Wednesday, December 21, 2005

good morning!!

i'm updating my blog (shocker!) on a wednesday morning (even more of a shocker!!). what's the world coming to?? hahaha. in case you're wondering why i'm updating my blog merely 5 days after my last post, i'll tell you why. its not a mid-life crisis. i just dont have anything better to do. woke up at 7.30 this morning thinking i got fluid mechanics lab at 8.30. got to the lab on time, saw a few people hanging about outside so i hung about outside too (sheep). i hung and i hung and i hung until about 9 when someone came up to us and said that the lab instructor's whereabouts couldnt be traced (wtf??). therefore, lab is cancelled (wtf??) and we'd have to do it next week (wtf??) when we're really supposed to be having tutorial next week (wtf??). huargh!!! bosan siot!

ah yes, typical blog usage as a channel to vent out all dissatisfaction. oh, i can write proper english sentences in case some people are wondering. hahaha. its just that i choose not to. its too much of a hassle. especially if the keyboard i'm using is like the one i'm using now. keyboards in the lab are so rigid. its like i have to put in twice as much effort to type something in this lab, then i would normally. get what i mean? hahaha. ntahpapentah.

hmm. usually there'd be a paragraph about football in every post. wondering whether i should write something now. as most of you know (if not all), arsenal lost. i'm in a period of mourning. but i havent lost faith. the gunners will once again be untouchable and everything will turn out fine. to those who no longer believe that arsenal will reign supreme, cast away your doubts. although texting redza, someone who doesnt watch football during the arsenal chelsea match kind of opened my eyes to other people's views of arsenal. in any case, they're all wrong. hahaha. its funny though how i was convinced arsenal could still win that match when we're 2 nil down with ten minutes to go. actually its not that funny. rather sad come to think of it. okay now i'm depressed. the carling cup match btwn arsenal and doncaster is tonight. pushovers i guess. but i wont count my chickens until they've hatched. you know, just in case i feel like having scrambled eggs or something.

right then. i'll be off now. need the loo (completely useless information to all of you). class starts in 15 mins. stay outta trouble boys and gurls. adios and hasta luego.

khairun 'mourning' baharuddin

Friday, December 16, 2005

hello all!!!

lame tak tulis2 here. bwahahaha (massive understatement). wat with duduk2 n tgk2 tv n surfing da net n all, i dun seem to find da tym to blog. hahaha. wat a loada bull. i looked at da posts n wen they were written. it seems lyk there is a marked decrease in da number of posts per month. if i plot da graph of number of posts versus month, i will get a linear graph which fits da equation y=-x+8.

ah yes, as is apparent from my ongoing rant abt bloody posts per month, uni had inevitably started. been going great so far. relaxed, not much hassle or brain usage. except for linear algebra n vector calculus (i think dats da course title). 1st day pun dah start blaja. i dun mind it coz matrix seems to be kinda cool. but soaking in knowledge at 8.30 in da morning afta a long period of not soaking anything at all is like a piece of metal sponge scourer thing trying to soak up water. it wouldnt. u get my point.

on the other hand, its cool meeting up wiv every1 again. yan is as perky as eva wiv her rather disturbing infatuation wiv mawi, fana all bz wiv her bro's wedding 2molo n using da fact dat she left her bedsheet at home as an excuse to not stay in uni (lucky gal, my mum wont have ne of dat. da nyt i had to come back to uni after da cuti, i found out i left my locker key kat rumah n i was lyk 'damn u, u no good memory!!!' so since i put my bantal in da locker, i used my bag full of baju as a bantal thinking 'hebatnye me to think up sumthing as ingenious as using bag full of baju as a bantal'. but in the end i tak pakai pun coz all da baju packed into da bag made it keras. so next morning i decided to go thru my bag and behold!! wat do u no, my locker key. ah yes, da epitome of forgetfullness. i was thinking 'horridnye me cari 80 kali pun still boleh tak jumpe'. actually, i was juz glad dat i didnt have to wear slipper jamban to go to class, coz my kasut pun in da locker juge). where was i before i opened da brackets? oh yea, cool to see people again.

it was, howeva, very uncool to terserempak wiv my ungs 2040 lecturer during breakfast at deen melawati a day afta i found out about my results. i dun think he recognised me. but still, couldnt enjoy my breakfast knowing he was less than 5 yards away from me.

nehow, football. arsenal drew wiv real bloody madrid (sheesh, who in their right mind would call themselves the meringues, da bunch of pansies) for da nxt round of champs league. bugger. as if doing badly in da league wasnt bad enuff. speaking of da league, dis weekend, da ultimate showdown btwn london's giants, arsenal will take on chelsea at da famous highbury stadium where da gunners will go on to beat chelsea to a pulp, subsequently leading to da sacking of jose mourinho and da signing of 10 year contract of henry, wenger n john terry, who realised dat chelsea are a buncha poofs.

seems like my love affair wiv naruto wasnt shortlived as i had previously predicted. to add spice to da relationship, i met kurosaki ichigo, a shinigami wiv bright orange hair. he's 15 tho. does dat make me a paedophile?? i mean, he's physically an adult, i mean, well toned abs as a result of severe training. owh n his zanpakuto, zangetsu, is really macho too.

i think dats enuff fer now. pray thee dat i wont be too lazy to update my blog. coz my graph of number of posts versus months needs to be inverted. blargh!! bloody 4 by 4 inverted matrix quiz thingamabob.

nehow, dats outta my system. which juz so happens to be an open system (control volume) where there are fluids dat follow da navier stokes equation n landing gears are great. i best be off now. stay outta trouble gurls n boys. adios n hasta luego. bwahahaha.

khairun 'a few millilitres short of a full 1.5 litre coke bottle' baharuddin