Monday, February 20, 2006


feels weird to type. buihihi (my new laugh). an update finally!! yay!! sorry to those who got tired of checking up every so often just so you could read my rants. its just that i've been really really lazy lately (heheh, bet you thought i was gonna say busy). anyways, how've you been?? to those who've finally finished their midterm exams, congratulations for surviving the 2nd toughest period of the semester. i still have the 2nd fluid test next saturday. so no ronggeng-ing for me. yet.

lets see. loads have happened since the last rant. obviously. i mean, a whole month went by. buihihi. for those of you who've been reading una's blog, yes, i went berjoget yesterday. and no, i'm not about to embarrass myself by telling you people the exact details of what went on during the whole berjoget session. what i can tell you is that i had about 1 day of berjoget practice before i had to betul2 berjoget in front of about 100 ppl. heres a pic from the berjoget session.

oh yeah, i had a total blast. if you completely disregard the bit at the end where i had to wait outside the gate of college hafaf at 3 in the morning for more than 40 minutes so that the pak guard would come and unlock the bloody gate for us. and the bit after that where i had to sleep without kipas coz there was some stuff being done at the sungai pusu's tnb cawangan. still, i cant complain much. it was a good experience. opportunities like these dont come round often. and when else would iiu be engulfed in complete darkness save for the light from the moon. it was breath taking. me and yan and runiz and aishah literally lied down on the street looking up at the stars. the sky was so clear last night. not a cloud in sight. pretty. oh yeah, since when is it common knowledge that the 1st ever catholic church built in malaysia is the St Paul's.

last weekend was fun too. went back to melaka to join the petronas ngv family day thingamabob. visited uwan (bless her heart) who hasnt been feeling well lately. then stayed at this kawaii apartment in ayer keroh where we had the family day. it wasnt really a family day. it was more like a family afternoon. but still. it was truck loadsa fun. when else do i get to see my
dad engage in a child to child communication type thing. came in third in two events. one was carrying marbles with chopsticks (a difficult game which requires wit and dexterity) and egg throwing (no wit or dexterity involved, just fear of having egg splattered all over your face). that night we had the first pngv annual dinner. it was nice. karaoke sessions and witty banter all round. plus, that's when the 6 of us collected the 10 sets of condiment container thingies. yep, that's what we got for coming 3rd in 2 events. the morning after i woke up with a pair of really sore quads after my pathetic attempt at walking the length of a volleyball court without touching the ground and with 3 bricks as tools (??). had breakfast and then took part in a few rounds of volleyball matches. i teamed up with some of my dad's colleagues and staff (all over the age of 30 i reckon) and dude went in the opposite team, teaming up with a lot of really old people. that was quite an experience. never thought i could get my arse kicked by a bunch of old geezers. but that's life for you.

hmm. what else did i do?? oh yeah! i went to genting with my roomates yan, kak ima and kak iza plus kak ayu, who could be considered my roomate since she hangs out at our room most of the time. that was really really fun (i've ran out of adjectives to describe fun). it coulda been way more fun if it werent raining and half the cool rides werent closed. but it was all good. i enjoyed the trip.

arsenal-wise, things arent looking so good. lost the fa cup draw with bolton, and the premiership match against liverpool last week. got real madrid next week. *shudder*. its ok. i have faith. we WILL win something this season. and that something will be the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE (applause). and we WILL qualify for europe next season. theres no doubt about that.

i think thats it for now. i've gots to go y'all. tomorrow have to wake up early to go back to uni. so take care boys n girls. adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'geographically challenged' baharuddin