Wednesday, December 06, 2006

afternoon all!!!

i dont really feel like blogging right now but i dont really have anything to do. my GEN class got cancelled. technically, not cancelled. dr abdi told us to go to the KERIE exhibition thingamagig. dont ask me what KERIE stands for because i dont have a single clue. so i went there for like 5 minutes to look around at the final projects and stuff and off i went (cukup syarat je).

i was reading blogs just now and apparently these short-posts-while-waiting-for-class are quite frequent occurrences. so i thought, might as well have a go. its better than doing zilch right? otherwise jadi macam devon sawa in 'idle hands' (hella funny movie). would've gone back to my room but theres no point really since there's nothing to amuse me anyway. i still havent 'hangkut' my stuff to uni. not even bed sheets and all those necessary stuff to make a room, well, a room.

and so the obsession escalates. i'm a few steps away from having his name tattoed on my _____ (fill in the blank). hahaha!!! listening to him right now actually. he's so hot. was watching alexander and lord of war a few nights ago and those films did nothing but fuel my obsession even further. wish they didnt cut some scenes from alexander though. killjoy.

anyways, thats all for now. wanna go fill in my empty and roaring tummy with some nice hot food. hasta luego boys and girls. stay outta trouble.

khairun 'obsessed' baharuddin

Friday, December 01, 2006

wats up everyone..

its me, ur resident pyrophile here. still alive, still on holiday, and still a pyrophile. i checked out the tagboard section and una says i've only got 1 post for the holiday. true that. sorry to make you tertunggu dear! i havent got anything to rant about. actually, thats not true. i have loads to rants about tapi when i get in front of the computer, i could never think of any.

you know that abba song 'thank you for the music'? well, if you dont, then your parents should. haha. usually, when i'm in a particularly stressful situation, i'd put my headphone on, turn the music up really loud and sing along. this usually happens in uni since there are way more stressful situations there than there are at home. so i guess, when faced with difficulty, i am really thankful for the music. however, i can think of quite a few people who probably wish that they'd never heard of music. or to be more precise, wish that I had never heard of music.

honestly, have you ever had the misfortune of listening to me sing at the top of my lungs? if you havent, lucky you. i mean, when i'm singing along with the headphone on, i cant really hear myself. so i never really knew the extent of my horrid singing, until one day, when my brilliant roomates decided to do a little bit of recording. when i first heard it, my initial reaction was 'are you sure thats me?'. yep, i was full of denial. but then, i thought, who else sings along to 30 seconds to mars? and then the sad truth struck me. and i was suddenly taken over by uncontrollable fits of laughter. i bet you've seen william hung's infamous audition footage right? well, thats comparable to my singing, minus the dance moves.

okay then. thats enough of making a complete fool out of myself for today. lets move on shall we? i was cleaning up my room this morning and i came across this article titled 'the school football bible'. so i reckon, instead of me ranting on about arsenal's current situation (rather pathetic, to put it lightly, lost the last 2 games against weaker opponents), i'll just share with you the article.



Matches shall be played over three unequal period: two playtimes and a lunchtime

Each of these periods shall shortly after the ringing of a bell, and although a bell is also rung towards the end of these periods, play may continue for up to ten minutes afterwards, depending on the nihilism or "bottle" of the participants with regard to corporal punishment et out to latecomers back to the classroom.
In practice, there is a sliding scale of nihilism, from those who hasten to stand in line as soon as the bell rings, known as "poofs", through through those who will hang on until the time they estimate it takes the teachers to down the last of their gins and journey from the staffroom, known as "chancers" and finally to those who will hang on until a teacher actually has to physically retrieve them, known as "bampots".

This sliding scale is intended to radically alter the logistics of a match in progress, often having dramatic effects on the scoreline as the number of participants drops.

It is important, therefore, in picking the sides, to achieve a fair balance of poofs, chancers and bampots in order that the scoreline achieved over a sustained period of play - a lunchtime for instance - is not totally nullified by a five-minute-post-bell onslaught of five bampots against one.

The scoreline to be carried over from the previous period of the match is in the trust of the last bampots to leave the field of play, and maybe the matter of some debate. This must be resolved in one of the approved manners (see Adjudication).

-end of part one-

there's still a long way to go till we could khatam the school football bible. but i'll leave it till later coz you guys might get bored. honestly though, reading that brings me back to my childhood days when i sometimes go down to watch the guys i fancy play during lunchtime. those were the days. i remember fancying this prefect. his name's martin bell and he's a friend of my best friend's big brother. i reckon he was a good player. but he doesnt get to play all the time since he's a prefect and sometimes he has to do his rounds down the english corridor. he does modern dance too. i remember watching him dance about with a bunch of girls (he was the only guy) during the christmas concert. i also remember being unable to decide my feelings for him after watching the performance, coz frankly, it all seemed rather gay. ah yes, a trip down memory lane is always fun.

getting back to present times, people say you get your best ideas while in the shower. something to do with the amount of oxygen being higher and therefore more work in the brain or whatnot. whatever is the cause, i think it hella true. i get so many ideas on rants but they seem to get left behind in the shower when i'm done. its so weird. maybe next time i should bring the laptop with me. actually, thats not too smart is it? maybe just a permanent marker pen and a piece of waterproof paper.

anyways, lets forget about them silly ideas because i think i'm in love.*swoon* with jared leto.*double swoon*. i cant get enough of him. this other night, i was about to go to bed. but, out of nowhere, i thought about how gorgeous he was in 'from yesterday' and 'the kill' and i just had to turn my computer back on and watch it again. i ended up watching the video, the making and some live performances. well, lets just say i tak jadi go to bed anymore. its been that way for a couple of nights now. and as side effects, i've developed rather large dark circles around my eyes, more popularly known as eyebags. i'm not sure whether to do something about it or to just leave it because apparently, instead of looking like a raccoon, it looks like i applied some eyeshadow on.

well, i think i should be off now. thunderbolt and lightning very very frightening. nanti kene modem susah pulak. so stay outta trouble girlies and boys!! adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'chancer' baharuddin

ps: if you dont believe me about how goegeous jared leto is in 'from yesterday', take a look see yourself.