Wednesday, February 18, 2009

help the aged

greetings earthlings!!

after 42 days, i finally found the energy to rant. that surely is a sign that i'm getting old right? before, i had so much life in me that i'd blog/rant about pretty much anything. nowadays, i could full well have met the prime minister and still manage to skip the blogging/ranting.

another, very obvious sign of getting old is when you put different shoes on. which was exactly what happened to me 2 days ago. we (me, mum, and sisters) were supposed to catch Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical when i decided to wear my sister's shoes which went so well with my outfit (that and i cant be bothered to look for my own shoes). obviously, my size 8/9 feet (huge arent they?) felt really uncomfortable in my sister's size 6 shoes (how i manage to even fit in them is really a mystery in itself). so i decided to take them off during the ride there.

when we got to istana budaya, dude dropped off me and mum near the entrance so she could go look for parking with the other 2 girls. i quickly put my (or rather, my sister's) shoes on, and got out the car. here's how it went after dude drove off and i took 2 steps:

me : gyah! (pause in disbelief) mama!! look at my shoes!!
mum: khairun nisaa.. macam mane awak boleh pakai kasut sebelah lain sebelah lain?
me: ntah. kite main sarung je tadi.
mum: ha, padan la muke. try and call your along.
me: can i use your phone?
mum: (exasperated) go on then. try speed dial 4.
me: (tried speed dial 4 but stopped when my phone rang. dialled dude's number while running after car)
nurul: hello?
me: nurul, get along to stop the car. i sarung the wrong shoe on.
nurul: (speaking very slowly) ape? how did you pakai the wrong one?
me: does it matter? suro je la along stop. (still chasing after the car)

the car stopped and after about a minute of all out running, i got to the car, put the correct shoe on amidst the 'you joker' and the 'how did you manage to pakai the wrong kasut?', and walked back, very uncomfortably, to where mum was. the 3 hours that i had to spend in those shoes resulted in blisters which hurt up till now.

so, moral of the story, you cant avoid getting old. but what you can avoid is, wearing shoes that are too small for your feet, no matter how well they go with your outfit.

onto the real blog worthy part. puteri gunung ledang the musical!! i was pleasantly surprised during the show. lets face it though, the only musical theatre experience that i have are the school musical i was involved in (lighting crew, christmas production of Oliver Twist) and the tonnes of anime derived musicals (Prince of Tennis Musicals and Bleach Musicals). it really didnt take much to pleasantly surprise me. to tell you the truth, i fell in love with the show right at the beginning when the announcer said that there'll be pyrotechnics involved.

aside the awesome fireworks, i have never seen (or heard) a man hold a note for what must've been a full minute or possibly more. that man is stephen rahman-hughes (the dude who plays hang tuah). 2 words. massive lungs. naturally, when i got home, i just had to google him. turns out, he's actually 1 and a half a person, being, according to wikipedia, "half english, half pakistani and half malaysian". bwahaha. he's awesome. anyone who's made of three halves is a tick in my book.

eeyaa~ thats enough for now. told you i'm getting old. its 1.40am and i can hardly keep my eyes open. back when i was younger, i could stay up all night and still manage to concentrate in class.

well then, bye now!