Saturday, June 25, 2005

scared witless


hot n sunny day 2day innit? sgt best. altho i spent da most part of it asleep inside, i still appreciate da hotness n sunniness of 2day. juz hope its like dis in langkawi. haha. i am beyond excited. as monday moves closer, i get even more hyped up. not too excited abt da 12 hour train ride but dat shud be an interesting experience. watching sherlock rite now. wow! james d'arcy is hot! even his name is like cool. i'm beginning 2 think dat my thoughts r mostly incoherent n dat sorta translates on2 speech n writing as well. a bit of a problem, no? ah well, dozen bother me dat much. its not as if i'll be working in da pr department pun kan.

couldnt sleep last nyt. i remember on tuesday i had a chat wiv a friend of mine(who shall remain nameless altho i have mentioned his name on da blog b4). we were watching true horror on discovery channel n it was on werewolves. so naturally da chat lead to paranormal stuff. so my friend was saying how he sleeps sometimes wiv da light on. obviously i juz had to take da mick, saying how its not macho n how da light cant protect u from stuff. kinda regretting it now. semalam tak leh tido langsung. i was sleepy by 3 sumthing. then this dog started barking rite outside my window, which wasnt shut. n from there my imagination took off la. i started thinking kenape dog tu nak bark with no apparent reason. kalau it bark kat cat, kenape tak dengar cat tu meow or lari or sumthin kan? so last2 i got outta bed, turned on da lights n played fowlwords sampai subuh. when i told my along dis morning, all she sed was 'u silly child'. i guess having da lights on does sorta make u feel better. so, sorry la unnamed friend. haha. padan my muke kan?

nebody noticed how cool ppl look wen they wear trench coats. i guess loadsa ppl noticed wen the matrix came out. but still. sgt best bile die lari n then da coat sorta flies out behind them like a cape. cool sgt.

ok la, enuff ranting. gtg do sumthin useful. hasta luego.

khairun 'i see dead ppl' baharuddin

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

langkawi, here me come!!

guten tag!

me watching mainstage on channel [v] rite now n theyre showing oasis. yay! stand by me is on. me luv dat song! tapi my sis jahat. she sed noel n liam remind her of werewolves. haha. kelakar jugak sebenanye. loads been happening since i last posted a, erm, post. actually, dats not true. theres juz 1 big thing happening, which is equals to loadsa things happening. ayah finally lemme go to langkawi. muchas gracias to mum for pujuk2 ayah. coz i sure as hell know dat my sulking technique wasnt gonna change his mind. i coulda sulked da whole cuti n i dun think he would say yes. so gurls, haiya bina.

lookin 4ward 2 dis trip. tak penah go far wiv friends on a trip yang tak di-organize oleh sum kind of education institution. furthest i've been on one of these trips pun is...actually, neva really been on a fun trip type thing even dgn skool pun. camping trips ade la but those dun count. i'm really sad.

been watching little video snippets of arsenal players the past few weeks. my faves so far r freddie's, cesc's n senderos's. my sis likes taking da mick of freddie. b4 it was 'rambut die dah sikit'. this is my big sis btw. da one yg s'pose 2 be 22 n all grown up. then my lil sis stayed up n watch da cup final n at the end ade interview wiv freddie. i admit la fred dozen hav da best voice tapi tak payah la take da mick. so my lil sis n my big sis both r makin fun of suara die yg high pitch.

one thing i dun get, y do basketball players have skinny legs? y cant they have nice legs like football players?? n anotha thing i dun get. how come we laugh at ppl wen they fall. i mean, if it happens in front of us tak la tapi kalau tgk cerita like max x ke, americas funniest wotsisname. mesti ade ppl jatuh n mesti laugh. i think deep down we're like really evil

neways, dats it 4 now. i have to go up otherwise ayah marah sbb tido lambat. which is anotha thing i dun get. y do i have to go to sleep early? but wot parents say goes so i'm off. hasta luego.

khairun 'why is da sky blue' baharuddin

Sunday, June 19, 2005

nite of surprises

w'sup homeys!!

last post was in da wee hours of saturday morning. see how semangat i am! in actual truth, i have nothing else to do. haha. dad's day today. happy dad's day ayah! watching da greece japan match rite now. actually, not so much watching as it is listening. imagine how cool it'll be if i cud watch da tv n surf da net at da same tym. i think da only way dat cud happen is if ur left brain works independently of da right brain so dat da brain cud process 2 different things at once.

nehow. match finished, race started. japan won by 1. funny race dis. its indianapolis 2day. very odd. only 6 cars started da race. and da commentator is semangat n all bcoz dis has definitely neva happened b4. apparently they found some faults in them michelin tyres. all da ppl who came 2 watch r annoyed coz da tix r like expensive n i doubt they came juz 2 c 6 cars race. (fast forward a few hours)... well, schumacher won. but then again it wasnt much of competition wiv 6 cars. haha. watching mexico take on brazil in da confederations cup. believe it or not, mexico is leading by 1. hahahaha. a night of surprises. me like.

nehow, tadi tengok cerita pendekar bujang lapok. even afta da god knows how many times i watch, still gelak mcm 1st time tgk.

cikgu: pak abu, cuba baca yang ini.
pak abu: alif, ya, mim, buaya.

lmao. hahahahahaha. u juz dont get films like dat nemore. lol. i've got tears in my eyes juz thinking abt it. hilarious.

lol. enuff la tuh. haha. at da moment, i'm crazy abt 2 songs. numero uno, me like dat song 'i could not ask for more' by edwin mccaine. luvly song la. sangat sweet. and numero dos, me like dis song called hazard by richard marx. its an old song, true, but still sgt best. check 'em out if u will. till then, hasta luego.

khairun 'kha, ya, ra, alif, lam, nun, sin, alif, hamzah, kirun' baharuddin

Saturday, June 18, 2005

"short shem" haha....

buenos dias!
its a fine fine day innit?? actually, i wouldnt know, its past midnight n its dark outside. but even if it were raining kucing dan anjing (doesnt really work wen u translate kan??) outside, i tak kisah pun, sbb xm dah abes!!! yay!! now i can look foward 2 about 2 and a bit weeks of bersuka-ria. muahahaha! tak nak buat nething 2 do wiv learning pun. tak nak pegang pen n tak nak usik buku. unless buku cerita la. n unless i have 2 write down bende yang macam groceries list ke. yang tu takpe. neways, had dynamix xm dis morning. sangat *hrmph* (neanderthal language meaning tak best, mostly used to show disapproval). didnt sleep da whole of da previous nite. strive!!! i wanted 2 stay up, but not sampai tak tido. i guess da 2 cups of black coffee was a mistake. imagine, sampai finish xm pun (around 12 noon), i was still hyped up.
lets do a roundup of dis "short shem" shall we?. took oop n dynamix. got 2 great lecturers, bro sultan n dr ito. oop final project went better than expected. we mustve been very convincing. lets see, wot else? had a love affair wiv squash. tapi sangat short-lived. da same wiv jogging juge. i think next sem we wanna try synchronized swimming, bole una?? thats it kot. da short sem is too short 4 nething 2 take place properly i think.
on a more serious note, robin van persie (arsenal player yg share my bday, hahaha) was taken in2 custody on suspicion of rape. pelik sangat. that makes not one, but 2 arsenal players charged wiv dat kind of, erm, charge. the other one is graham stack da reserve goalie on loan. i surely hope its not him. dats not gonna look good on his record innit? youth world cup pun is going on rite now. my fave centreback phillipe senderos telah dilantik (ayat bm phewit!) menjadi kapten pasukan switzerland. fabregas pun is representing spain. tapi i dunno wots happened 2 da rest coz i havent been following football due to exams. not even da confederations cup.
dats it fer now. expect daily updates now dat its cuti. wot else can i possibly do? oh yeah, boleh main game apple n hangaroo sepuas hati, which is probably wot i'll do afta. cant sleep la. porque?? no se. nvm la. cuba jaya. nite all. hasta luego.
khairun 'insomniac' baharuddin

Thursday, June 09, 2005

hazardous region


in gpcl rite now. waiting 4 faiz 2 finish up lab report so we cud go 2 finance n hand over da fee slip thigamagig. slept rather late last nite. n all bcoz of dat darned oop final project. manage 2 get da damn robot 2 move now, afta no less than 5 pain staking hours. its cute la. tapi da whole image kinda flickers (berkelipan according to dis 1 book). nehow, i was juz glad 2 see da thing move.

me n fahan r planning 2 go 2 langkawi during cuti, which isnt far off dah. havent been since i was like 4. mula2 nak pegi singapore but afta thinking balik, maybe langkawi is better. it'll be cool la kot. tak penah go on holiday all on my oddy knocky (look up da term in 'a clockwork orange' by anthony burgess). mesti seronok. last cuti da lads (namely anis, remon, pres, zarul n funan) went 2 melaka all on their own n they looked like they had such good fun. nak try jugak pegi without parents.

neways, gtg, faiz is done. hasta luego.

khairun 'cant be bothered 2 think up a middle name' baharuddin

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


barely a few hours afta my last post/entry, i'm putting another 1 up. i posted up 2 rants yesterday n i deleted da 2nd of last nite (if u c wot i mean). those of u unfortunate enuff to have read da 2nd of last nyts entry, ignore it. it was complete and utter nonsense. so, wipe it off ur memories.

hasta luego,

khairun 'amnesiac' baharuddin

expect da unexpected


at home rite now. n u wont believe wot i'm doin. despite earlier prejudice, i am now plopped on a sofa in front of da telly watching diary akademi fantasia (momentary pause to let u all finish laughing). i'm not really a fan of reality tv but dis stuff is funny. but i guess everything depends on wot u see as humour. if u reckon a bunch of youths mucking about is funny, then AF is for u la.

before i started watching AF, i was watching seconds from disaster. da disaster dis week is a dam bursting sumwhere in italy. wiped out an entire village. sad to see. but i was kinda watching on n of so i cant really tell u y it happened. n even b4 dat, i was watching air crash investigation. dis week's investigation isnt really a crash coz da co-pilot managed 2 land da plane safely. but wot went on in da air was terrifying. da windshield (could it be called a windshield??) tercabut n then da pilot got sucked out. but not completely coz his kaki was tersangkut at first, then one of da stweards came in n grabbed hold of him. then another steward came n grabbed hold of da 1st steward. every1 was convinced dat he's dead but he managed 2 survive.

red sed 2 me dat i rant a lot abt football. my defence? i have none. i do rant a lot abt football. but only bcoz i think abt it constantly. maybe i'll rant abt it less now dat its off season. speaking of football tho, dis is old news, but dat whole cole chelsea thing, ash got fined 100 thou, mourinho got fined 200 thou n chelsea got fined 300 thou. or sumthin like dat. but seriously tho, i dun think it made much of a dent in ne1's balance account. but then again, i'm not in the fa. i hope this whole thing doesnt make ash leave da club. coz if he does, he'll be da, erm, wots da term ye, he'll be da meanest footballer ever.

i think dats it 4 now. i gtg sleep or do sumthin useful. but if u count sleep as sumthin useful, then i'd be doing both (if dat makes ne sense at all). neways, stay outta trouble boys n gurls. hasta luego.

khairun 'eat football, sleep football, drink coca cola' baharuddin

Monday, June 06, 2005


assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera (its only da 4th post n i'm running out of opening lines),

lemme see, in GPCL rite now. me like saying dat. GPCL. lunchtime n there's loadsa ppl here doing loadsa different stuff (obviously). had da last lesson of OOP dis morning. cant say i'm not sad. i'll miss dr. ito n all his strange antics. his 'polymorisms' n his 'good, but not so good, i'll give u a 7, not very convincing'. all in all he's been ok la. learnt loads from him, despite da lack of understanding. imagine if he didnt have all those endearing way of saying things, i wouldnt for da life of me remember dat 'polymorism must have inheritance'. altho i doubt dat he reads dis, here goes neway, thanx a lot sir!

sentiments aside, i finally manage 2 sort out da link thingamabobs n da archives. muchas gracias to una fer putting up wiv me asking her loadsa questions on how to do dis n dat n asking to borrow her template every 5 blinking seconds. since i'm bloody IT illiterate (i'm allowed to curse on my own blog rite?), i dunno wot was wrong n how da hell i fixed it. i juz no dat it worked, woteva it was dat i tweaked.

i reckon i should go now. my bed is waiting. slept late last nite, woke up early dis morning. not a good combination. now if u'll excuse me...

khairun '24-hour nap' baharuddin

da saga continues

Hola chicas y chicos!!!

erm, its been a while since my last entry. no excuse really. juz plain lazy. muahahaha (evil maniacal laughter). nehow, da short sem is nearly done. which means exams are juz round da bend. and its a pretty dangerous bend too, wot with oop and dynamix around it. to face this highly dangerous bend, i have prepared myself by playing squash. n it seems like i'm not d only 1 who has adapted this approach. una, nad n sayza also went ahead and played squash. senseless fun really. too bad we discovered da fun a lil bit late in da sem. otherwise expect a little squash tournament in a town near u. on a more serious note, we will stop a few days before exams start, so dont u worryworts out there erm, worry.

since my last post thingamabob, lots happened. for example, liverpool won da champs league (yep, massive surprise). entertaining match i heard. watched bits of da repeat coz i was in uni dat nite. milan lead by 3 and then liverpool evened up da scores n it went in2 extra time. n liverpool won. kinda sad really, they didnt even make it in2 da top 4 in da premiership.

erm, wot else, star wars came out!! yep, da last of da saga. i went 2 see last wednesday n i luved it, save for da cheezy lines (anni, u're breaking my heart!!). perhaps da 2nd time i watch it i oughta bring ear plugs. it was an emotional film tho. nearly cried when lord vader went n killed every1 in da jedi temple. 'twas a sad day for jedis across da galaxy. fancy myself a jedi too. hahaha. my big sis wants 2 be a sith lord. suits me fine except i'm gona have to kick her sith butt using my super cool lightsabre. so everything is NOT dandy in a galaxy far far away as anakin loses just abt every limb attached to his body, padme dies of heartbreak n yoda into exile he went.

speaking of films, went 2 see house of wax. senseless killings. typical teen horror kill kill die die flick. enjoyed da kill kill bits tho. very interesting. even made me flinch (n da gurls behind me scream). i had a revelation during da movie tho. chad michael murray is HOT!!! i didnt see wot da fuss was abt before wen una n faiz fancied him loads but afta watching house of wax, i see clearly wot da fuss was abt! macho macho man!! 4 those who still havent quite grasped wot da fuss is abt, go 2 una's blog n u'll see.

rite then, i think dats it 4 now. sweden already kicked sum malteser butts six nil in da world cup qualifier n i already watched il divo perform on parkinson. guess all dats left 2 do now are sum ironing and lipat baju for 2moro. nite all..

khairun 'help me obi-wan kenobi, u r my only hope' baharuddin

later...erm, da darned link thingamagigs dont work so hold tight while i try n figure out y on earth its not working. in da meantime, u wana look at other ppl's blogs, google them la. or go to friendster, dat always helps.

khairun 'computer illiterate' baharuddin