Saturday, August 27, 2005

morning y'all!!!

i cant believe i missed justice league sbb tgk dat britney n kevin reality show. haiyo. salah giler. n it wasnt even becoz my sisters wana watch it. i was on my own flicking thru da channels waiting 4 justice league to come on after da iklan, then, 'hmm, dis looks interesting'. so i watched britney go round asking ppl 'how do u feel abt marriage n commitment?' n completely 4got abt justice league. now i feel guilty. i have betrayed da sacred trust dat da comic industry put in me. i should be shot. ok maybe not shot la. i should face dire consequences.

so last nyt i went and did da da vinci code web quest thing. managed to finish it but i had help. big thank u to kma. i needed sumthin from da book n kma has it so i txt her at lyk 1 or 2 in da morning (yes, i am a freak!) n she layan me, even if i were a bit psychotic. muchas gracias. mesti i couldnt do it without u.

ptg ni got khemah ibadah. ahaha (tak tau kenape gelak). starts at 5.30 so probly balik uni afta asar ke. yep, useless bit of info. tak payah tau pun takpe. haha.

so dats all da rants dat ur resident pyro could provide u for dis wknd ladies n gents. stay outta trouble. adios n hasta luego.

khairun 'trivial' baharuddin

Thursday, August 25, 2005


arsenal won last nyt. oh yeah, fer those of u yang taknak read abt football, skip did paragraph. we practically mauled fulham. didnt watch tho, i was at uni. final score was 4-1 to the arsenal wiv henry n cygan(??) both scoring 2 each. guess its a good scoreline considering sunday's match (against dem stupid twats dat are chelsea). i mean, chelsea's win couldnt be justified as anything else apart from dumb luck. even mourinho sed so. very frustrating. kinda made me regret da fact dat i chose to balik on monday juz becoz of football. kinda. on the plus side, dat match on sunday really showed how good hleb is. he doesnt mind getting stuck in and he's juz a great team player. i voted him man of the match. but drogba won dat title. undeservedly, da prick (arr marah nih (alan style) !) i mean, juz becoz u score a goal doesnt make u entitled to man of da match. annoying giler.

neways, got da football outta my system. contrary 2 popular beliefs, i do have other things 2 do besides blogging (anis n red!). even if da other things are doing homework or reading. so kalau lambat update tunggu je la ye. ahaha. besides, i dun balik rumah everyday last weekend was kinda bz la kot. mum n ayah went 2 perak 4 ayah's old boys' reunion. saw da pix. made me proud a bit. ayah was darn good looking compared to da others there. all da other pakciks were kinda balding n rather outta shape. those who werent balding were greying. mum sed all da wives sat 2getha whilst da old boys caught up wiv each other. one of da wives was kaed punye dean. small world eh?

mum and ayah's weekend getaway had absolutely zilch to do wiv y i was bz. went to kuantan on saturday ikot atok n nenek pegi wedding. seronok je. we went by da old jalan so it took ages n ages especially wiv nenek there nagging atok all da tym '70 je la had laju die tok' and 'atok ni suke bawak laju2' while in actual truth my atok was only doing lyk 80. nenek sed she wanted to buy an anak kambing. kelaka je. she sed on da way back nak stop kat mane2 so she can buy 1 and it can sit wiv her upfront. n atok was lyk 'ye la, nanti tido pun bawak masuk kelambu'. nasib baik she completely 4got all abt it on da way back. cant imagine riding in a car wiv anak kambing.

so da trip 2 kuantan took up most of my saturday. i tot bile balik tu atok was gonna send me straight home tapi balik rumah nenek instead. dah la takde baju. so i had 2 wear nenek's kain batik n atok's tshirt. klaka gile. then rumah nenek takde astro so dok tgk citer bujang lapok dat nyt. went off to sleep at abt 11 sumthin kot (fuyoo awal!!). nasib baik i brought along the da vinci code. which brings me to da nxt reason y i was bz. sgt best buku tu. havent read a good book lyk dat since ages la. page turner. so sesiape yg belum bace, anda dinasihatkan membace buku tersebut. on sunday i juz lazed abt finishing up on dat book. and dats da reason y i didnt update my blog.

dis whole week sgt lepak. i mean, afta dat disaster of an exam dat was calculus, i juz wanted to chill out. so da conclusion kat sini is ur resident pyro has not learned from past experience ladies n gents. lagi mau duduk2 tgk movie n baring2 bace buku yang completely tak related wiv nething i'm studying. altho most of da tym i baring2 i was, in actual truth, thinking abt nak amik major ape. haiyo. berbelah bahagi jugak. methinks aerospace kot, altho red's telling me to think twice abt dat. i dun care la, nak jugak. kakak 4th year in my management class tuh amik aero n she seems 2 be doin great. ok la kot. 1 thing fer sure is dat i wont be taking mechatronics. *shudder* cant face nemore electronix den is necessary la.

neways, dats it fer now. cya round kids. stay outta trouble. adios n hasta luego.

khairun 'proud 2 be a gooner' baharuddin

ps: redza jahat! macam la F1 tuh best sgt (best tu best la tapi takla best sgt). its completely tak, hmm, wots da word, universal. not sumer org bole main. unlyk football. kids pun main, grown ups pun main. sumer org main.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

good day ladies n gentlemen,

its ur head stewardess speaking. thank u for flying wiv pyrophile airlines. bad choice u made. who in their right mind would fly 'pyrophile airlines'?? unless u're pyrophiles 2, in which case i reckon u made da right choice. neways, da exits are here, here n here. n u better pay attention coz if u dont n dis plane crashes, god help u!

i make a good air hostess no? ahaha(my nu laugh). i'm kinda pelik2 la lately. i no y kot. tapi taknak la cakap. ahaha(good innit my nu laugh). me thinks sum of u no y jugak kot. season started oledi!! woohoo!! me lyk, me lyk. y'day watched da everton united game. good match dat. 2nyts arsenal match cant watch. can a bit je kot. fate plays a cruel card fer me. i have to go back 2 uni. huhu. sedey dah. banyak gile keje kene siapkan. have to read a book by a guy called perves hoodbhoy (makes u wonder wot his friends call him). ahaha. still tak habes bace lagi. islam n science is muy interesante n dis hoodbhoy person managed to kill all da interest out of it.

me thinks dats it fer now. gtg siap kan barang2. bringing my nu total 90 to uni. gonna play sum football now. ahaha. dunno if still can fit my umbro football boots tho. dah lame tak pakai. i managed to practice on a few ball skills. in da house nonetheless. banyak dah kene marah. especially ngan kaklong. she threatened to pancitkan da ball if i dun stop. ahaha. i gots skills!!

okie den. now i'm really gonna go. hasta luego ladies n gents. thank u fer choosing pyrophile airlines. if u're not too traumatised, please come again.

khairun 'friendly skies' baharuddin

Saturday, August 13, 2005

hola amigos y amigas,

como estas? estoy bien. estupendo. mi duele la cabeza. me gusta el caballo. aye caramba! la tortura. la intrusa. livin la vida loca. ahahahah!! i'm juz throwin around random spanish terms. tak betol sket. yo loco si?? si si. i think i shud stop being pelik2 now.

lemme see. isu2 semase section. nebody NOT notice da haze?? u must not live in kl then. sgt teruk sampai schools n unis closed down. dis was on thursday la. its a lot better today. can see da sun oledi. just my luck tho, uni was declared closed on thursday at 5. ade workshop so obviously tak berenti buat wshop pun. then friday pun uni closed jugak. hell-looo!!! mmg la friday takde class pun. suke kasi cuti tym takde class tau. apentah. y'day i watched da khutbah jumaat n dey all did solat sunat asking fer rain. n da masjid kat da back of my house did oso. so far no rain yet but da haze has really cleared up. muy bien!

nehow. last week not a lot going on. but lemme tell u a story dats very menginsafkan. da story asks da question, will ur resident pyro ever learn?? hopefully i will. but then again...da story goes lyk dis. once upon a tym in da luvly uni dat is iiu, pyro was given a task to do as part of her workshop class. da task was da infamous benchwork. dis task takes up a lotta tym n effort to complete n it had to be in in 2 weeks tym. so pyro, thinking dat 2 weeks tym is a long way away, put da task at da back of her mind n decided to leave it till later. dis later was actually da week it had to be submitted. so pyro busted her arse off (pardon my french, ahaha). and she did ot everynite of da whole week. n she woulda been able to finish off her task if it werent fer da darned manufacturing seniors who hog da darn workshop. bugger. so she'll be submitting her workpiece rather late. and she didnt live happily fer a few days. the end.

so lads n lasses. da moral of da story is dat manufacturing seniors r twats. (jahatnye me!) only joking. da real moral behind da story is dat procrastination neva, eva pays. sumtyms it works out fine. but other tyms unforeseen circumstances take ova n u'll be thinking 'oh shite!'.. oh yeah, muchas gracias alan fer helping me out lotsandlots.

u wont believe wot i did y'day. i was just lying around lyk i always do on wknds. so wen i got up, my 2 pendants jatuh. i was thinking, takkan la tercabut die punye clasp kot. then i looked rupe2nye dah putus my rantai. huhu. sedey nye. dat thing kinda nu oso. i went running downstairs n told my mum n ayah. ayah was lyk 'mcm mane awak ni khairun nisaa? kenape ganas sgt'. n i was lyk 'mane ade ganas'. dis isnt helping my family change their views of how ganas i am. i'm really not. i'm quite gentle. but u shoulda seen me the other day. i was gonna get in2 da car then my seluar got caught sumwer n it ripped. sgt banyak rip die dat it cant be salvaged nemore. n semalam, b4 da rantai putus incident, i wanted to open da door. then my foot tersangkot kat my trousers n it ripped oso. my mum was lyk 'awak nak we buy u new trousers tak payah la koyakkan all ur old ones'. yeah alrite. as if me almost falling down flat on my face was done on purpose. good thing is mum ckp we cud take it to da goldsmith (da chain, not da trousers) and geddit fixed.

neways, i'll be off now. hasta luego. dun put off til 2molo wot u can do 2day unless u're sure da horrid manu seniors wont be in da workshop n making ur existence a pain in da u no where. stay outta trouble kids.

khairun 'dr jekyll mr hyde' baharuddin

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

ohio gozaimas (hoping dat u guys'll read dis in da morning)

today is da 9th. ayah's 47th bday. happy b'day ayah! hope u'll have panjang umur n murah rezeki!! mum already got u da nu shooting jacket so we no need give u gifts oledi la.

nehow, in gpcl rite now. no class oledi since 10 in da morn. went 2 tilawah wearing baju hijau engin tuh and da ustad didnt recognise me ("awak pernah dtg kelas ni dulu"). stupid green jacket. did ot last nyt (overtym) and it was tiring as hell. all i did last nyt was saw da stupid piece of metal to get da right shape. i wonder, y do i have to go thru all dis trouble wen da t-cutter is staring at me right in da face. is it to teach me to not take machines for granted? i dont take machines for granted. i love machines! i highly appreciate them. now lemme use 'em. got da shape of da thing we're s'pose to get oledi. got da muscles n blisters to match as well. now all i gots to do is file n drill holes. n i wonder again y i'm not allowed to use them macho hand grinders. oh btw, remon doing benchwork = hot!! hahaha.

kma sez, actually, loadsa ppl say, dat i rant a lot abt football. so if u dun wana read, skip dis paragraph n go on down to da nxt one coz dis paragraph is all abt football. so here goes, community shield. yeah alrite arsenal lost. but dats only cause whoeva wins it is cursed and wont win da premiership. muahahahahaha to chelsea!!! da match was rather entertaining me gots to say. me tots fabregas did awesome in midfield. didnt even miss wotsisface who left n got himself cut off of da new old kit photo. got a 1st look at da new guy, hleb. all i cud say is dat he looks like a player wiv lotsa heart. sangat beriye dan bersungguh-sungguh. hahaha. senderos did extremely well oso but me tot they all relied on him too much to defend. no good. good to see van persie play. he did alrite considering da kind of summer he had. onto the other team, well, john terry me likey so he did alright. da rest are twats. including frank lampard. he even got yellow carded 4 being a general twat. da twat dat he is.

for those of u who skipped da last paragraph, u shud take a look at da beautiful game la. its worth it. lemme see, got ibadah camp dis weekend. haiyo. easy 20% la kot kalau pegi. but i'll be missing da 1st match of da season. double haiyo. n its against newcastle. actually, dat shoulda gone skali wiv all da football stuff in da paragraph kat atas. tapi i didnt sbb ade pasal ibadah camp. besides, kalau letak kat atas mcm lagi penuh je da paragraph. tak best la paragraph penuh.

me thinks dats it kot for now. woteva i happen to think up i'll write down in my computer n during da weekend ke weneva la, i'll post it up. alrite den ladies n gents, rememba, fire burns. hasta luego.

khairun 'iron-woman' baharuddin

Friday, August 05, 2005

w'sup peeps!

no updates last week. me knows. altho loads happened. no diddle daddle then, lets get 2 it. k then, last week. it could be called da lost n found week i think. fahan's ibook. yep. da coolest gadget a person cud own. i stand corrected, 1 of da coolest gadgets a person cud own. nehow, sum1 stole it, 2 put it shortly. bloody hell! is nothing sacred nemore? hell-lloo!! i mean, i cant even begin 2 comprehend how da mind of a thief works but isnt there sum kinda code where u cant steal inside uia??? nvm la. a lotta tears, denial n 2 days later, it was back on her desk. odd. on2 my lost thing. i couldnt find my stupid bath scrunchie. lost it on wednesday. nobody stole it tho. i mean, who would wana steal a bath scrunchie. but it was lost nonetheless. then i found it on friday. it was in 1 of my laci. hahaha.

still on da topic of last week. workshop. muahaha. had to do da infamous benchwork. not hard, juz tiring. sawing n filing. i dun mind tho. i want sum muscles. da workpiece kene hanta nxt week. n i have got to be da laziest person in terms of overtym there ever was in da history of kuliyah of engineering. faiz managed 2 finish hers in a week. i still tak habes sawing da damn piece of metal. so now i gotta strive a bit la.

dis week nothing much happened i s'pose. hmm, lemme check. nope. takde pape berlaku pun. workshop yang selalunye interesting pun buat measuring je. abg demo ade sesuatu la, crude tho he may be. dunno his name la tapi. all i no is dat die ade sesuatu. owh, n da workload of electronix is getting ridiculous. pspice, lab report n assignments?? dats juz too much. i would like to have a life outside of electronics but dat doesnt seem possible at da moment. n da lab we have to do pun, haiyo. like kma sed abt da breadboard thing la. only i wish i neva eva have to see it again. eva!!! but i probly wud see it again next week. so dats dat.

neways, best be off. see y'all later. stay outta trouble. hasta luego.

khairun 'procrastinator' baharuddin