Friday, September 16, 2005

waddup peeps!!

howz every1 doing? good i hope. i know la, long time no blog. neva been really good at keeping journals. online or otherwise. figures its much easier 2 juz remember stuff. but then again, my memorizing skill isnt my strongest point so dats dat.

lemme see...its been hard to get in da groove dis past few weeks. da cuti hari tu was until wednesday of last week so i only went to class on thursday. even then there was no lab so i only really went to workshop dat thursday aftanoon. so everything was dandy. no stress. even workshop da weekly stress initiator pun didnt give me ne hassle. it was metal forming. we made cones outta sheets of metals!! haha. dat nyt i had management exam. hrmph. dat was a real pain in my backside. but didnt think too much of it coz if i did, mesti i'll end up in a loony bin. lets juz say i'm not cut out for dis management stuff. the only thing i'd be happy to manage is my fantasy football team. which i havent even chosen yet. haiyo. busynye.

nehow, went home on friday coz i had management group discussion. came back on sunday morning 2 do a bit of management but went home at abt noon coz there was no water (stupid truck spill all those precious palm oil in2 our water supply). its times like those dat i thank god i only live lyk 10 mins away from uni. i feel so sorry for those yang stay jauh2. i mean, water is a necessity. i wouldnt mind if i lived on da ground floor ke, but imagine ppl lyk nita who lives on da 5th floor nak angkut all those buckets o water. so dat aftanoon red sent me home n i managed to convince my mum 2 let me commute till water is back on. then on monday morning went 2 uni 4 classes. couldnt concentrate coz it was darn hot coz da air conditioning wasnt working. but during maths i heard da most wonerful news. classes were gona be cancelled starting 1 o'clock dat day till wednesday. so dat was fun.

so ape lagi, ronggeng la on tuesday. had a rombongan 2 midvalley. there were me, una, nad, faiz, fellow aerospace engineer fana, wani and pimp daddy naeem. hahaha. went to see creep. please stay away from dat movie. i mean, da whole purpose of a scary movie is to scare ppl rite? well, if dat was da objective of dis movie, it failed miserably. okla, maybe it scared wani so it wasnt a total loss. da starting pun kitorang dah gelak, altho dat wasnt really da director's fault. how is 'creep' translated to 'si pengampu'?? salah gile. conclusion die? jgn tgk, unless of course u're looking 2 have a good laugh.

onto more important matters. football. as always, u no likey, u skip2 la. yeah alrite, arsenal havent been doing well. i can admit dat. but its early days and we have a game in hand. and alan, i dun think ur theory of 'maen 5 kalah 2 therefore maen 10 kalah 4' is correct. hahaha. wot kinda assumption is dat. n d only reason ur laughing is bcoz united r ahead but it wont be for long. u enjoy ur moment near da top now la. itll be our turn soon enuff. u juz wait. da boro game was annoying tho. i was watching happily da 1st half where arsenal created loadsa chances. reyes was all over. it was a nytmare 2 be a defender marking reyes. so i was happy. then came 1 o'clock da damn astro sed 'services currently not available'. u cud imagine my wrath. thank god red was kind enuff 2 watch 4 me. near half tym, red txt me n sed 'arsenal scored'. n i was ecstatic even if i didnt see da goal. but then barely a minute later red txt me again n he was lyk 'sorry, boro scored. i woulda tot dey'd be wearing red'. lol. cute je. as heart breaking as dat was, it coulda been worse. i mean, redza 'kaki f1' imran watching football? i s'pose u cant really blame him 4 not knowing dat boro was da home team n are therefore wearing red.

so da champs league match ended on a better note. it was against fc 'who?' thun so i juz knew it was gona be a game we'd win (much lyk how i was confident dat boro were pushovers). apparently reyes left it till da last minute to get da 3 points n robin 'not a rapist' van persie was red carded. ah well. board of directors wana appeal against it. n dennis 'non-flying dutchman' bergkamp might juz travel 2 amsterdam 2 play ajax in da nxt champs league match. dunno how he'll go tho. eurostar maybe??

alrite then. dats it 4 now. i gots 2 get goin. c y'all laterz. ciao cincau. (omg dats lame). stay outta trouble. adios n hasta luego.

khairun 'potential loon' baharuddin

Saturday, September 03, 2005


long time no blog eh? been lazy la (wot else is new?). b4 i go on ne further, SELAMAT HARI MERDEKA to semue rakyat Malaysia. aren't we blessed to be living in such a great country. u look in da nuz these days n see disasters everywer (katrina hurricane n dat stampede in iraq por ejemplo) n yet we're all safe n sound. makes u think twice abt complaining huh? i wont start goin on abt da meaning of merdeka now coz u can all go to alan's website for dat. he's got a very menginsafkan post. my atok cerite dat he went n picked up tunku abdul rahman from melaka b4 da ceremony, n he was actually there wen tunku abdul rahman laungkan MERDEKA 7 times. how cool is dat. cant imagine how they all must feel at dat moment. wen i hear it now, i feel immensely proud. but those ppl must've felt an extreme sense of relief and euphoria.

moving on. its cuti now. 3 days cuti but its still cuti nonetheless. nasib baik i started my cuti on friday which means, counting da weekend, i get lyk 6 day's cuti. cant really enjoy it tho. got management exam da day i come back. haiyo. kene bace sangat banyak. okayla, tak la banyak sangat, but banyak la jugak. neways, plan 2 go on a picnic sumtym during da cuti but my ayah macam tak berape nak bagi. haiyo. perhaps if we have a picnic sumwer closer he wont mind so much.

its internationals dis week. doesnt interest me much so, i wont be ranting abt football. oh yeah, mase merdeka tuh i juz sat n watched fireworks on telly. they're so pretty. i LOVE fireworks. okay, i think i should stop now. coz wen u start ranting about fireworks, then u no u've ran outta things to talk abt. so stay outta trouble lads n lasses. adios n hasta luego.

khairun 'anak malaysia' baharuddin