Sunday, July 30, 2006


seems like i reverted to my old ways of not being able to keep a journal. last update, may 23rd. more than 2 months ago eh? heheh. all time record. cant help it that i'm lazy. i did try blogging sometime between the 2 month hiatus though. i started like 3 posts but never managed to finish any of them. to tell you the truth, this one has a high chance of not being posted too. lets see how this goes.

well, uni started. got some very interestingly quirky lecturers this time round. haha. theres dr qasim, who's the most sarcastic and self-loving lecturer i've ever had the chance to encounter. i mean, how many lecturers do you know who would go around saying 'i'm the most beautiful lecturer in uia, if not the world'. there's dr ashour, who was slightly boring at first but getting cuter and cuter (in an old people sort of way) as the sem goes on. you could really see how much into mechanical engineering he is when he starts drawing eyeballs as a circular body attached to a spring which is attached to a wall. and thats how he draws a head on shoulders too. and his impression of a stomach is basically a circle with 2 squiggly lines inside them, the lines being all the gaster juice things i assume. oh and there's my mechanics of materials tutor, alau, who's the most paranoid android i've ever met. he thinks all the conversations that goes on in class are about him. for example.

students: *whisperwhisperwhisper*
alau: can you please stop talking about me
student1: we're not talking about you
alau: i know you're talking about me, students always talk about me behind my back
student1: we're not talking about you, we're talking about food, we're hungry
student2: yeah, we dont talk about you in class, we only talk about you outside of class, we always say how kind you are (in the most butt-kissing+sarcastic tone you could imagine)
alau: i dont care what people say about me you know
student1: we're not talking about you!!!

and thats pretty much how it went throughout the whole tutorial session.

anyways, the workload is definitely increasing exponentially. not sure whether i feel that way because there are actually a lot of work, or because i hd gotten so used to the minimal assignments given during the short sem. either way, i'm developing severe eyebags and even went as far as bringing my assignments home for the weekend so i could do them. shocking? understatement. but thats the price you pay for being a uni student.

moving on. have you ever felt so scared that your whole body starts to shake? if you havent, lucky you. i had the misfortune of experiencing that last week. i'm not sure why i was so scared. it was around 330 on thursday and i'd just finished my gas assignment in ida's room. after that i had to go to the toilet cause i need to brush my teeth and all. anyways, while i was in the toilet, i started imagining all these scary stories in my head, you know, things like big scary hairy ugly figure appearing before me, or a 'lady' dressed in white with long hair and possibly the ugliest face you've seen. all these imaginations aren't abnormal when you're up at those early hours in the morning. i should know. i'd be up at 3 in the morning, 4 days out of the 5 that i stay in uni. and those imaginations never bothered me before. i usually just find some other thought to distract me. but for some odd reason that morning, i couldnt shake off the images of scary things, and the fear made me shake so badly.

but i went on about my business as usual, remembering how old people say that those 'things' whatever they may be, would usually appear to those who are really really scared. imagine taking wudhu' while your hands are so shaky that even turning on the tap seemed an impossible task. after i managed that, i virtually ran to my room, hoping that the fear will go away once i'm in the company of my roomies. but they were all fast asleep, lights out and everything. so i decided to pray isya', again hoping that would calm me down at least a little bit. even that didnt work. i was still shaking badly after the prayer. as a last resort, i woke kak ayu up, who asked me to wake her up around 3 something anyway. only after that did i start to feel better. even then, i still slept next to her the rest of the morning. all the while, i felt incredibly silly being scared like that. but what could i possibly have done?

writing all that is making me creeped out again. i'll stop now. okay. feeling better.

anyhow, i just wanna say thanks to all my mates who were resourceful enough to have pulled a surprise dinner for me on monday. muchas gracias amigos. had me conned until that cake bit. i honestly thought that we were only going to hs for dinner. but they went and reserved a place at thai house and had them switch off the lights so the candles on my cake would look better, much to the annoyance of other customers i think. but still, definitely on my list of things to remember for the rest of my life. so thanks a lot nad, una, faiz, fana, wani, red, anis, aiman, funan and pres!!! (in no particular order). love u guys lots!

well, other news include dude getting a job. woo hoo!! thats both good news and bad news for me. on one hand, i'm happy that she found something she enjoys doing and is very good at which generates income. but on the other hand, i cant just call her up to pick me up from uni anytime i want. haha. selfish me i know. she got a job at cosmotots. its a dream job, if you consider location. i mean, 3 minutes drive from home, and its situated right above mcdonalds. mmmm. i'd love to work there, if there werent all those kids around.

well, thats about all the time i'm willing to spend for now. so i'm off now. updates will come. but dont hold your breath though. blog is not dead! blog was just hibernating. long live blog. heheh. stay outta trouble amigos. adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'teen no more' baharuddin