Monday, December 22, 2008


oh yeah, i also realised that i was tagged by aisha. that came as a bit of a surprise since i thought that the only readers i have are me and my big sister (who only reads it when i ask her to). sad, i know. ten random things huh? hmmm. thats a bit complicated since i'm about as random as a solid crystalline structure *shoots herself on the foot for being so lame*. i'll give it a try anyway, so here goes.

10 Random Things about Khairun 'Pyro' Baharuddin

1. I dont have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) but when it comes to leaving the car after i've driven, i'd always have to keep checking and rechecking whether i've locked it. better safe than sorry eh?

2. i have an innate fear of butterflies (mottephobia)

3. i need my daily caffeine fix otherwise i'd get a real head hurt, or worse, i'd get really cranky

4. i love to sing out loud to whatever i'm listening to. even when i dont know the words. it drives other people up the wall but its great at getting rid of stress

5. i love citrusy smells

6. i get all goosebumpy when kamen rider does his signature move, and when naruto uses his rasengan/rasen-shuriken, and when any shinigami releases their bankai

7. if i get scared at night (which sometimes happens), it still makes me feel better to sleep with the light on

8. i cant sleep without my feet covered up by my duvet or blankie. not too sure why, but i bet it has something to do with people saying that toyols suck your blood out from your big toe

9. i'm slightly IT-challenged

10. whenever i'm tired, i tend to say things wrongly, like mixing up the consonants and vowels in a word. been happening a lot lately

fuh~ i made it. that took ages. anyhow, here's the part thats even harder. i have to tag other people too. meh. most of the blogs i read have already been tagged. lets see then. the chosen ones are


there you go. i know some of you might have been tagged before, but wheres the harm in putting a few more details eh? so, no pressure. do it if and when you have the time k?