Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a trip down memory lane


how's everyone doing? good i hope. been blogging a lot lately eh? there doesnt seem anything better to do around here (note: looking for a job does not count as something better to do).

anyhow, we went to langkawi last week. it was a much needed break for all of us i have to say and a family vacation was well overdue. we've been to langkawi as a family before. here are some pix from then.

yep. that was from 20 odd years ago. that's me and my grandad. i only got up to his waist here. lol. here's one from last week.

haha. you cant really see how much i grew in those 20 years in this photo. but i'm a little bit taller than him now. i probably weigh more too. nyahaha. here are some more.

that's me and my big sis 20 years ago

that's us last week

yep. i'm taller than her now too. back then you could actually see that she's a whole 3 years older than i am. now people just think we're twins.

throughout the whole trip, my gran and grandad couldnt stop comparing the langkawi 20 years ago to the langkawi now. it was cute. but really, 20 years is a long time. i mean, back then, i didnt even have any baby sisters.

there are tonnes of other photos. it was well fun. we should definitely do it more often. but its kinda hard to get everyone together at one time. i almost didnt go to this trip. the plane was then ready and we were going to do the flight test that weekend.

but in the end, i'm glad i went. (^_^)

Monday, December 22, 2008


oh yeah, i also realised that i was tagged by aisha. that came as a bit of a surprise since i thought that the only readers i have are me and my big sister (who only reads it when i ask her to). sad, i know. ten random things huh? hmmm. thats a bit complicated since i'm about as random as a solid crystalline structure *shoots herself on the foot for being so lame*. i'll give it a try anyway, so here goes.

10 Random Things about Khairun 'Pyro' Baharuddin

1. I dont have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) but when it comes to leaving the car after i've driven, i'd always have to keep checking and rechecking whether i've locked it. better safe than sorry eh?

2. i have an innate fear of butterflies (mottephobia)

3. i need my daily caffeine fix otherwise i'd get a real head hurt, or worse, i'd get really cranky

4. i love to sing out loud to whatever i'm listening to. even when i dont know the words. it drives other people up the wall but its great at getting rid of stress

5. i love citrusy smells

6. i get all goosebumpy when kamen rider does his signature move, and when naruto uses his rasengan/rasen-shuriken, and when any shinigami releases their bankai

7. if i get scared at night (which sometimes happens), it still makes me feel better to sleep with the light on

8. i cant sleep without my feet covered up by my duvet or blankie. not too sure why, but i bet it has something to do with people saying that toyols suck your blood out from your big toe

9. i'm slightly IT-challenged

10. whenever i'm tired, i tend to say things wrongly, like mixing up the consonants and vowels in a word. been happening a lot lately

fuh~ i made it. that took ages. anyhow, here's the part thats even harder. i have to tag other people too. meh. most of the blogs i read have already been tagged. lets see then. the chosen ones are


there you go. i know some of you might have been tagged before, but wheres the harm in putting a few more details eh? so, no pressure. do it if and when you have the time k?

Sunday, December 21, 2008


did you see the video? did you? did you??? that, ladies and gentlemen, was the freewing rc plane scratch built by your resident fire lover and her partner ida. it actually flew (not that i was surprised of course). here are the (approximated) project stats ...

243 hours of thinking
16 hours of cutting & sawing
24 hours of sanding & filing
15 hours of gluing
43.8 hours of being confused
19 hours of making mistakes
3 hours of being lost in ara damansara
12 hours in the car
198 hours in the lab
3.5 hours of being laughed at by the RC community
2 minutes of flight attempts
27 seconds of successful flight

like i said before, these are all approximated figures, which roughly means its completely inaccurate and unreliable. but all those things did happen, which is to say, yep, we did all the thinking, and we did the gluing, and we did get lost and, and, sure as heck, we got confused a lot too. and i mean A LOT. the whole free wing thing is rather new, even by modern aviation standards. and there arent a lot of literature on it so it was pretty much a 'figure-it-out-as-we-go-along' process. the situation got so bad that we were confused by units even when we had a calculator and unit converter. i mean, why would you divide units into sixteenths anyway? divide them into tenths like normal people.

but then again, the 27 seconds of flight was worth every second of being tired, stressed out and, generally, being in total agony over this project. now i know maybe a millionth of what it felt like when the Wright Bros managed to get Kitty Hawk up in the air. kudos to the pilot, mr wan though, who managed to fly the thingamagigy. he knew zilch about the free wing but put in so much effort to help us anyway. he's awesome. and you shouldve seen him land our plane. it was a belly landing (since our landing gear got torn off in the first flight attempt). not a scratch on the plane. it just sort of floated softly to the ground.

all in all its been crap load of craziness. the past few weeks especially had been so tiring but worthwhile. and now, i can go back to being a normal person and not someone who wakes up early, goes to bed late, and spends two thirds of the day in a lab/workshop building with no regard as to how i look.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


i can see it!! the light!!! i can see the light!!!

but then again, i have really good eyesight. so even when the light at the end of the tunnel is miles away, i'd still be able to see it. call it optimism.

seriously though, we're so close now. after god knows how long of being frustrated/annoyed/depressed/demoralised (delete where appropriate), i reckon we're almost there. but i think i'll stop talking about it for now. dont wanna jinx it. fingers crossed everyone!!!

went to get some stuff for the project on sunday (or was it monday? tuesday? sometime this week anyway) and as always, i got a bit distracted (being distracted comes oh so easily). spent ages browsing through the limited albeit cheap books at this bookstore in amcorp mall and finally...

jya~n. its the 33rd book in the discworld series and, as expected, its absolutely hilarious. i lo~ve terry pratchett's discworld. i'm still laughing from the last discworld book that i read (small gods). its awesome times infinity squared!! lighthearted and smart. like this from Going Postal on page 35.

" 'Apprentice Postman Stanley,' mumbled Groat. 'Orphan, sir. Very sad. Came to us from the Siblings of Offler charity home, sir. Both parents passed away of the Gnats on their farm out in the wilds, sir, and he was raised by peas.'
'Surely you mean on peas, Mr Groat?'
'By peas, sir. Very unusual case. A good lad if he doesn't get upset but he tends to twist towards the sun, sir, if you get my meaning.' "

Hahahaha. That's hilarious. anyone who tells me otherwise has no sense of humour and should go find some. you should read the part about the number pi. there's always some theories and stuff and sometimes it all makes complete sense.

there was this one bookstore that i went to where they put terry pratchett under the children section. thats a bit unfair i think coz adults wont go near the children section so they wont ever get to know how awesome a writer he is. i'm slowly collecting all the discworld series. and i mean verry slowly. slower than a glacier. which is a bit of a shame and is exactly why i should get off of my bum and start looking for a job.

enough fangirling. the weirdest thing happened just now. i was texting faiz and then suddenly my fingers went faster than my brain. i'd only just worked out what i wanted to write but when i looked at the screen i realised i'd already written it. that cant be right can it? fingers thinking for themselves and making their own decision. its like a decentralized organizational structure (rare chance of applying my organizational behaviour knowledge). next thing i know they'll be painting their nails pink and signing up for marathons without me knowing.

right then. i'm off. have to wake up early tomorrow to get some stuff for the project. somehow or other we'd always end up realizing that we need something important a day after out trip to Ara Damansara and/or SS2. call it poor planning? yep, that sounds about right. but in my defense, we're only just learning.