Saturday, December 15, 2007

good day minna!!

if i read the writing correctly, it says that i last published a post in my blog more than 6 months ago. heheh. thats more than half a year ago for those who are mathematically challenged. its not my fault (it never is). i think i have blogger's block. i was this close to following the footsteps of kma and closing down the blog, being the waste of cyberspace it is. but i cant bring myself round to it. me sayang this blog. i wrote some weird stuff in here that i wanna look back at when i'm old. i wanna be able to show my grandkids that gramma was not always a grumpy old lady with no sense of humour.

anyhow, the new sem started (seems like whenever i blog, its always the start of the sem). my timetable is rather kosong this time around. its 2 classes a day. which so far has been a blessing since i have loadsa loose ends to tie up. i still havent got a place for my practical training and i have to get my exams sorted out. the exams are horrible though. its 3 papers in 3 days (decision science, marketing and english). but i guess i shouldnt be complaining. ii couldve been aircraft structures, flight mech and fdc. so yeah, i'm thankful.

anyways, thats it for now. dont wanna flood my own blog. heheh. take care kids. adios y hasta luego.

kiren 'blocked blogger' baharuddin