Wednesday, May 24, 2006

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and us at the spice garden

from left: fana, una, faiz, me, fahan

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this is us at bukit bendera

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

hey everyone!!!

i'm back! not that i was ever gone. but still. saying that makes me feel as if i was away to fulfil some important mission or something. before i start ranting any further, i just wana say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!! not that mum reads my blog. i hope to god she doesnt actually. anyhow, yeah, its her birthday today and i came home so we could celebrate it. which is why i'm strangely updating my blog on a tuesday night.

okay, its a well known fact, at least to una anyway, that i am obsessed with the winchester brothers from supernatural, particularly dean. note how i say the winchester brothers and not jensen ackles and jared padalecki. hot as they are, i dont really know them. but after watching the entire season of supernatural, i feel like i really know dean and sammy, you know. like we really connected. call me delusional. because i really am.

back to the point. i never really fully understood the actual magnitude of my obsession with the show until this morning. i slept after i came back from my probability class. it was around 10 something. i dreamt that a couple moved into my neighbourhood (they looked like billie's parents from charmed). and they kept coming round asking to come in. and i kept politely telling them no because my parents werent in.

so one day, while me n my big sis (aka dude) was hosting a party for a bunch of middle aged people (god only knows why), they came again and asked to come in. so i thought, yea alright, since all these old people are here too, you might as well come in. so i invited them in. huge mistake! as soon as i did that, they came in and started feeding off of my guests. yep. they were vampires. so me and dude had to work out something quick. we went upstairs and started searching the stationary cabinet. and thank god we found wooden rulers. you know, the ones that are pretty useless since the straight lines you wana draw arent straight at all because they have really rough edges. anyway, we took one each and i sharpened one of the edges or my ruler with a swiss army knife.

with a finesse that wouldve made buffy proud, i staked the guy vampire real hard. the problem was, i staked him through the right part of his chest, which is totally the wrong part of the chest. and he fled along with his wife. so we went out of the house, and my sister got in my dad's car and started chasing them. at the same moment, this guy got out of his car and said 'here, use my car'. and i did. and what a sweet ride it was. it was a metallic blue bmw 7 series. i only had to tap the accelerator slightly and the engine roared and the car went from 0-100 (kmh that is) in no time. the rims were shiny chrome 18 inch ones. the meters were all digitalised and illuminated with cool colours. out of that whole dream, it was the car that i can remember most vividly. the car was lowered so i felt slightly vertically challenged driving it. but it was great nonetheless.

even though i had such a cool car, i didnt manage to catch the vampires. and then i woke up. and thats about as close as i'd get to driving a beemer. or to driving for that matter.

so thats about it. oh yeah, life is a pain after being on a tv show. so if the thought of doing something as stupid as that even cross your busy minds, u better shoot yourself first before that thought materialise. comprende? muy bien.

anyway. i reckon i've found my favourite type of music. i dont really know the name of the genre. from my observations, i have found that in order for me to really fall in love with a song, it has to have really heavy guitar riffs, a really deep, macho guy's voice, singable chorus and thats about it i think. i have no idea why i'm writing all this. its pretty useless facts. but then again, half of the things i write about are useless. so thats that.

right then. i best be off now. have to go to sleep. got class tomorrow. boohoo. dont really feel like going. theres only a limited amount of mathematical stuff you can absorb in the space of 4 weeks. after that your brain gets saturated and even though you try to cram more stuff in, the stuff will just get thrown back out. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of my short sem.

okay, now i'm really going. and i will leave you with the very profound words of dean winchester. "dude, u fugly".

khairun "vampire slayer" baharuddin

Friday, May 19, 2006

'i've always wanted to be a writer', kiren thought. that is why she blogs eventhough she's fully aware that the amount of people who read her posts comes up to be about 5. still. she does it anyway. it gives her an enormous sense of well being. when she was younger, she started writing a novel. it was about a guy and a girl in high school and it involves magic and time travel and juvenile romance. she used to watch buffy and stargate. she now wonders what happened to that novel.

kiren went home from uni last wednesday much to the surprise of her mother. kiren's mum did not ask why she had come home. when she did ask, however, it went something like 'did you come back just to watch football?'. kiren sat bewildered and slightly scared that her mum would tell her dad and her dad would, in turn, get mad at her and give her a long and painful lecture, if she were to say yes. but she said yes anyway, knowing she couldnt lie to her mum. and she was rewarded for telling the truth by not having to listen to her dad's painful lecture. at least not yet anyway.

so she came home for the sole purpose of watching arsenal triumph over barcelona in the champions league final. her trip home was only 50% worth it. she watched arsenal, thats for sure. but they didnt triumph over barcelona. they came close though considering the circumstances they were in. losing 2-1 to the spanish champions when they were 1 man down proved that they put up some serious resistance, however futile it seemed. kiren's thought pattern during the match went something like this.

1st minute: oohh kick off. where's freddie? there he is. how cute. wow, they started off well. good possession. the pace is great. keep this up and we'll win for sure. urgh, its so creepy down here all alone at this time of night. aiyo, hungry la pulak. just wait till half time.

in the following 15 minutes, similar thoughts flashed across her simple mind. complicated thoughts such as the probability that arsenal would go home with the champions league trophy never surfaced because she had to concentrate really hard on where the ball was as it traveled at different speeds from player to player. so she was completely settled on the sofa, feeling content at the way her boys was playing. that was until the around the 18th minute.

around 18th minute: shite! it went in. owh wait. good. the ref stopped the game. shite! not good. could be a yellow card and a penalty considering lehmann grabbed dat dude's ankle. wtf?? a red card?? he's got to be joking. y not let the goal stand and just let everything go. why ref why??? why would you sabotage all hope of arsenal winning this match?? this is unjust!! haha. emotional nye the commentator. must be an arsenal supporter. oh well. at least its not a penalty. come on almunia!! bring it on! hmm. pires is coming off. interesting.

and it pretty much went that way for another 20 minutes.

around 40th minute: yes! eboue is down! looks a bit dramatised. but nevermind. a free kick is a free kick. ref is dodgy. here comes the free kick. it went in! it went in!! yes! must not shout. one-nil to the arsenal! yes! i love sol campbell. just hold on till half time boys.

and they held on. as soon as dodgy ref blew the halftime whistle, kiren went into the kitchen to look for something edible. she opened the cupboard doors and saw a packet of chipsmore cookies. kiren didnt feel like having anything sweet. so she decided to have maggi instead. as kiren is writing all this down, she feels hungry.

at the start of the second half, kiren was happy that arsenal were one up and that she was no longer hungry after having eaten a bowl of nice hot maggi. for most of the second half, she just watched the ball (and the players) play the beautiful game as barcelona kept attacking harder. there were tonnes of alarming instances when she thought that barca would score. she then understood why doctors claim that watching football, particularly final matches, can be hazardous to one's health.

having a full tummy, kiren dozed off. barely 5 seconds after she did (or what she thought was 5 seconds), she heard the commentators' voices get all excited. and she woke up with a start. as she looked at the scoreboard, her heart sank. in the 77th minute, barca had equalised. she was sad. feeling that had she stay awake, arsenal would still have been in the lead. she made herself feel better thinking that the match outcome does not, in anyway, depend on her retained consciousness. so she hoped that arsenal would hold on until the final whistle so that the match would be decided on penalties.

however much she hoped, she was disappointed at last. barca scored again sometime near the 90th minute. and she knew it was all over. unless arsenal could score in the final 2 minutes or so, the trophy was barca's. kiren felt hopeless and depressed as the referree added 4 minutes of extra time and then finally blew the whistle. arsenal had lost the champions' league final. kiren felt teary eyed. it was so close. yet as she watched the arsenal players looked on as barca pranced in joy, she couldnt help but feel an immense sense of pride. they had come really far. losing to barca is nothing to be embarrassed about. they were the worthiest opponent. so she went upstairs and slept, in preparation of a whole day of taunts that will surely befall her the following day.

khairun 'third person' baharuddin