Thursday, April 20, 2006

goooooood moooooooorniiiiiiing!!!

and what a wonderful morning it is. heheh. AAAAARRSENAAALLLLLL!! yes. its 4.45 in the morning and i just finished watching arsenal took on villareal at highbury. the result? one niiilllll to the arsenal. although it really should've been 3 nil. stupid linespeople. they were so wrong. hahaha. not gonna count my chickens just yet though. its only the first leg. and its at home. so i'll just count my chickens next week.

highlights? obviously the goal by toure. erm, and the squirrel i guess. hahaha. so cute. early in the first half there was this squirrel on the pitch. and it stayed on for a while too. hahaha. the ref stopped the game for a bit. it wasnt that much of a nuisance. but i guess if the players were to step on it, the pitch would get very messy. haha. lets see. what else. hmm. forlan, in my opinion still looks very much like a ponce. and the goalie. barbosa. 4 words. pirates of the carribean!! hahaha. arrr! arsenal controlled most of the match. there were tons of chances. a bit unlucky i guess. oh yeah, 5 minutes of extra time at the end of the match? now i've seen everything.

anyhow. arsenal are currently 5th in the league. behind tottenham. horrorshow, i know, but its true. we do have a game in hand though (we've played 34, they already played 35) but even if we win that, we'd still be behind. so after doing a bit of maths, the best shot we have of finishing fourth to qualify for the champs league through the premier league, is if they lose all of their remaining games and we win all of ours. we play them next matchday. if i had to choose, i'd say that we'd win that match. hahaha. elsewhere, chelsea couldnt celebrate winning the title just yet since united beat tottenham so technically they're still in the race even though they're like 11 points behind. give it up united. its pointless. after only being beaten 3 times in 35 matches, do you actually think they'll lose the last 3? doubt it. save yourselves the trouble.

next up, trip to penang. last time i stopped at the first day of the trip. alrighty then, second day. we got hold of a car. big help. otherwise we wouldve had to take the bus everywhere. that would've been really inconvenient. so many thanks to fahan's uncle n aunt n cousin for lending it to us. it was a honda charade i think. modified. haha. u know, massive exhaust, lowered. kinda cute if you looked at it long an hard. grows on you i guess. anyways, early that thursday morning (okay, maybe not so early), we took the car to the beach. batu feringghi. dunno if i spelt that right. we drove to the ferry terminal and took a ferry across the river and from there we just followed the signs (road signs, not divine related or anything like that), designated driver, una!! thanx dear. she's great at it. drove like she knew her way round. didnt get lost once.

so the first part of the day was spent at the beach. love that salty, fishy smell. we did lots of things. well, the limited number of things that could be done at the beach anyway. we played tag in the sea (tiring), we drew our names on the sand, made hand prints and took pictures of it (will try to get hold of the pictures), we just sat there and had a competition to see who can resist the waves the best. all in all it was fun. first obstacle, however, came when we saw a lizard come up from the sea. gross. we all came up to the beach as fast as we could. but after the lizard left, we went back into the laut. the thing that really made us quit was the sighting of a jellyfish. in a scene straight out of jaws, we came up to the shore running and freaking out, like our very lives depended on getting out of the water. or was it just me? still. we were scared. after that we didnt go back into the water.

so after we were done with the beach. we had lunch and then we went to the spice garden. that was nice. it was like going into the forest minus all the trekking. we just walked on the pavements. saw lots of trees (obviously). and lots of spice plant things. half the things there i didnt know looked like that. get what i mean? highlight of that visit? all of us taking turns to go into the hammock. a bit like jakun la us. but we didnt care. there werent anyone else around. and there was this cool massive swing that could probably fit all five of us but being the law abiding citizens that we were, we only went on it two at a time since that was the limit. yeah, that was cool.

after that we went to georgetown. visited fort cornwallis. that was cool. they had them old school rifles/muskets. you know, the type that you can only fire once at a time and you have to stuff the bullets and the explosive through the muzzle into the barrel using them long sticks. so that was cool. loadsa cannons everywhere. i lost track of the times i went up to a cannon and started chanting 'AAAARSENAAALLL'. people probably thought i was a lunatic. i wouldve been an embarrassment to my parents. haha. anyhow, that place was really cool. there was supposed to be a moat around it but they had to bury it back in god knows when because there was a malaria outbreak. it was cool being there. total time warp. haha.

we didnt stay long there because it was closing. went to masjid kapitan keling (another historical site) for prayers and then went back to batu feringghi in search of dvds. it was real late by the time we got them. fahan got marah-ed at by her uncle for coming back so late. but i guess in a sense it was worth it. we went back using the penang bridge. pretty. liked it lots. an engineering marvel (geeky siot). so that was basically it for the 2nd day. i reckon i'll leave the third day for later.

you guys mustve noticed the skin change. for those of you like kma who were quick, you got to see the green one with the horrid arrangement where my post was way too low. wanted to fix it. couldnt be arsed. couldnt figure out how to change the size of my tagboard (yes, i am very much IT illiterate). so the best way is to change the skin completely. hahaha. didnt really like the green one anyway. reminded me of mouldy mould. so get use to this one folks. because the next change wont be for another long while. oh yeah, i reckon the woman in the pic is kinda cool.

neways, thats all for now folks. dah subuh dah pun. sleep is beckoning. oh yeah. watched supernatural a few nights ago. lets just say its the first tv show, or any show for that matter, that gave me nightmares. highly recommended. its coming on axn in may. yay!! jensen ackles = hot. right then. now i'm really going. stay outta trouble lads and lasses. adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'gooner' baharuddin