Thursday, September 14, 2006

good evening all (its 7.30 right now)...

anyways, people have been telling me that i havent been updating my blog. sorry bout that. i have been a very very busy girl. haha. i see assignments everywhere i look, and they're not finished assignments either, which i really wouldnt mind seeing every now and again. and i've become a rather dull person (duller than i already was). cant be bothered to watch tv anymore, i have no idea what songs are hot and not and god knows how long i havent gone out. but like dr waqar said, and i quote, 'you have to leave the entertainment business, dont take interest in it, their main target is to corrupt you'. well said sir. couldnt have put it better if i tried. heheh.

the best thing that happened since the last update was the beginning of the football season. woo hoo!!! i luurrve football and i luurrve arsenal!! however, we have found ourselves in a very strange situation. heck, its downright unheard of. arsenal in the 17th spot? just outside the relegation zone? three games gone and no still no win?? what on earth is going on i hear you say. well, to tell you the truth, i've been asking that same question myself. but to their defence, i reckon its still early days. i mean, everyone else has a game in hand anyway (except wigan, newcastle and liverpool).

i was watching the arsenal-boro match on saturday. i felt so much frustration, that if i were on the 10th floor of a building, i definitely would've jumped off. so thank god that i wasnt watching that match on the 10th floor of some building. otherwise i'd expect there wont be anymore updates from me. the reason for this horrid frustration was the fact that arsenal played so well, and yet somehow we couldnt get them nice 3 points that we want oh so very badly. in fact, arsenal went one down before half time. and that goal was basically boro's 1 shot on goal. other than that lehmann was practically 'memakan gaji buta' (i think thats the right term anyway).

just before the 2nd half, the boro's captain boateng was sent off for tackling freddie. so a word of advice to other football players out there. dont even think about bringing freddie down, because you will suffer the consequences. dont say i didnt warn you. moving on, after half time, arsenal pressed harder and harder until finally eboue was brought down in the penalty area by downing and the ref pointed to the spot. henry steps up, and puts the ball away. thank god for henry. coz i reckon freddie wouldve missed. like he did in the internationals. did i tell you he's the swedish captain now? captain freddie. thats great that.

so post match interviews sees wenger blaming the grass at the emirates stadium. curious accusation that. poor grass havent got any means to defend themselves. but i suppose when you play at the level they do, the grass having a few millimetres extra would really affect the outcome of the passes they make. so damn you grass!!! and the other curious thing about that whole match was the fact that the announcer on the PA doesnt know how and when to shut up. especially in the second half. every 5 minutes his really irritating voice would come out on the speaker, annoying the snot out of me (by the end of the match, i was snotless. hahah). honestly, if anybody should makan gaji buta in that place, please let it be him.

last night was the champs league opener between arsenal and hamburg (i'm guessing thats where they make all the hamburgers??). 3-0 to us!! woo hoo!! didnt watch the match. wouldve caused grievous bodily harm to anyone for a chance to watch it. but there was no way. had parenting class last night until 10 and an 8.30 class this morning so i couldnt have gone home even if i wanted to.

oohh running late. gots to go. will update this weekend, i hope. adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'busy bee' baharuddin