Saturday, December 15, 2007

good day minna!!

if i read the writing correctly, it says that i last published a post in my blog more than 6 months ago. heheh. thats more than half a year ago for those who are mathematically challenged. its not my fault (it never is). i think i have blogger's block. i was this close to following the footsteps of kma and closing down the blog, being the waste of cyberspace it is. but i cant bring myself round to it. me sayang this blog. i wrote some weird stuff in here that i wanna look back at when i'm old. i wanna be able to show my grandkids that gramma was not always a grumpy old lady with no sense of humour.

anyhow, the new sem started (seems like whenever i blog, its always the start of the sem). my timetable is rather kosong this time around. its 2 classes a day. which so far has been a blessing since i have loadsa loose ends to tie up. i still havent got a place for my practical training and i have to get my exams sorted out. the exams are horrible though. its 3 papers in 3 days (decision science, marketing and english). but i guess i shouldnt be complaining. ii couldve been aircraft structures, flight mech and fdc. so yeah, i'm thankful.

anyways, thats it for now. dont wanna flood my own blog. heheh. take care kids. adios y hasta luego.

kiren 'blocked blogger' baharuddin

Saturday, June 09, 2007

mor~ning everyone!!!

been in a really cheery mood lately. despite the horrid weather. minna minna wa?? probably has lots to do with me watching kiddy shows, which is taking up more and more of my time. its like an addiction. actually no, more like pringles come to think of it. once i pop...

i watched ultraman mebius the movie the other day. iya~. mecha mecha kakkoii!!! the ultra brothers were in it too. taro, ace and some other ones too old for me to even remember. the movie was to celebrate ultraman's 40 year's anniversary. watcing it made me start know, of my youth. ahh yes. youth is wasted on the young. ah ah urotoraman!!! (song in the movie)

anyways, was lazing about at the grandparents' with atok and my sisters and cousins tonight, when suddenly, jeng jejeng!!! in flew this crazy flying buzzing creature and all the children (plus myself) went EEEEEE!!!!

cousin: ape tu??!!!
me: burung!!!
atok: kelawar tu...
little cousin: lastik karang...
paksu: riang riang la...

the arrival of the strange creature sort of put the occupants of the living room in a state of panic. or was it just me. either way, when it finally stopped being crazy and flying around the room and rested on the window.

atok: owh, kupu-kupu...
me (trying to make myself smaller, hence invisible to the kupu-kupu): EEEKKK!!!
dengki cousin: meh ana amek, kasi kat angah...
me: woih!!! baik jangan!!! (trying to sound threatening but failing miserably)
little cousin: lastik karang...
me: *runs off into grandparents' room*

five minutes later and the room was slightly calmer now that the kupu-kupu wasnt flying about maniacally. enter, nenek.

nenek: apehalnye??
cousins: kat lampu tu!!
nenek: owh belalang....
me (and possibly others in the living room): ???
atok: mane pulak belalang, nenek ni...
little cousin: lastik karang...

and there it was. an evening with the grandparents. some scenes have been altered due to the writer's bad memory...

i'll stop here for now. starting to get hungry so i better go to sleep (???). final exam in 4 days time. wish me luck!! gambarimasu!!! stay outta trouble. adios y hasta luego. ja!

khairun 'not-the-bravest-of-the-lot' baharuddin

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

buenas noches girls and boys!!!

i was very productive today. i woke up early (early by my standards anyway) and went to the bookfair. huwa~ so ramai the manusia. before that i went to klcc to buy tickets to see spiderman. it was 10.30 when i got there and the line was all the way until chili's. i almost lost 50 sen in a bet with dude about the amount of people that was gonna be lining up that early in the morning. we lined up for a bit but then thought that chances are we wouldnt be able to get tickets for today anyway, so we quit and made our way to the bookfair. it was fun. i got myself a book by neil gaiman (which i've started reading even though i still havent finished the other book by him and pratchett) and another one by dean koontz, which i found out, 5 seconds ago, dude already has. ah well. she has it in paperback. i bought a hard cover version.

anyhow, the short sem started. i've been to 3 classes. i dread going to the 4th. its so boring. the lecturer just reads from the slides whilst the rest of the class look on sedately at him (or rather, at the wall, shoelaces, writings on the desks, the door, the window, u catch my drift). whats worse is that half of us dont even understand him. now, i'm usually good at understanding people's accents but his is just on a whole other level. i got an insight of this in the first class when he asked fana a question.

lecturer: sister, can you name an electronic instrument?
fana: erm, resistor?
lecturer: no sister, a component...
fana: i'm not sure sir
lecturer: you know, instrument, like the ones you used in your matriculation. didnt you use any? you know, like full matter.

so lets stop there for a bit. at this point, me and fana were already looking at each other with severely confused expressions on our faces. we searched our brains and think back to roughly around 2 years ago when we did experiments in physics lab in matric. nope, never came across an instrument called full matter. sounds biological to me. anyways, here's the rest of it.

fana: i dont think we've ever used that sir.
lecturer: you've never used? even in high school? you've never used it in the lab?
fana: erm, no
lecturer: so you've never used it to measure the foltage?

now this is the funny bit. what everyday physical quantity rhymes with foltage? by the time we all realised that what he'd been trying to say was voltmeter, and not something biological at all, well, you can just imagine the decibel level which resulted in more than 20 people laughing. which i thought was mean. you shouldnt laugh at your lecturers. its bad karma. having said that, i really wish i could've seen my expression when i was holding back the laughter. probably looked slightly psychotic.

and so, a very interesting start to the class. a bit short lived though since all of the following classes have been tedious. but i guess i'll just have to bare with it and hope that there are loads more holidays coming in the next 2 months.

last sem was, i reckon, a good one. there were a lot of records set but at the end of the sem, it seemed like i did something right after all. which i thought was weird. for example, last sem was the sem that i skipped the most classes. and last sem's finals saw me work my way through 4 papers in 4 consecutive days with a 1 day gap followed by 2 papers in 2 days. but the hectic schedule did not deter me from watching kamen rider kabuto and the prince of tennis musicals. as i sat there watching 'the man who carries out the rule of the heavens', i thought to myself, 'your luck will surely run out now mate. you cant be watching kamen rider when you have BM tomorrow and aerodynamics the day after and control systems after that and ethics on sunday. you better prepare yourself for ayah's wrath'. even my roomate who had 4 day gap did more studying than me. thank god everything worked out alright in the end. i doubt my cgpa could drop any further.

i reckon thats it for now. i should get some sleep. there's class tomorrow. or i might just save all that sleeping for tomorrow's class. the amount of input wouldve been the same compared to when i'm awake anyway, what with the full matters and the sequits (thats circuits for those of you who are acccent-challenged). adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'lucky' baharuddin

Monday, April 16, 2007

minna!!! genki-desu ka??

long time no blog ne? havent had much to say. i still dont have anything to say to tell you the truth, but since today is a special day, i thought i'd update anyway. so what's so special about today i hear you say. well, on this very day, 30 years ago, karl fredrik ljungberg was born (joyous shouts and sprays of confetti). i havent been doing any fangirling over freddie in a long time and i kinda feel bad so, i thought i'd do something special. and here it is!! i'm updating!! (another round of joyous shouts and sprays of confetti)

right then, thats it from me. gosh it feels weird to update. heheh. catcha later boys and girls. adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'fangirl' baharuddin

Monday, January 01, 2007

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