Monday, September 21, 2009

This entry is a continuation of the last one. It was supposed to have been posted ages ago but I guess posting it wasn't exactly high on my priorities list (its nowhere near sleeping and eating).

The last post ended on a cliff hanger (Not really but it sounds a lot cooler). We, which consisted of Dude, Dude's boyfriend, Dude's friend, and Dude's sister (aka, Resident Pyrophile), went for a weekend getaway to Kemaman Terengganu and had oodles of fun. Come Sunday the 5th of July and we were back in the traffic congested Kuala Lumpur. Intent on having tonnes more fun, we were back on the road by the next morning heading for Tanah Tinggi Cameron. And this time the mode of transport was the coach! So here's a not very accurate account (due to the fact that it was eons ago) of the awesome trip that I went on.

Monday - 6th July 2009

Early Morning - Woke up early to pack and hitched a ride with Mum&Ayah to get to Pudu
- Got stuck in traffic
- Prayed that we didn't miss the bus
- Prayers were answered (coach was delayed)

Morning - Spent the whole morning on the bus in a state of semi-consciousness
- The view wasn't all that memorable on the highway (kelapa sawit as far as the eyes can see)
- There were a few exceptions though (see picture below)

Noon-ish - Arrived safely (despite nearly having cardiac arrest on the way up due to the narrow roads and the not so proportionate amount of traffic)
- Visited the very small tourist info center to look for interesting things to do
- Signed up for the Agro Tour, checked into rooms and walked around the very small town whilst waiting for the tour to start

1430 - The Agro Tour Started
- Visited a few farms/gardens (veggies, flowers, etc..)
- Reminiscent of a school field trip

Evening - Wrapped up the tour with dinner (steamboat)

- walked around the very small town again and had supper (mamak :D)

- turned in early to prepare for the day after

Tuesday - 7th July 2009

Before Dawn - Woke up, took a shower (freezing cold) and got ready for the sunrise

Sunrise - Watched the sunrise in awe with a mug of hot coffee

Morning - Packed up stuff, checked out and headed to Tourist Info Center to book a bus ride home
- Signed up for the nature trail
- Waited to go on the nature trail

-The Nature Trail-

1. Gunung Brinchang (highest peak on the highlands)

2. Mossy Forest (Yep, it was mossy and kinda moldy as well)

3. Tea Factory (Not too sure how this is considered 'nature' but it was still fun)

The nature trail ended just in time for us to get on the bus home. It was a fun albeit exhausting trip.

The journey back was for the most part, spent in a state of semi-consciousness. Although a good chunk of it was also spent praying that the bus driver would stop at the next rest stop due to my bladder being too small to retain all the water I drank in the morning. That afternoon we arrived safely and made our way back home, tired but happy.