ward 2 dis trip. tak penah go far wiv friends on a trip yang tak di-organize oleh sum kind of education institution. furthest i've been on one of these trips pun is...actually, neva really been on a fun trip type thing even dgn skool pun. camping trips ade la but those dun count. i'm really sad.

been watching little video snippets of arsenal players the past few weeks. my faves so far r freddie's, cesc's n senderos's. my sis likes taking da mick of freddie. b4 it was 'rambut die dah sikit'. this is my big sis btw. da one yg s'pose 2 be 22 n all grown up. then my lil sis stayed up n watch da cup final n at the end ade interview wiv freddie. i admit la fred dozen hav da best voice tapi tak payah la take da mick. so my lil sis n my big sis both r makin fun of suara die yg high pitch.

one thing i dun get, y do basketball players have skinny legs? y cant they have nice legs like football players?? n anotha thing i dun get. how come we laugh at ppl wen they fall. i mean, if it happens in front of us tak la tapi kalau tgk cerita like max x ke, americas funniest wotsisname. mesti ade ppl jatuh n mesti laugh. i think deep down we're like really evil

neways, dats it 4 now. i have to go up otherwise ayah marah sbb tido lambat. which is anotha thing i dun get. y do i have to go to sleep early? but wot parents say goes so i'm off. hasta luego.

khairun 'why is da sky blue' baharuddin

Sunday, June 19, 2005

nite of surprises

w'sup homeys!!

last post was in da wee hours of saturday morning. see how semangat i am! in actual truth, i have nothing else to do. haha. dad's day today. happy dad's day ayah! watching da greece japan match rite now. actually, not so much watching as it is listening. imagine how cool it'll be if i cud watch da tv n surf da net at da same tym. i think da only way dat cud happen is if ur left brain works independently of da right brain so dat da brain cud process 2 different things at once.

nehow. match finished, race started. japan won by 1. funny race dis. its indianapolis 2day. very odd. only 6 cars started da race. and da commentator is semangat n all bcoz dis has definitely neva happened b4. apparently they found some faults in them michelin tyres. all da ppl who came 2 watch r annoyed coz da tix r like expensive n i doubt they came juz 2 c 6 cars race. (fast forward a few hours)... well, schumacher won. but then again it wasnt much of competition wiv 6 cars. haha. watching mexico take on brazil in da confederations cup. believe it or not, mexico is leading by 1. hahahaha. a night of surprises. me like.

nehow, tadi tengok cerita pendekar bujang lapok. even afta da god knows how many times i watch, still gelak mcm 1st time tgk.

cikgu: pak abu, cuba baca yang ini.
pak abu: alif, ya, mim, buaya.

lmao. hahahahahaha. u juz dont get films like dat nemore. lol. i've got tears in my eyes juz thinking abt it. hilarious.

lol. enuff la tuh. haha. at da moment, i'm crazy abt 2 songs. numero uno, me like dat song 'i could not ask for more' by edwin mccaine. luvly song la. sangat sweet. and numero dos, me like dis song called hazard by richard marx. its an old song, true, but still sgt best. check 'em out if u will. till then, hasta luego.

khairun 'kha, ya, ra, alif, lam, nun, sin, alif, hamzah, kirun' baharuddin

Saturday, June 18, 2005

"short shem" haha....

buenos dias!
its a fine fine day innit?? actually, i wouldnt know, its past midnight n its dark outside. but even if it were raining kucing dan anjing (doesnt really work wen u translate kan??) outside, i tak kisah pun, sbb xm dah abes!!! yay!! now i can look foward 2 about 2 and a bit weeks of bersuka-ria. muahahaha! tak nak buat nething 2 do wiv learning pun. tak nak pegang pen n tak nak usik buku. unless buku cerita la. n unless i have 2 write down bende yang macam groceries list ke. yang tu takpe. neways, had dynamix xm dis morning. sangat *hrmph* (neanderthal language meaning tak best, mostly used to show disapproval). didnt sleep da whole of da previous nite. strive!!! i wanted 2 stay up, but not sampai tak tido. i guess da 2 cups of black coffee was a mistake. imagine, sampai finish xm pun (around 12 noon), i was still hyped up.
lets do a roundup of dis "short shem" shall we?. took oop n dynamix. got 2 great lecturers, bro sultan n dr ito. oop final project went better than expected. we mustve been very convincing. lets see, wot else? had a love affair wiv squash. tapi sangat short-lived. da same wiv jogging juge. i think next sem we wanna try synchronized swimming, bole una?? thats it kot. da short sem is too short 4 nething 2 take place properly i think.
on a more serious note, robin van persie (arsenal player yg share my bday, hahaha) was taken in2 custody on suspicion of rape. pelik sangat. that makes not one, but 2 arsenal players charged wiv dat kind of, erm, charge. the other one is graham stack da reserve goalie on loan. i surely hope its not him. dats not gonna look good on his record innit? youth world cup pun is going on rite now. my fave centreback phillipe senderos telah dilantik (ayat bm phewit!) menjadi kapten pasukan switzerland. fabregas pun is representing spain. tapi i dunno wots happened 2 da rest coz i havent been following football due to exams. not even da confederations cup.
dats it fer now. expect daily updates now dat its cuti. wot else can i possibly do? oh yeah, boleh main game apple n hangaroo sepuas hati, which is probably wot i'll do afta. cant sleep la. porque?? no se. nvm la. cuba jaya. nite all. hasta luego.
khairun 'insomniac' baharuddin

Thursday, June 09, 2005

hazardous region


in gpcl rite now. waiting 4 faiz 2 finish up lab report so we cud go 2 finance n hand over da fee slip thigamagig. slept rather late last nite. n all bcoz of dat darned oop final project. manage 2 get da damn robot 2 move now, afta no less than 5 pain staking hours. its cute la. tapi da whole image kinda flickers (berkelipan according to dis 1 book). nehow, i was juz glad 2 see da thing move.

me n fahan r planning 2 go 2 langkawi during cuti, which isnt far off dah. havent been since i was like 4. mula2 nak pegi singapore but afta thinking balik, maybe langkawi is better. it'll be cool la kot. tak penah go on holiday all on my oddy knocky (look up da term in 'a clockwork orange' by anthony burgess). mesti seronok. last cuti da lads (namely anis, remon, pres, zarul n funan) went 2 melaka all on their own n they looked like they had such good fun. nak try jugak pegi without parents.

neways, gtg, faiz is done. hasta luego.

khairun 'cant be bothered 2 think up a middle name' baharuddin

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


barely a few hours afta my last post/entry, i'm putting another 1 up. i posted up 2 rants yesterday n i deleted da 2nd of last nite (if u c wot i mean). those of u unfortunate enuff to have read da 2nd of last nyts entry, ignore it. it was complete and utter nonsense. so, wipe it off ur memories.

hasta luego,

khairun 'amnesiac' baharuddin

expect da unexpected


at home rite now. n u wont believe wot i'm doin. despite earlier prejudice, i am now plopped on a sofa in front of da telly watching diary akademi fantasia (momentary pause to let u all finish laughing). i'm not really a fan of reality tv but dis stuff is funny. but i guess everything depends on wot u see as humour. if u reckon a bunch of youths mucking about is funny, then AF is for u la.

before i started watching AF, i was watching seconds from disaster. da disaster dis week is a dam bursting sumwhere in italy. wiped out an entire village. sad to see. but i was kinda watching on n of so i cant really tell u y it happened. n even b4 dat, i was watching air crash investigation. dis week's investigation isnt really a crash coz da co-pilot managed 2 land da plane safely. but wot went on in da air was terrifying. da windshield (could it be called a windshield??) tercabut n then da pilot got sucked out. but not completely coz his kaki was tersangkut at first, then one of da stweards came in n grabbed hold of him. then another steward came n grabbed hold of da 1st steward. every1 was convinced dat he's dead but he managed 2 survive.

red sed 2 me dat i rant a lot abt football. my defence? i have none. i do rant a lot abt football. but only bcoz i think abt it constantly. maybe i'll rant abt it less now dat its off season. speaking of football tho, dis is old news, but dat whole cole chelsea thing, ash got fined 100 thou, mourinho got fined 200 thou n chelsea got fined 300 thou. or sumthin like dat. but seriously tho, i dun think it made much of a dent in ne1's balance account. but then again, i'm not in the fa. i hope this whole thing doesnt make ash leave da club. coz if he does, he'll be da, erm, wots da term ye, he'll be da meanest footballer ever.

i think dats it 4 now. i gtg sleep or do sumthin useful. but if u count sleep as sumthin useful, then i'd be doing both (if dat makes ne sense at all). neways, stay outta trouble boys n gurls. hasta luego.

khairun 'eat football, sleep football, drink coca cola' baharuddin

Monday, June 06, 2005


assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera (its only da 4th post n i'm running out of opening lines),

lemme see, in GPCL rite now. me like saying dat. GPCL. lunchtime n there's loadsa ppl here doing loadsa different stuff (obviously). had da last lesson of OOP dis morning. cant say i'm not sad. i'll miss dr. ito n all his strange antics. his 'polymorisms' n his 'good, but not so good, i'll give u a 7, not very convincing'. all in all he's been ok la. learnt loads from him, despite da lack of understanding. imagine if he didnt have all those endearing way of saying things, i wouldnt for da life of me remember dat 'polymorism must have inheritance'. altho i doubt dat he reads dis, here goes neway, thanx a lot sir!

sentiments aside, i finally manage 2 sort out da link thingamabobs n da archives. muchas gracias to una fer putting up wiv me asking her loadsa questions on how to do dis n dat n asking to borrow her template every 5 blinking seconds. since i'm bloody IT illiterate (i'm allowed to curse on my own blog rite?), i dunno wot was wrong n how da hell i fixed it. i juz no dat it worked, woteva it was dat i tweaked.

i reckon i should go now. my bed is waiting. slept late last nite, woke up early dis morning. not a good combination. now if u'll excuse me...

khairun '24-hour nap' baharuddin

da saga continues

Hola chicas y chicos!!!

erm, its been a while since my last entry. no excuse really. juz plain lazy. muahahaha (evil maniacal laughter). nehow, da short sem is nearly done. which means exams are juz round da bend. and its a pretty dangerous bend too, wot with oop and dynamix around it. to face this highly dangerous bend, i have prepared myself by playing squash. n it seems like i'm not d only 1 who has adapted this approach. una, nad n sayza also went ahead and played squash. senseless fun really. too bad we discovered da fun a lil bit late in da sem. otherwise expect a little squash tournament in a town near u. on a more serious note, we will stop a few days before exams start, so dont u worryworts out there erm, worry.

since my last post thingamabob, lots happened. for example, liverpool won da champs league (yep, massive surprise). entertaining match i heard. watched bits of da repeat coz i was in uni dat nite. milan lead by 3 and then liverpool evened up da scores n it went in2 extra time. n liverpool won. kinda sad really, they didnt even make it in2 da top 4 in da premiership.

erm, wot else, star wars came out!! yep, da last of da saga. i went 2 see last wednesday n i luved it, save for da cheezy lines (anni, u're breaking my heart!!). perhaps da 2nd time i watch it i oughta bring ear plugs. it was an emotional film tho. nearly cried when lord vader went n killed every1 in da jedi temple. 'twas a sad day for jedis across da galaxy. fancy myself a jedi too. hahaha. my big sis wants 2 be a sith lord. suits me fine except i'm gona have to kick her sith butt using my super cool lightsabre. so everything is NOT dandy in a galaxy far far away as anakin loses just abt every limb attached to his body, padme dies of heartbreak n yoda into exile he went.

speaking of films, went 2 see house of wax. senseless killings. typical teen horror kill kill die die flick. enjoyed da kill kill bits tho. very interesting. even made me flinch (n da gurls behind me scream). i had a revelation during da movie tho. chad michael murray is HOT!!! i didnt see wot da fuss was abt before wen una n faiz fancied him loads but afta watching house of wax, i see clearly wot da fuss was abt! macho macho man!! 4 those who still havent quite grasped wot da fuss is abt, go 2 una's blog n u'll see.

rite then, i think dats it 4 now. sweden already kicked sum malteser butts six nil in da world cup qualifier n i already watched il divo perform on parkinson. guess all dats left 2 do now are sum ironing and lipat baju for 2moro. nite all..

khairun 'help me obi-wan kenobi, u r my only hope' baharuddin

later...erm, da darned link thingamagigs dont work so hold tight while i try n figure out y on earth its not working. in da meantime, u wana look at other ppl's blogs, google them la. or go to friendster, dat always helps.

khairun 'computer illiterate' baharuddin

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

sleep = good

howdy friends n neighbours!!

its ur resident pyro here. (duh, who else?). I'm sitting here at home in front of da telly at half 1 in da morning watching sumthin i've already seen on hallmark wen i know full well dat i have to wake up early 2moro coz i have class at 9. its hard to pull away tho. hallmark's showing 'life on liberty street' wiv ethan embry in it (currently my fave actor), so naturally i juz had to watch. whoever sez dat watching sumthin when u already know da ending is no fun obviously doesnt have a fave actor.

so i've finally finished celebrating arsenal's cup final triumph over man utd. and now da inevitable. after wednesday's (or thursday morning depending on where u r) champs league final, there goes da end of da season. and i'm left wiv a gaping hole in my already empty life (drama queen??). wot will i look forward 2 during da week now? n wot will i do on saturday n sunday nites? now i dun have a reason to fight wiv my lil sis over television rights ("angah dah cakap i'm watching arsenal dulu lagi la!! Bukannye diorang tak repeat AF tu"). no football = almost no life.

oh well, i better save some of my whining for later. Theres a long way to go till the end of august and i dun wanna run out of complaints juz yet. juz wondring, has nebody else noticed da rise in population of gigantamous moths around? saw loads in an around all da engine blocks. its a complete nightmare. imagine this 'The invasion of the Mutant Moths' (eeekk!!!). i wont be able to sleep 4 a week.

Before i finish ranting, i juz wanna mention dat my best friend clare hingley is going 2 cardiff to watch her team in claret n blue (dats west ham 4 those of u who dun really watch football) play preston north end in da play-off final. Big match with loads at stake (promotion is considered 'loads'). its cool coz she's only goin wiv her mum. i wish i cud go watch arsenal play at da millenium stadium (or better, at highbury) wiv my mum. neva gonna happen!! a gurl can dream tho. so best of luck 2 clarey-plairey and da hammers for monday's game. hope 2 see u in da premiership nxt season coz frankly, west ham r 2 suave for 1st division.

ok then. dats it for now. more as it develops. hasta luego.

khairun 'i'm not a retard!' baharuddin