Thursday, November 17, 2005


i wrote lyk 5 paragraphs last nyt. tapi then my sis had to use da laptop to do her thesis on bacteria or sumthin so then i didnt save. pandai kan??? neway, before i 4get, SLAMAT HARI RAYE!!! MAAF ZAHIR N BATIN!!! tau la dah 2 minggu raye. dats y we raye sebulan. juz in case ppl lyk me who are malas nak update blog, wait sampai its almost habis raye baru nak update blog n wish ppl slamat hari raye. hmm. faham tak dat sentence??

so raye went brilliantly. i mean, wen else cud u stuff ur face wiv rendang n ketupat n lemang n kuih raye n not have ne1 tell u to stop?? n dis year, my big sis invited her mauritian friend najla to raye wiv us. she's 20 n doing food tech at upm. becoz upm punye exams not finished yet, she cant go back to celebrate raye in mauritius. tough gurl. i dun think i'd be able to face da fact dat i cant raye wiv my family. sedeynye!!!

went back to melaka on diwali. so da day before raye was spent cooking n stuff. i had da godawful task of mengacau rendang. trust me, its not sumthing u wana do wen u're puasa. oh da temptation!!! n then there was dis whole argument about nak isi ketupat sampai mane. mum sed a bit more than half. but then ayah sed a third. my wan was bz so we didnt ask her. in the end we isi da ketupat until its a third full. dunno wat happened to it. didnt eat ketupat mase raye. makan nasi impit je. hahahaha. but apparently its kinda lembik. i guess mum was right then.

raye day. woke up. fought for da bathroom. eat rendang. felt weird coz not used to makan at 8 in da morning. went for semayang raye. giler ramai orang. balik. makan a bit more. got ready for da salam session n photography session. felt teary-eyed fer najla who was talking on da fon to her mum in mauritius lyk in french n really fast. cant make out a word she sed. makan lagi. watch tv. decided dat its cerite ntahapentah n ate sumo. then went to atok n nenek sedare's houses. had to ride wiv ayah coz mum drove d other car. had a pointless argument about y da car in front is so freaking slow.

pasang doves cd only fer it 2 be switched off after a few songs coz according to ayah, it was 'bising'. had to listen to nurul's (my younger sis) mixed cd. made faces coz da songs r boring but no1 noticed coz ayah was driving n nurul was at da back. went to a few houses. ate sumo. najla asked y is it dat all da houses we go to, we eat. had to explain dat raye in malaysia mmg like dat. afta finish going to all da houses dat we were s'pose 2, headed back to melaka. used da highway. bad idea. giler banyak cars. both ways. stopped at a rest stop. still ramai orang. got back on da highway, saw a car got turned in an accident. thank god it wasnt fatal. wanted to sleep but kesian kat ayah bawak car sorang2. sampai rumah, ate n slept. healthy aint it?

2nd day raye, headed home. not as many cars. ayah wanted to leave early so dat he'll sempat catch da friday prayers at da masjid behind my house. mum led da way. ayah followed. it was funny. if i were mum, i'd be stressed out. went straight to rumah atok. lotsa ppl there. atok's daughters n their families mainly. salam atok n nenek, ate n be merry. ah yes, happy days!! kesimpulannya, raye is better than ne other holiday in da whole wide world.

a few days later, da cuti mode kicked in. u no, still awake at ungodly hours, sleep until its noon. wake up fer a few hours n then sleep again sampai u feel sick. its great. hahahaha. n during dis cuti, i managed to finish watching naruto. yay! not really finish tho. coz da series tak habis lagi. its more lyk i managed to catch up wiv da series la kot. hahahaha. hebat kan? its now episode 160. downloaded it but havent watched yet. seen da rest. except for episode 139. da gambar tak elok so i had to skip an episode.

neways. dats it fer now. on da footballing front, da 32 teams for da world cup. lemme see. from asia there r iran, s.korea, japan n 1 more i cant remember but its definitely not malaysia la. haha. sum countries from africa including dis country called togo (??) well done to them. lotsa countries from europe qualified. australia qualified. switzerland qualified (yay!). united states, brazil n sum other countries qualified. arsenal will be represented by kolo toure, phillipe senderos, sol campbell, ashley cole, thierry henry...basically da whole 1st team la kot. hahahaha.

okie then, now i'm really done. nyt y'all. eat lots, drink plenty n be merry. peace out. adios n hasta luego.

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