Wednesday, December 06, 2006

afternoon all!!!

i dont really feel like blogging right now but i dont really have anything to do. my GEN class got cancelled. technically, not cancelled. dr abdi told us to go to the KERIE exhibition thingamagig. dont ask me what KERIE stands for because i dont have a single clue. so i went there for like 5 minutes to look around at the final projects and stuff and off i went (cukup syarat je).

i was reading blogs just now and apparently these short-posts-while-waiting-for-class are quite frequent occurrences. so i thought, might as well have a go. its better than doing zilch right? otherwise jadi macam devon sawa in 'idle hands' (hella funny movie). would've gone back to my room but theres no point really since there's nothing to amuse me anyway. i still havent 'hangkut' my stuff to uni. not even bed sheets and all those necessary stuff to make a room, well, a room.

and so the obsession escalates. i'm a few steps away from having his name tattoed on my _____ (fill in the blank). hahaha!!! listening to him right now actually. he's so hot. was watching alexander and lord of war a few nights ago and those films did nothing but fuel my obsession even further. wish they didnt cut some scenes from alexander though. killjoy.

anyways, thats all for now. wanna go fill in my empty and roaring tummy with some nice hot food. hasta luego boys and girls. stay outta trouble.

khairun 'obsessed' baharuddin