Wednesday, January 11, 2006

buenos dias!!

how've you been? good i hope (wahahaha! skema siot). first thing's first. havent had the chance to say this yet, so, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! hope all of you will have the best year ever and that god will keep you all out of harm's way.i havent made any new year's resolutions this year. its pointless. i know i'll break them within a week anyway, being the ever-so-determined person that i am. hahaha. besides, i reckon you shouldnt just make resolutions when new year comes. make them any time you like. right??

and one more wish. SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL ADHA!!! its a bit pointless to tell you all to eat moderately coz i definitely didnt. hahaha. talk about gluttony. which makes me wonder whether eating glutinous rice makes me even more of a glutton. is that the right word? ah well, you know what i mean.

i was just thinking the other day how much useless info my brain can retain. its silly that i can remember the middle names and birthdays of the arsenal first team and not the really important formulas for fluid mechanics. i try and try to forget that karl fredrik ljungberg was born on 16th of april 1977. but it doesnt work. so i guess i'll just have to live with that fact.

speaking of arsenal. hahaha. i missed a whole lot of matches. the one i'm really upset about missing is the home game against united. managed a draw against them. cant complain really considering they're 2nd and we're not. apparently those who were lucky enough to have watched it thought it was a good match. but every cloud has a silver lining. i watched the arsenal match triumph against middlesbrough (again, skema giler ayat). sangat hebat!!! i didnt see the beginning due to foreseen circumstances (which is ayah taking the mickey and not letting me watch). by the time i tuned in it was about 3 minutes till half time and arsenal were 4-0 up! i was like, biar betul, but the scoreboard never lies. bwahahaha!! serves u right boro for beating us 2-1 in september. padan muka. although no one reading this would care so much since i doubt that any of them are boro fans so the gloating privileges cant be used to full effects.

anyways, after halftime i got a bit sleepy so i decided to just watch the replay some other time until dude came in and said 'dude, its 5-0'. so i went back downstairs and watched the rest of the match with henry back to his full capabilities and scoring a hat trick. all hail king henry! seriously though, i didnt think boro took us seriously enough. their defence was rubbish i think. they knew henry never miss chances so why did they leave all that space for him to run around. that is a question that would be left unanswered. so seven-nil is the final score, and that whinger cattermole goes home crying after 20 mins of whinging. (okay, i made that crying part up but the rest is true).

elsewhere, united were thrashed by city. hahaha. you have to feel sorry for them. gloating rights for city fans fully deserved considering united are 2nd and city are not. kinda makes me feel inferior considering we're higher than city but only managed a draw with united. but that, ladies and gents, is the power of underestimation and the beauty of football. watch enough and you'll see pleasant surprises.

back to the non-footballing world. i dont get why some people (particularly older people), cant take other people's opinions. i mean, you have your opinion, i'm entitled to mine, i so dont have to agree with you. you voiced yours out and i voiced out mine, thats it la. why must people who cant take other people's opinions shove their opinions down other people with different opinions's throats. your opinion doesnt have to be right. huargh!! sangat frustrating. if you didnt catch that the first time, try reading it again. hahaha. points go out to those who can tell me how many times i mentioned the word opinion, including that last one, in this paragraph. hahaha. no prizes though. sorry.

next week is the mid-sem break. ooohh!! lotsa plans in store. we plan to go to genting on the monday but whether i go not entirely depends on dear father who seems to be enjoying taking the mick out of me more and more recently. therefore, i have made a foolproof plan! behold!! plan X!! this plan involves me and my comfy bed at home, the tv i'm sorely missing and the internet, for downloading anime pleasure. safety features include the 'no going out = no outside injury' theory whereby if you dont go out, chances are you wouldnt get involved in a car accident. although household accidents should be taken into considerations, the chances of that happening are greatly reduced if i dont leave my bed, which is why this plan is so foolproof (its was proven by a fool). whats more is that i can finally catch up on the 56 hours of sleep i missed during the past 7 weeks. bwahahaha!!

so i think thats it for now. got thermo at 2 dis afternoon (20 mins away at the time of writing). i have physically prepared for the lecture by not eating lunch, so that the hunger would keep me awake during class. its hilarious how much my classmates' energy level change during the point of entering the class, where energy level is at its peak (noisy kids) to the middle of the class where energy level is at its lowest (kids dozing off and tersengguk). bwahahaha. thats how i live through thermo lectures, by looking at other people dozing off.

right then, now i'm really gonna go. updates later (3 weeks from now is still later). stay outta trouble lads and lasses. adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'can take other people's opinions' baharuddin

Sunday, January 01, 2006

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