Saturday, July 23, 2005


saturday 2day. a day of absolutely zilch productivity. woke up early 2day coz i wanted 2 ikot ayah pegi shooting. but i didnt really shoot nething. ade competition n my dad's in it. havent been 2 subang sgt lame. so wen i arrived everybody there was like 'aik! ingatkan dah retire'. da gunskeeper, all da pakcik n stuff. my reply, 'busy with uni la' tho in actual truth its more lyk 'i neva get up early enuff to ikot my ayah who wont wake me up when he leaves da house'. my dad was in squad A so his squad was up 1st. he managed 2 shoot 17 outta 25 which was really good considering he's only doing dis in his spare tym. dat means he even beat 1 of da malaysian shooters. phewwit ayah! afta dat as usual pegi saturday lunch at rumah nenek n then bile balik rumah i slept. sgt lama. bile bangun ptg tu dah saket kepala. betul la cakap org tua, jgn tido afta asar.

enuff abt my day. boring je sebenanye. i tot maybe if i wrote it down sumhow it wud bcome interesting ke. tak pun. salah my theory. nvm. nehow. 3rd week of uni coming up n all i see are quizzes, quizzes n more quizzes. electronix, maths, management apparently n dats it kot dat i can rememba. takot la jugak. i dunno nething. 2 weeks of learning n i still havent managed 2 absorb ape2 skali pun. a bit frustrating at times but most times its juz worrying. especially electronix. da amount of ppl banyak + da classroon sgt kecik + da lecturer's voice sgt slow = me sleeping. n dont get me started on maths tutorial. same equation la kot.

so y'day's ceramah on IEM was surprisingly pleasant. i felt sleepy skejap2 but most times i was alert n enthusiastic. especially coz one of da speakers, alvin, was sgt best. he looks young. 25 n already 4 yrs working experience. woah. lol. he talked abt public speaking as well. n there's this whole episode wer ppl had 2 sell themselves. interesting eh? erm, well, our own mr redza imran bid on a 3rd year gurl. so i hope wen sum seniors came looking 4 him, he'll be able to look afta himself. haha.

a bit of football update. i tot dennis bergkamp was gonna succeed vieira wen 'captain fantastique' left but turns out i was mistaken. it'll be none other than king henry! yay! i dun think ne1 deserves it more than him, bless his heart. elsewhere, chelsea signed shaun wright-phillips. i reckon dats all wrong. i mean, he's a wright therefore its his duty 2 play in his dad's old club. i know i have a weird view on dis. i mean, lyk pres sez, 'if ur dad was a teacher, takkan u want 2 be a teacher also'. good point i guess. but still. not really satisfied wiv da signings made. but then again, i'm not da manager. trust da boss!!

well then, gtg. wana sleep so i cud tag along again 2moro. stay outta trouble. dun do nething i wouldnt. adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'fantasy manager' baharuddin

Friday, July 22, 2005

hey...(in a cool james dean way)

those of u yang sgt kerap (hahaha, kerap) dtg 2 this website might notice da change in da blogskin. well, haritu a few friends sed dat dey had problems reading da posts so i changed it la. actually, dis 1 makes my eyes go funny sket. maybe coz i'm not wearing my glasses kot rite now. lemme see, theres them comment thingamabobs so now una can post me comments. yay! hahaha. other ppl pun can oso but nobody else seems 2 do it. da song thing might or might not work. only god knows.

nehow. 2nd week of uni went by n its got its own highlights altho none of it involved running around like headless chickens. por ejemplo, 2day was da 1st workshop session wer we did stuff dat ppl in workshops do. my grup kene buat welding 2day, key word being KENE but really we all juz stood around. except 4 one of my grup mates, pian i think his name is, he juz went straight in there. i mean, by da tym 6pm came, he already siapkan 1 outta 2 workpieces. n da workpieces dun even have to be in till a long tym. while we were bz practice2 welding on sum scrap bits n bobs, he was bz using da oh-so-macho hand grinder n everything. i didnt even start mine. haha. massive procrastinator dat i am.

da 1st tym i tried welding, coz u have to put da helmet thing wiv da visor on n stuff dat made me look like darth vader, i couldnt see so i welded da table instead. hahaha. but afta a few go's i manage 2 buat la kot. steady hands is a great advantage. it looks kinda gross la tapi. but dats juz me tho. so now i think i'm ready 2 go on monster, monster garage n help da oh-so-cool reverand jesse james. hahaha. yeah rite. oh yeah, apparently jesse james kawen wiv sandra bullock. odd match eh?

2moro got dis talk/forum/ceramah (delete where appropriate) by da ppl in IEM (Institute of Engineers, Malaysia). guess i'll be goin la kot even tho every single cell in my body is against it. malasnye saye. dats 2 weeks already my wknd doesnt start on friday. eeeeee!!!!(high pitched shriek resembling dat of a banshee's).

erm, me gtg now. cant think of nethin else 2 write 4 da tym being. normal stuff, stay outta trouble, yadayadayada. adios n hasta luego.

khairun 'mechanic' baharuddin

Sunday, July 17, 2005

1st week round-up


long time no rant eh? lots 2 tell but so little time, have to start packing already. ayah insists dat i go back 2nyt instead of 2moro morning. haiyo. wot 2 do? so lets see, uni started last week, as most of u wud no. 1st week was alrite. felt like i'd been back 4 ages tho. normal stuff la 4 1st week. dats da tym wen we all run around like headless chickens to find lecturer's signatures so we cud add juz a few more credit hour to our sem. not a pretty sight. but u shoulda seen me n fahan on tuesday. running back n forth from engin 2 econs n attending da econs class only 2 find out yang dah takde space pun sebenanye. so then i ask myself...why???

nehow, aside da running around, it was great to see every1 again. faiz especially since i didnt c her da whole cuti. managed 2 laugh at syaza but she didnt make too much of a fuss pun abt us going. she juz keeps saying 'nxt tym pegi nak ikot!'. n had a great laugh wen watching da video i put 2getha of our trip 2 langkawi. so all in all, 1st week back was fun.

last week tuesday was dude's b'day so, buenos cumpleanos ALONG!!! fuyo, 22 already. sangat dewasa. may god bless u always n panjangkan ur umur coz lets face it, i cant do much without u. n muchas gracias por el doves cd. me like, me like!!

i had loads more 2 write juz now tapi dah lupa. haha. oh yeah, i dunno wot wenger's plan is, but he sold vieira. i read on friday ke thursday haritu on arseblog, tapi ingatkan arseblogger was juz mucking about. then bace paper, tgk2 betul. sedey la. actually, more terperanjat than sedey. its not exactly da norm 2 sell ur captain kan? so i s'pose dennis bergkamp la captain baru kot. haiyo, have a little faith in wenger la i s'pose.

okie then, dats it fer now. thanx 4 reading. now go do sumthin useful. stay outta trouble. adios n hasta luego.

khairun 'headless chicken' baharuddin

Saturday, July 16, 2005

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

little freedom left

alrite boys n gurls!!

i'm feeling rather sad at da moment sbb in a few hours tym i'd have to go balik college. haiyo. me dun want yet!! da cuti is way way too short la. my big sis beriye cakap 'cuti rase sekejap'. rite, skejap my arse. she had like 3 months cuti. mmg patut pun go back to uni. i guess it'll have to end sooner or later. tapi i'd rather it be later. i shud really be packing tapi sgt malas. da later i pack, da later i go back rite? wrong! da later i pack, da more i kene marah wiv my mum n ayah 4 putting things till da last minute. ala, i'll chance it. muahahaha!!

finally got a new blogskin. yay!! god knows how long i've been looking for 1. got da song problem sorted. now u can turn off da song if its annoying u. so da new look is up n running but i dun think i hv ne post thingamabobs. i'll figure out wot to do later la. da song u're listenin to is da remix to firesuite by doves. me likey lots. another thing (not so much thing as it is a person) me likey is brandon flowers (the killers' frontman). he's hot! rite now, he's top of my list.

i few posts ago, i sed dat stevie gerrard (i cud neva understand wot he sez, sgt thick his accent) was heading to stamford bridge. for those of u who care enuff, he's not. haha. not dat scared nemore. neways, da new dude dat we got, hleb, has stolen my heart already (if dat doesnt sound horribly corny, i dunno wot does). he came from belarus n he wasnt well off. for those of u who already heard dis story, bear wiv me. his mum was a bricklayer so wen he started playing professionally, he saved up his money n bought his mum a washing machine. bless his heart.

i had a weird dream last nyt. i dreamt i went backpacking across europe n sure enuff, da mode of transport dat kept popping up was da train. hahaha. of all da vehicles, train ke?? camel pun takpe rasenye. neways, had a few buddies wiv me but i dunno who they were.

okie then. dats it fer now. i gtg pack. at least then if my mum tanye whether i dah pack or not, i can say yes and avoid her wrath. hasta luego kids. stay away from trouble.

khairun 'hitchhiker' baharuddin

ps: i'll post sum pix from da blast of a trip to langkawi

Saturday, July 09, 2005

tower bloody records


howzit goin boys n gurls. u ever realised how difficult it is to type when u're lying on ur front. sangat susah. saket elbows. i think i'll sit now. ok, dis is strange, i got red marks on my arm. dun think its blood. but wot cud it be?? doesnt matter.

listening to stereophonics rite now. rainbows n pots of gold its called. went 2 tower records kat klcc on thursday 2 get their album, ne album pun takpe (except performance n cocktails coz i already got dat). so i looked la. i looked n i looked n i looked. tapi takde. so i asked da gurl at da counter. n she looked n she looked n she looked. but still takde. not even 1. bloody hell. wot kind of a cd shop is dis?? stereophonics got 5 albums out n tower records had none for sale. always wana make me go all da way to CM to dat cool cd shop where da shop owner's name is andrew. haih. so i decided to look 4 doves's nu album. they didnt have tht either. they didnt have ne of doves's albums. so frustrating la. rase nak tear my hair out there n then or sumthin. naseb baek pakai tudung. urgh.

went to see the hitchhiker's guide to da galaxy on thursday. omg, hilarious. if u havent seen, go see. its like non-stop laughter punye film. n martin freeman is cute, in a dopey sorta way. i 1st saw him in the office. cute jugak. then i saw him in ali g in da house, doubly cute sbb die maen one of ali g's cronies yg british trying real hard to be american from da westside, innit man!! hilarious. neways, back to da subject of dis must see film. everything sgt absurd. da robot, marvin, is a manic depressed robot. the narrator is really cool, voice die stephen fry. and the little animations in between is cute n hilarious. the only thing i find weird is da fact dat dis woman behind me tot it was lame. to each her own i guess.

tinggal 2 days of cuti. aiyo. feels so sekejap. i cant bring myself round to going la. neways, think i'll go sleep. pening dah. nite all. hasta luego.

khairun 'eyebags' baharuddin

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


bongiorno!! (i think dats how u spell it)

dah lame i tak rant about football, no? so here goes. arsenal signed alecksander hleb (no idea how to pronounce his name) n armand traore (i dun think he has ne relations to djimi traore but armand has got to be da coolest name ever). hleb is a midfielder n traore is meant to a full back i think. other than that, gerrard looks set to leave anfield n go down 2 none other than stamford bridge. who else could afford him neway. honestly, i'm kinda scared now. da squad they have is like omg. on a less scary note, brazil won da confederation cup n argentina won da youth world cup.

okay, talk about scaryness (is dat a word??) n all, i had dis really scary nightmare 2 nites ago. i dreamt dat i was at da glasshouse where dude plants her padi (more on dat later). but da glasshouse was divided into segments n i was in da segments furthest from da door. i was in sum kinda life threatening situation n had to get to da door. da gigantamous problem was, i had 2 go past da other segments n those segments were absolutely filled wiv massive moths. i didnt wana go at 1st but my sis was already at da door n told me 2 get my butt to da door quickly. so i lari but i couldnt go da whole way coz all da moths had landed on me n i was so scared i couldnt move. dude had to come get me. n thank god i woke up. *shiver*

neways, on wiv da padi n da glass house. dude has to do her final year project n it involves tanam padi. so last friday i helped her tanam da little things in pots. its more like moving them from big pots in2 little pots. it was messy work wiv da mud n all but it was well fun. sangat petani moden. haha. so ever since then i've been goin wiv my sis to upm 2 water the padi altho i'm not considering being a petani my profession when i graduate. i cant even transplant da padi rite. all da daun on da padi dat i transplant dah bengkok n 1 pokok even died.

neway, dats it 4 now. gotta go finish deciphering sum of il divo's songs. who woulda tot dat da spanish dictionary i used 5 odd yrs ago wud come in handy. dats it then boys n gurls. stay outta trouble. hasta luego.

khairun 'i hate moths' baharuddin

Monday, July 04, 2005

long time no rant

hello peeps!!

been a while aint it? lemme see. banyaknye cerite nak diceritekan. 1st things 1st. da langkawi trip. wot a loada erm, wots da word ye? fun kot. it was such a blast! all throughout da 3 days, i juz felt sangat independent. i mean, without parents kan. macam dah sangat dewasa. but rite now i'm talking to my friend darshna, n she went 2 india 4 the whole of 3 months n she took a year outta uni and now i feel sangat tak dewasa dah. ah well, it was fun while it lasted. 3 days sangat tak cukup.

so lets get started then. left kl sentral on monday nite. we were running a bit late dat nite. da train was s'pose 2 leave at 8.45 and we only reached da platform at 8.40 kot. orang kat platform tu da bunyi2 da loceng already. and it was really loud. who woulda tot dat loceng yang tak berape besar tu could generate so much noise. so we were lari2 sket trying to find our coach. sgt jauh di hadapan. who woulda tot da train wud be so panjang? nehow, manage to get to our seats before da train moves so dats ok kot.

fast forward 12 hours later and we arrive in arau perlis. actually, it wasnt fast forward la. sangat slow. stops every few minutes. agak horrid la. couldnt sleep. terang. no inflight entertainment wotsoever. but it was rather amusing tgk aishah n nad making friends wiv da dude who sat in front of them. sangat friendly. neways, sampai arau, we decided 2 get breakfast. starved. conveniently ade tempat makan kat situ so we ate there sementare tunggu da ticket counter bukak. after makan2 and waiting around, we unanimously decided dat we're not gonna go back by train, thank god. so we went to da jetty by taxi. took ages to get there but its alrite coz da jalan along da way was kinda scenic. padi all da way. nice. to cut a very long story short, we got da bus tix home n got ourselves on a ferry headed 4 langkawi.

once we got there we made our way 2 da hotel. checked in n relaxed a bit. this is beginning to sound like a karangan sekolah. neways, at abt 2 we went island hopping. sangat best. da bestest thing we did there kot. da boat was gile laju and me n una sat kat depan and got ourselves sprayed by da seawater every now and again. pedih la mate but we didnt mind. 1st island we hopped on was dayang bunting. personally, i dun like dat word. i always used to think dat dats only used 4 kucing n stuff. neways, da guide stopped jap and showed da outline of da island n sure enuff, it looks like a pregnant lady. wahey!! now i know y they call it that. so then we stopped at da island n made our way 2 da lake. but da trip 2 da lake wasnt so smooth. sangat banyak monyet menakutkan orang ramai. but once we got past them, everything was ok la.

next up, we went to see my newly appointed fave animal, eagles makan. sangat hot!!! the way they fly sangat majestic and how organized they were in the way they eat. none of those potong queue and all. seeing da eagles makan has to be one of da things i'll try 2 to remember always. sangat best. moving on, pantai beras basah wiv its nice sandy beach was good 4 1 thing which was main air laut so that was basically all we did there. actually, me n fahan je. da rest chose to sit out. got back to da hotel all tired dat petang but sgt thrill so its xpela. had dinner and dat was d end of da 1st day.

2nd day started well. went down 4 breakfast at 7 sumthin. i was impressed wiv myself. neva tot i cud get up dat early 2 go 2 breakfast. but dat was as far as it went. plopped ourselves back in2 bed afta breakfast n stayed there till past eleven. aiyo. but all was not lost. aishah my next door neighbour in asma in sem 1 lives in langkawi. she n her family were kind enuff 2 let us borrow their unser for the day. we were sangat terharu. thanx aishah n family so all 5 of us comfortably sat in the unser and the main drivers were una n nad. n una was really macho wiv her baju camo driving a big car. the only thing dat wud make her even more macho wud be if da car was manual.

so we went 2 buy lotsandlots of chocz, then had lunch. afta lunch we tot we'd drive to go up da cable car but 2 our massive disappontment, it rained n they closed early. huhu. sangat hampa. on da way to we stopped by telaga air panas or sumthin. sure enuff, da air was panas. amazing! hahaha. neways, afta da disappointment at da cable car place, we went 2 makam mahsuri. more bad news 4 us, dah tutup. sedih skali lagi. so we went past pantai chenang and didnt stop coz it was drizzling. we also went past da airport. actually, i only saw da landing strip. port die tak tau kat mane. saw a plane land too. so dat was kewl. we balik n then stopped by da pasar malam n bot dinner n ate kat bilik. early nite in 4 all of us (slept by 11) n so ended day 2.

day 3 was our last day there. woke up early 2 pack. fahan as always woke up latest sbb die boleh siap sambil lari. hahaha. went 2 dataran lang to take pictures mase siang pulak coz da 1st nite we were there we went n took pix of da majestic eagle in da dark. but even then it wasnt terang sangat. it was hujan renyai2. then we headed 2 taman lagenda but couldnt habiskan da whole park coz our ferry leaves at 11.30 and we still had to return da car. so off we went n returned da car and aftawards aishah n her mum was kind enuff 2 send us to da jetty. naek ferry, settled in 4 a bit then went up dekat da topmost deck of da ferry which was terbuka. sangat best. angin. da sprays of seawater pun not bad jugak. soon as we sampai kat kuala perlis we went 2 da bus station. we waited 4 da bus 2 sampai n then naik. it was a helluvalot better than the train i can tell u dat. da seats were nice n comfy, da leg room was banyak n they even had foot rest (is dat wot u call it? coz it wasnt exactly a foot stool). da seats were them reclining types so dat made it even better. slept most of da way 2 kl. n so ended our trip. sampai pudu, waited 4 mum n ayah 2 sampai n then went home all happy n grown up. sebelum mengakhiri karangan saye, di sini i wanna say, to all who doubted dat we were gonna go *coughsyaza* and made fun of us when we were planning da trip *coughsyaza* and laughed at us lotsandlots *coughsyaza*, u're not getting nething from me except minyak gamat. muahahahahaha!!!!

oh yeah, found out sumfink cool 2day. dunno how da topic came up mase tgh borak2 wiv mum n ayah n dude, but apparently u cud make urself unseen provided u have proper intentions n really yakin. in other words, make urself invisible la kot. juz till u get urself out of a tight situation, not 4ever la. juz bace dis 1 ayat from surah yasin n god willing, da person dat u dun want 2 c u wont c u. ayah tried it once n he sed it worked. but wot he sed cud be contested la. he sed once he was on a bus n he had no money so he bace dat ayat n sure enuff da conductor didnt see him. if he did see him, he didnt say nething. da point is, da dude neva asked 4 money la kirenye. cool innit? i gotta try dat.

neways, dats enuff rant 2 last me 2 days kot. maybe i'll post more rants 2moro coz i still got loads to rant abt. hasta luego then.

khairun 'all grown up' baharuddin