Wednesday, December 06, 2006

afternoon all!!!

i dont really feel like blogging right now but i dont really have anything to do. my GEN class got cancelled. technically, not cancelled. dr abdi told us to go to the KERIE exhibition thingamagig. dont ask me what KERIE stands for because i dont have a single clue. so i went there for like 5 minutes to look around at the final projects and stuff and off i went (cukup syarat je).

i was reading blogs just now and apparently these short-posts-while-waiting-for-class are quite frequent occurrences. so i thought, might as well have a go. its better than doing zilch right? otherwise jadi macam devon sawa in 'idle hands' (hella funny movie). would've gone back to my room but theres no point really since there's nothing to amuse me anyway. i still havent 'hangkut' my stuff to uni. not even bed sheets and all those necessary stuff to make a room, well, a room.

and so the obsession escalates. i'm a few steps away from having his name tattoed on my _____ (fill in the blank). hahaha!!! listening to him right now actually. he's so hot. was watching alexander and lord of war a few nights ago and those films did nothing but fuel my obsession even further. wish they didnt cut some scenes from alexander though. killjoy.

anyways, thats all for now. wanna go fill in my empty and roaring tummy with some nice hot food. hasta luego boys and girls. stay outta trouble.

khairun 'obsessed' baharuddin

Friday, December 01, 2006

wats up everyone..

its me, ur resident pyrophile here. still alive, still on holiday, and still a pyrophile. i checked out the tagboard section and una says i've only got 1 post for the holiday. true that. sorry to make you tertunggu dear! i havent got anything to rant about. actually, thats not true. i have loads to rants about tapi when i get in front of the computer, i could never think of any.

you know that abba song 'thank you for the music'? well, if you dont, then your parents should. haha. usually, when i'm in a particularly stressful situation, i'd put my headphone on, turn the music up really loud and sing along. this usually happens in uni since there are way more stressful situations there than there are at home. so i guess, when faced with difficulty, i am really thankful for the music. however, i can think of quite a few people who probably wish that they'd never heard of music. or to be more precise, wish that I had never heard of music.

honestly, have you ever had the misfortune of listening to me sing at the top of my lungs? if you havent, lucky you. i mean, when i'm singing along with the headphone on, i cant really hear myself. so i never really knew the extent of my horrid singing, until one day, when my brilliant roomates decided to do a little bit of recording. when i first heard it, my initial reaction was 'are you sure thats me?'. yep, i was full of denial. but then, i thought, who else sings along to 30 seconds to mars? and then the sad truth struck me. and i was suddenly taken over by uncontrollable fits of laughter. i bet you've seen william hung's infamous audition footage right? well, thats comparable to my singing, minus the dance moves.

okay then. thats enough of making a complete fool out of myself for today. lets move on shall we? i was cleaning up my room this morning and i came across this article titled 'the school football bible'. so i reckon, instead of me ranting on about arsenal's current situation (rather pathetic, to put it lightly, lost the last 2 games against weaker opponents), i'll just share with you the article.



Matches shall be played over three unequal period: two playtimes and a lunchtime

Each of these periods shall shortly after the ringing of a bell, and although a bell is also rung towards the end of these periods, play may continue for up to ten minutes afterwards, depending on the nihilism or "bottle" of the participants with regard to corporal punishment et out to latecomers back to the classroom.
In practice, there is a sliding scale of nihilism, from those who hasten to stand in line as soon as the bell rings, known as "poofs", through through those who will hang on until the time they estimate it takes the teachers to down the last of their gins and journey from the staffroom, known as "chancers" and finally to those who will hang on until a teacher actually has to physically retrieve them, known as "bampots".

This sliding scale is intended to radically alter the logistics of a match in progress, often having dramatic effects on the scoreline as the number of participants drops.

It is important, therefore, in picking the sides, to achieve a fair balance of poofs, chancers and bampots in order that the scoreline achieved over a sustained period of play - a lunchtime for instance - is not totally nullified by a five-minute-post-bell onslaught of five bampots against one.

The scoreline to be carried over from the previous period of the match is in the trust of the last bampots to leave the field of play, and maybe the matter of some debate. This must be resolved in one of the approved manners (see Adjudication).

-end of part one-

there's still a long way to go till we could khatam the school football bible. but i'll leave it till later coz you guys might get bored. honestly though, reading that brings me back to my childhood days when i sometimes go down to watch the guys i fancy play during lunchtime. those were the days. i remember fancying this prefect. his name's martin bell and he's a friend of my best friend's big brother. i reckon he was a good player. but he doesnt get to play all the time since he's a prefect and sometimes he has to do his rounds down the english corridor. he does modern dance too. i remember watching him dance about with a bunch of girls (he was the only guy) during the christmas concert. i also remember being unable to decide my feelings for him after watching the performance, coz frankly, it all seemed rather gay. ah yes, a trip down memory lane is always fun.

getting back to present times, people say you get your best ideas while in the shower. something to do with the amount of oxygen being higher and therefore more work in the brain or whatnot. whatever is the cause, i think it hella true. i get so many ideas on rants but they seem to get left behind in the shower when i'm done. its so weird. maybe next time i should bring the laptop with me. actually, thats not too smart is it? maybe just a permanent marker pen and a piece of waterproof paper.

anyways, lets forget about them silly ideas because i think i'm in love.*swoon* with jared leto.*double swoon*. i cant get enough of him. this other night, i was about to go to bed. but, out of nowhere, i thought about how gorgeous he was in 'from yesterday' and 'the kill' and i just had to turn my computer back on and watch it again. i ended up watching the video, the making and some live performances. well, lets just say i tak jadi go to bed anymore. its been that way for a couple of nights now. and as side effects, i've developed rather large dark circles around my eyes, more popularly known as eyebags. i'm not sure whether to do something about it or to just leave it because apparently, instead of looking like a raccoon, it looks like i applied some eyeshadow on.

well, i think i should be off now. thunderbolt and lightning very very frightening. nanti kene modem susah pulak. so stay outta trouble girlies and boys!! adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'chancer' baharuddin

ps: if you dont believe me about how goegeous jared leto is in 'from yesterday', take a look see yourself.

Monday, November 27, 2006

hello all...

missed me? heheh. bet you did. sorry for the long absence. had a pretty bad spell of writer's laziness. i had all these thoughts in my head that i'd love to blog down, but i never got round to it. i was never online anyway, and when i was actually on, i was busy (a) downloading bleach/supernatural/naruto, (b) updating myself on football issues or (c) looking up things that dont really have to be looked up, ie: the lyrics to 'a shoulder to cry on' by tommy page.

on holiday right now (big massive cheer accompanied by a spray of confetti). been looking forward to this. exams were nothing short of horrendous. so the 2-week holiday was really welcomed. even if it is really really (and i mean really) short. havent really done anything worth talking about so far. except for maybe the fact that i'm taking my driving lessons (finally). so watch out people! soon, i will be a driver on the road, instead of a pedestrian/passenger. honestly, i dont know what kind of a driver i'd be. a good, berhemat one i hope. i mean, i've listened enough to my parents (and recently, my big sis and friends) going on about how the road is full of moronic drivers (to put it lightly). hopefully i wont be referred to as one of those.*shudder* anyhow, driving is something i've dreamed of doing for so long. strangely enough, whenever i dream of driving, the car that i drive always happens to be a bmw. thats got to mean something right?

another thing that i always dream about is smoking. thats really weird since i consider it a really disgusting and nasty habit (no offense to those who smoke). think about it, smoking's harmful to your health and the smell sticks to everything (hair, clothes, curtains). anyways, i was really curious as to why i kept having dreams where i smoke and i thought that maybe i was meant to be a smoker otherwise i wont be having those dreams so often. so one fine day, i decided to satisfy my curiosity and try it myself. i bought a pack of salem lights and when i got home, i went straight to my room and hid it under my matress knowing full well that my parents would hit the roof if they ever found out.

over the next few days i kept looking for an opportunity to take a drag (that is the proper term isnt it?). and when the opportunity finally came, i hurried up and opened the cigarette pack excitedly. i took one out, lit it and, well, i started smoking. now, the thing that happened after i took my first drag was, to me, totally unexpected. soon as i inhaled that horrid cigarette smoke, i started coughing and sputtering. i began to wonder why it is that people smoke when, to me, smoking is comparable to licking the roadside. at least thats what i imagined the roadside to taste like anyway.

the next day i got a mild fever. hahah!! serves me right. i guess my whole body just went into shock from purposely inhaling lethal fumes. so i said to myself 'never again, mate, never again', without being too dramatic. i reckon those 5 something ringgit was the worst ever money spent. i still have the pack of salem lights. its still hiding under my matress. i dont want to throw it away for nostalgic reasons. haha. so after reading this, i hope none of you get the sudden urge to start smoking. its really really bad for you. nothing good ever comes out of smoking. this is a public service announcement.

i guess thats it for now. there's just so much you can write at 4.20 in the morning right? so i'll be back later with more rants. stay outta trouble kids. adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'driver-to-be' baharuddin

Thursday, September 14, 2006

good evening all (its 7.30 right now)...

anyways, people have been telling me that i havent been updating my blog. sorry bout that. i have been a very very busy girl. haha. i see assignments everywhere i look, and they're not finished assignments either, which i really wouldnt mind seeing every now and again. and i've become a rather dull person (duller than i already was). cant be bothered to watch tv anymore, i have no idea what songs are hot and not and god knows how long i havent gone out. but like dr waqar said, and i quote, 'you have to leave the entertainment business, dont take interest in it, their main target is to corrupt you'. well said sir. couldnt have put it better if i tried. heheh.

the best thing that happened since the last update was the beginning of the football season. woo hoo!!! i luurrve football and i luurrve arsenal!! however, we have found ourselves in a very strange situation. heck, its downright unheard of. arsenal in the 17th spot? just outside the relegation zone? three games gone and no still no win?? what on earth is going on i hear you say. well, to tell you the truth, i've been asking that same question myself. but to their defence, i reckon its still early days. i mean, everyone else has a game in hand anyway (except wigan, newcastle and liverpool).

i was watching the arsenal-boro match on saturday. i felt so much frustration, that if i were on the 10th floor of a building, i definitely would've jumped off. so thank god that i wasnt watching that match on the 10th floor of some building. otherwise i'd expect there wont be anymore updates from me. the reason for this horrid frustration was the fact that arsenal played so well, and yet somehow we couldnt get them nice 3 points that we want oh so very badly. in fact, arsenal went one down before half time. and that goal was basically boro's 1 shot on goal. other than that lehmann was practically 'memakan gaji buta' (i think thats the right term anyway).

just before the 2nd half, the boro's captain boateng was sent off for tackling freddie. so a word of advice to other football players out there. dont even think about bringing freddie down, because you will suffer the consequences. dont say i didnt warn you. moving on, after half time, arsenal pressed harder and harder until finally eboue was brought down in the penalty area by downing and the ref pointed to the spot. henry steps up, and puts the ball away. thank god for henry. coz i reckon freddie wouldve missed. like he did in the internationals. did i tell you he's the swedish captain now? captain freddie. thats great that.

so post match interviews sees wenger blaming the grass at the emirates stadium. curious accusation that. poor grass havent got any means to defend themselves. but i suppose when you play at the level they do, the grass having a few millimetres extra would really affect the outcome of the passes they make. so damn you grass!!! and the other curious thing about that whole match was the fact that the announcer on the PA doesnt know how and when to shut up. especially in the second half. every 5 minutes his really irritating voice would come out on the speaker, annoying the snot out of me (by the end of the match, i was snotless. hahah). honestly, if anybody should makan gaji buta in that place, please let it be him.

last night was the champs league opener between arsenal and hamburg (i'm guessing thats where they make all the hamburgers??). 3-0 to us!! woo hoo!! didnt watch the match. wouldve caused grievous bodily harm to anyone for a chance to watch it. but there was no way. had parenting class last night until 10 and an 8.30 class this morning so i couldnt have gone home even if i wanted to.

oohh running late. gots to go. will update this weekend, i hope. adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'busy bee' baharuddin

Sunday, July 30, 2006


seems like i reverted to my old ways of not being able to keep a journal. last update, may 23rd. more than 2 months ago eh? heheh. all time record. cant help it that i'm lazy. i did try blogging sometime between the 2 month hiatus though. i started like 3 posts but never managed to finish any of them. to tell you the truth, this one has a high chance of not being posted too. lets see how this goes.

well, uni started. got some very interestingly quirky lecturers this time round. haha. theres dr qasim, who's the most sarcastic and self-loving lecturer i've ever had the chance to encounter. i mean, how many lecturers do you know who would go around saying 'i'm the most beautiful lecturer in uia, if not the world'. there's dr ashour, who was slightly boring at first but getting cuter and cuter (in an old people sort of way) as the sem goes on. you could really see how much into mechanical engineering he is when he starts drawing eyeballs as a circular body attached to a spring which is attached to a wall. and thats how he draws a head on shoulders too. and his impression of a stomach is basically a circle with 2 squiggly lines inside them, the lines being all the gaster juice things i assume. oh and there's my mechanics of materials tutor, alau, who's the most paranoid android i've ever met. he thinks all the conversations that goes on in class are about him. for example.

students: *whisperwhisperwhisper*
alau: can you please stop talking about me
student1: we're not talking about you
alau: i know you're talking about me, students always talk about me behind my back
student1: we're not talking about you, we're talking about food, we're hungry
student2: yeah, we dont talk about you in class, we only talk about you outside of class, we always say how kind you are (in the most butt-kissing+sarcastic tone you could imagine)
alau: i dont care what people say about me you know
student1: we're not talking about you!!!

and thats pretty much how it went throughout the whole tutorial session.

anyways, the workload is definitely increasing exponentially. not sure whether i feel that way because there are actually a lot of work, or because i hd gotten so used to the minimal assignments given during the short sem. either way, i'm developing severe eyebags and even went as far as bringing my assignments home for the weekend so i could do them. shocking? understatement. but thats the price you pay for being a uni student.

moving on. have you ever felt so scared that your whole body starts to shake? if you havent, lucky you. i had the misfortune of experiencing that last week. i'm not sure why i was so scared. it was around 330 on thursday and i'd just finished my gas assignment in ida's room. after that i had to go to the toilet cause i need to brush my teeth and all. anyways, while i was in the toilet, i started imagining all these scary stories in my head, you know, things like big scary hairy ugly figure appearing before me, or a 'lady' dressed in white with long hair and possibly the ugliest face you've seen. all these imaginations aren't abnormal when you're up at those early hours in the morning. i should know. i'd be up at 3 in the morning, 4 days out of the 5 that i stay in uni. and those imaginations never bothered me before. i usually just find some other thought to distract me. but for some odd reason that morning, i couldnt shake off the images of scary things, and the fear made me shake so badly.

but i went on about my business as usual, remembering how old people say that those 'things' whatever they may be, would usually appear to those who are really really scared. imagine taking wudhu' while your hands are so shaky that even turning on the tap seemed an impossible task. after i managed that, i virtually ran to my room, hoping that the fear will go away once i'm in the company of my roomies. but they were all fast asleep, lights out and everything. so i decided to pray isya', again hoping that would calm me down at least a little bit. even that didnt work. i was still shaking badly after the prayer. as a last resort, i woke kak ayu up, who asked me to wake her up around 3 something anyway. only after that did i start to feel better. even then, i still slept next to her the rest of the morning. all the while, i felt incredibly silly being scared like that. but what could i possibly have done?

writing all that is making me creeped out again. i'll stop now. okay. feeling better.

anyhow, i just wanna say thanks to all my mates who were resourceful enough to have pulled a surprise dinner for me on monday. muchas gracias amigos. had me conned until that cake bit. i honestly thought that we were only going to hs for dinner. but they went and reserved a place at thai house and had them switch off the lights so the candles on my cake would look better, much to the annoyance of other customers i think. but still, definitely on my list of things to remember for the rest of my life. so thanks a lot nad, una, faiz, fana, wani, red, anis, aiman, funan and pres!!! (in no particular order). love u guys lots!

well, other news include dude getting a job. woo hoo!! thats both good news and bad news for me. on one hand, i'm happy that she found something she enjoys doing and is very good at which generates income. but on the other hand, i cant just call her up to pick me up from uni anytime i want. haha. selfish me i know. she got a job at cosmotots. its a dream job, if you consider location. i mean, 3 minutes drive from home, and its situated right above mcdonalds. mmmm. i'd love to work there, if there werent all those kids around.

well, thats about all the time i'm willing to spend for now. so i'm off now. updates will come. but dont hold your breath though. blog is not dead! blog was just hibernating. long live blog. heheh. stay outta trouble amigos. adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'teen no more' baharuddin

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

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and us at the spice garden

from left: fana, una, faiz, me, fahan

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this is us at bukit bendera

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

hey everyone!!!

i'm back! not that i was ever gone. but still. saying that makes me feel as if i was away to fulfil some important mission or something. before i start ranting any further, i just wana say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!! not that mum reads my blog. i hope to god she doesnt actually. anyhow, yeah, its her birthday today and i came home so we could celebrate it. which is why i'm strangely updating my blog on a tuesday night.

okay, its a well known fact, at least to una anyway, that i am obsessed with the winchester brothers from supernatural, particularly dean. note how i say the winchester brothers and not jensen ackles and jared padalecki. hot as they are, i dont really know them. but after watching the entire season of supernatural, i feel like i really know dean and sammy, you know. like we really connected. call me delusional. because i really am.

back to the point. i never really fully understood the actual magnitude of my obsession with the show until this morning. i slept after i came back from my probability class. it was around 10 something. i dreamt that a couple moved into my neighbourhood (they looked like billie's parents from charmed). and they kept coming round asking to come in. and i kept politely telling them no because my parents werent in.

so one day, while me n my big sis (aka dude) was hosting a party for a bunch of middle aged people (god only knows why), they came again and asked to come in. so i thought, yea alright, since all these old people are here too, you might as well come in. so i invited them in. huge mistake! as soon as i did that, they came in and started feeding off of my guests. yep. they were vampires. so me and dude had to work out something quick. we went upstairs and started searching the stationary cabinet. and thank god we found wooden rulers. you know, the ones that are pretty useless since the straight lines you wana draw arent straight at all because they have really rough edges. anyway, we took one each and i sharpened one of the edges or my ruler with a swiss army knife.

with a finesse that wouldve made buffy proud, i staked the guy vampire real hard. the problem was, i staked him through the right part of his chest, which is totally the wrong part of the chest. and he fled along with his wife. so we went out of the house, and my sister got in my dad's car and started chasing them. at the same moment, this guy got out of his car and said 'here, use my car'. and i did. and what a sweet ride it was. it was a metallic blue bmw 7 series. i only had to tap the accelerator slightly and the engine roared and the car went from 0-100 (kmh that is) in no time. the rims were shiny chrome 18 inch ones. the meters were all digitalised and illuminated with cool colours. out of that whole dream, it was the car that i can remember most vividly. the car was lowered so i felt slightly vertically challenged driving it. but it was great nonetheless.

even though i had such a cool car, i didnt manage to catch the vampires. and then i woke up. and thats about as close as i'd get to driving a beemer. or to driving for that matter.

so thats about it. oh yeah, life is a pain after being on a tv show. so if the thought of doing something as stupid as that even cross your busy minds, u better shoot yourself first before that thought materialise. comprende? muy bien.

anyway. i reckon i've found my favourite type of music. i dont really know the name of the genre. from my observations, i have found that in order for me to really fall in love with a song, it has to have really heavy guitar riffs, a really deep, macho guy's voice, singable chorus and thats about it i think. i have no idea why i'm writing all this. its pretty useless facts. but then again, half of the things i write about are useless. so thats that.

right then. i best be off now. have to go to sleep. got class tomorrow. boohoo. dont really feel like going. theres only a limited amount of mathematical stuff you can absorb in the space of 4 weeks. after that your brain gets saturated and even though you try to cram more stuff in, the stuff will just get thrown back out. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of my short sem.

okay, now i'm really going. and i will leave you with the very profound words of dean winchester. "dude, u fugly".

khairun "vampire slayer" baharuddin

Friday, May 19, 2006

'i've always wanted to be a writer', kiren thought. that is why she blogs eventhough she's fully aware that the amount of people who read her posts comes up to be about 5. still. she does it anyway. it gives her an enormous sense of well being. when she was younger, she started writing a novel. it was about a guy and a girl in high school and it involves magic and time travel and juvenile romance. she used to watch buffy and stargate. she now wonders what happened to that novel.

kiren went home from uni last wednesday much to the surprise of her mother. kiren's mum did not ask why she had come home. when she did ask, however, it went something like 'did you come back just to watch football?'. kiren sat bewildered and slightly scared that her mum would tell her dad and her dad would, in turn, get mad at her and give her a long and painful lecture, if she were to say yes. but she said yes anyway, knowing she couldnt lie to her mum. and she was rewarded for telling the truth by not having to listen to her dad's painful lecture. at least not yet anyway.

so she came home for the sole purpose of watching arsenal triumph over barcelona in the champions league final. her trip home was only 50% worth it. she watched arsenal, thats for sure. but they didnt triumph over barcelona. they came close though considering the circumstances they were in. losing 2-1 to the spanish champions when they were 1 man down proved that they put up some serious resistance, however futile it seemed. kiren's thought pattern during the match went something like this.

1st minute: oohh kick off. where's freddie? there he is. how cute. wow, they started off well. good possession. the pace is great. keep this up and we'll win for sure. urgh, its so creepy down here all alone at this time of night. aiyo, hungry la pulak. just wait till half time.

in the following 15 minutes, similar thoughts flashed across her simple mind. complicated thoughts such as the probability that arsenal would go home with the champions league trophy never surfaced because she had to concentrate really hard on where the ball was as it traveled at different speeds from player to player. so she was completely settled on the sofa, feeling content at the way her boys was playing. that was until the around the 18th minute.

around 18th minute: shite! it went in. owh wait. good. the ref stopped the game. shite! not good. could be a yellow card and a penalty considering lehmann grabbed dat dude's ankle. wtf?? a red card?? he's got to be joking. y not let the goal stand and just let everything go. why ref why??? why would you sabotage all hope of arsenal winning this match?? this is unjust!! haha. emotional nye the commentator. must be an arsenal supporter. oh well. at least its not a penalty. come on almunia!! bring it on! hmm. pires is coming off. interesting.

and it pretty much went that way for another 20 minutes.

around 40th minute: yes! eboue is down! looks a bit dramatised. but nevermind. a free kick is a free kick. ref is dodgy. here comes the free kick. it went in! it went in!! yes! must not shout. one-nil to the arsenal! yes! i love sol campbell. just hold on till half time boys.

and they held on. as soon as dodgy ref blew the halftime whistle, kiren went into the kitchen to look for something edible. she opened the cupboard doors and saw a packet of chipsmore cookies. kiren didnt feel like having anything sweet. so she decided to have maggi instead. as kiren is writing all this down, she feels hungry.

at the start of the second half, kiren was happy that arsenal were one up and that she was no longer hungry after having eaten a bowl of nice hot maggi. for most of the second half, she just watched the ball (and the players) play the beautiful game as barcelona kept attacking harder. there were tonnes of alarming instances when she thought that barca would score. she then understood why doctors claim that watching football, particularly final matches, can be hazardous to one's health.

having a full tummy, kiren dozed off. barely 5 seconds after she did (or what she thought was 5 seconds), she heard the commentators' voices get all excited. and she woke up with a start. as she looked at the scoreboard, her heart sank. in the 77th minute, barca had equalised. she was sad. feeling that had she stay awake, arsenal would still have been in the lead. she made herself feel better thinking that the match outcome does not, in anyway, depend on her retained consciousness. so she hoped that arsenal would hold on until the final whistle so that the match would be decided on penalties.

however much she hoped, she was disappointed at last. barca scored again sometime near the 90th minute. and she knew it was all over. unless arsenal could score in the final 2 minutes or so, the trophy was barca's. kiren felt hopeless and depressed as the referree added 4 minutes of extra time and then finally blew the whistle. arsenal had lost the champions' league final. kiren felt teary eyed. it was so close. yet as she watched the arsenal players looked on as barca pranced in joy, she couldnt help but feel an immense sense of pride. they had come really far. losing to barca is nothing to be embarrassed about. they were the worthiest opponent. so she went upstairs and slept, in preparation of a whole day of taunts that will surely befall her the following day.

khairun 'third person' baharuddin

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

its heartbreaking when you see someone else living your dreams. as much as you want them to do well, there's still that small part of you that wonders, why him and why not me? (by you, i mean me). ah well. i'll get over it. i'm gonna have to get over it. its not as if i can do anything about it anyway.

khairun 'living my alternative dreams' baharuddin

Thursday, April 20, 2006

goooooood moooooooorniiiiiiing!!!

and what a wonderful morning it is. heheh. AAAAARRSENAAALLLLLL!! yes. its 4.45 in the morning and i just finished watching arsenal took on villareal at highbury. the result? one niiilllll to the arsenal. although it really should've been 3 nil. stupid linespeople. they were so wrong. hahaha. not gonna count my chickens just yet though. its only the first leg. and its at home. so i'll just count my chickens next week.

highlights? obviously the goal by toure. erm, and the squirrel i guess. hahaha. so cute. early in the first half there was this squirrel on the pitch. and it stayed on for a while too. hahaha. the ref stopped the game for a bit. it wasnt that much of a nuisance. but i guess if the players were to step on it, the pitch would get very messy. haha. lets see. what else. hmm. forlan, in my opinion still looks very much like a ponce. and the goalie. barbosa. 4 words. pirates of the carribean!! hahaha. arrr! arsenal controlled most of the match. there were tons of chances. a bit unlucky i guess. oh yeah, 5 minutes of extra time at the end of the match? now i've seen everything.

anyhow. arsenal are currently 5th in the league. behind tottenham. horrorshow, i know, but its true. we do have a game in hand though (we've played 34, they already played 35) but even if we win that, we'd still be behind. so after doing a bit of maths, the best shot we have of finishing fourth to qualify for the champs league through the premier league, is if they lose all of their remaining games and we win all of ours. we play them next matchday. if i had to choose, i'd say that we'd win that match. hahaha. elsewhere, chelsea couldnt celebrate winning the title just yet since united beat tottenham so technically they're still in the race even though they're like 11 points behind. give it up united. its pointless. after only being beaten 3 times in 35 matches, do you actually think they'll lose the last 3? doubt it. save yourselves the trouble.

next up, trip to penang. last time i stopped at the first day of the trip. alrighty then, second day. we got hold of a car. big help. otherwise we wouldve had to take the bus everywhere. that would've been really inconvenient. so many thanks to fahan's uncle n aunt n cousin for lending it to us. it was a honda charade i think. modified. haha. u know, massive exhaust, lowered. kinda cute if you looked at it long an hard. grows on you i guess. anyways, early that thursday morning (okay, maybe not so early), we took the car to the beach. batu feringghi. dunno if i spelt that right. we drove to the ferry terminal and took a ferry across the river and from there we just followed the signs (road signs, not divine related or anything like that), designated driver, una!! thanx dear. she's great at it. drove like she knew her way round. didnt get lost once.

so the first part of the day was spent at the beach. love that salty, fishy smell. we did lots of things. well, the limited number of things that could be done at the beach anyway. we played tag in the sea (tiring), we drew our names on the sand, made hand prints and took pictures of it (will try to get hold of the pictures), we just sat there and had a competition to see who can resist the waves the best. all in all it was fun. first obstacle, however, came when we saw a lizard come up from the sea. gross. we all came up to the beach as fast as we could. but after the lizard left, we went back into the laut. the thing that really made us quit was the sighting of a jellyfish. in a scene straight out of jaws, we came up to the shore running and freaking out, like our very lives depended on getting out of the water. or was it just me? still. we were scared. after that we didnt go back into the water.

so after we were done with the beach. we had lunch and then we went to the spice garden. that was nice. it was like going into the forest minus all the trekking. we just walked on the pavements. saw lots of trees (obviously). and lots of spice plant things. half the things there i didnt know looked like that. get what i mean? highlight of that visit? all of us taking turns to go into the hammock. a bit like jakun la us. but we didnt care. there werent anyone else around. and there was this cool massive swing that could probably fit all five of us but being the law abiding citizens that we were, we only went on it two at a time since that was the limit. yeah, that was cool.

after that we went to georgetown. visited fort cornwallis. that was cool. they had them old school rifles/muskets. you know, the type that you can only fire once at a time and you have to stuff the bullets and the explosive through the muzzle into the barrel using them long sticks. so that was cool. loadsa cannons everywhere. i lost track of the times i went up to a cannon and started chanting 'AAAARSENAAALLL'. people probably thought i was a lunatic. i wouldve been an embarrassment to my parents. haha. anyhow, that place was really cool. there was supposed to be a moat around it but they had to bury it back in god knows when because there was a malaria outbreak. it was cool being there. total time warp. haha.

we didnt stay long there because it was closing. went to masjid kapitan keling (another historical site) for prayers and then went back to batu feringghi in search of dvds. it was real late by the time we got them. fahan got marah-ed at by her uncle for coming back so late. but i guess in a sense it was worth it. we went back using the penang bridge. pretty. liked it lots. an engineering marvel (geeky siot). so that was basically it for the 2nd day. i reckon i'll leave the third day for later.

you guys mustve noticed the skin change. for those of you like kma who were quick, you got to see the green one with the horrid arrangement where my post was way too low. wanted to fix it. couldnt be arsed. couldnt figure out how to change the size of my tagboard (yes, i am very much IT illiterate). so the best way is to change the skin completely. hahaha. didnt really like the green one anyway. reminded me of mouldy mould. so get use to this one folks. because the next change wont be for another long while. oh yeah, i reckon the woman in the pic is kinda cool.

neways, thats all for now folks. dah subuh dah pun. sleep is beckoning. oh yeah. watched supernatural a few nights ago. lets just say its the first tv show, or any show for that matter, that gave me nightmares. highly recommended. its coming on axn in may. yay!! jensen ackles = hot. right then. now i'm really going. stay outta trouble lads and lasses. adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'gooner' baharuddin

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

hey y'all!!!

oohhh....been awhile hasnt it? more than a month definitely. hahaha. no excuses. i've just been doing other stuff. mostly useless, as usual, but they're other stuff nonetheless. so how's everyone? good i hope. me? well, my left ankle hurts after i twisted it when i was wearingmy wedge sandals. it didnt hurt straight away. truth be told i was just glad no one saw it. would've been real embarrassing.

other than that, everything's fine n dandy! on holiday right now, as are most of you. a bit sad that we only get two weeks, but i cant complain too much. some people only got less than a week. results will be out soon. *shudder*. i had a terrible nightmare last night. i dreamt i got an F for my thermodynamics. shock shock horror horror. the thought of it alone sickens me.

anyways, onto something less depressing. lots had happened while i wasnt blogging. the most obvious one was the final exams. three weeks of pure mental torture. started with introduction to flight. i sucked at that. then onto introduction to organizational behaviour. i reckoned i did alright. next it was fluid mechanics. sucked at that too. and then linear algebra. sucked. then engineering materials. sucked. and last, but by no means least, thermodynamics. sucked times ten to the power of infinity squared. if that was possible. wait a sec, this isnt something less depressing. nevermind. wrote a paragraph of it already.

last week i did something fun. barely a year after the trip to langkawi, we all had another trip to penang. gosh that was fun. tiring. but fun. went by train on tuesday night. yes, by train. i know i said i wouldnt but i did. dunno why though. i guess i thought that i would've gotten used to the bright flourescent lights and the swaying from side to side. i thought wrong. didnt sleep the whole night. except maybe for about ten minutes. got to penang eight hours later looking like a raccoon. it wasnt even subuh yet. so we wandered arouond, me, fahan, una, faiz and fana. then after prayers we went and got on the ferry to get to the island. saw the sunrise. breathtaking.

people were busy getting to work. we were busy being awestruck by just about everything. the dock, the ferry, the sea, the sunrise. when we got to the island, we had breakfast and after that we got cracking. first up, komtar. we were still lugging around our bags n stuff coz we couldnt find anywhere suitable to put them. so in the end we had to be contented with leaving them with this dude who runs this luggage-keeping business. not the best idea, but i'd rather not lug the gigantamous backpack around. from komtar we went to ayer hitam. we wanted to go up penang hill formerly known as bukit bendera. we waited for ages and ages for a bus. we even went hiking up the kek lok si temple while we waited. fana was awestruck. even bought a pair of samurai swords. i was tired and stinky by the time we reached the top.

after that, we finally managed to get to bukit bendera. went up the cable car. the coaches were filled with people. the ride up the hill was horrid. we had to stand and the carriage was just filled with people that it was almost sickening. but then when we reached the top, everything seemed worth it. the view overlooking the island was awesome. the air was cleaner too. no trafic congestion or things like that. everything was so peaceful. the only thing i didnt like was the fact that butteflies were every-effin-where. i do wonder where they all came from. they kept following me too. cynical little creatures.

after spending some time there, we went back down and had lunch. then we all went shopping at komtar. nothing much though. and then we took the ferry back to mainland and waited around for a bus so we could get to fahan's gran's place. the bus ride to fahan's gran's place was nothing short of adventurous. its like going on them roller coasters, minus the safety harnesses. it was scary yet exciting. completely unsafe though. but we all got out alive. thats what matters.

after the scary bus ride we arrived at the kampung. and it was a proper kampung too. with sawah and everything. it was dark coz it was night by then. and we had to go past a cemetery. and we found out later that faiz saw this white light coming from the place. i didnt see jack. probably coz i was trying my best not to look at the place.

and so ends the first day. will put the pictures up later. the second part will be put up later as well. best be off now. no arsenal update. they're doing alright. too sleepy to get into details. will do later though.

nyt boys and gurls. stay outta trouble. adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'raccoon' baharuddin

Monday, February 20, 2006


feels weird to type. buihihi (my new laugh). an update finally!! yay!! sorry to those who got tired of checking up every so often just so you could read my rants. its just that i've been really really lazy lately (heheh, bet you thought i was gonna say busy). anyways, how've you been?? to those who've finally finished their midterm exams, congratulations for surviving the 2nd toughest period of the semester. i still have the 2nd fluid test next saturday. so no ronggeng-ing for me. yet.

lets see. loads have happened since the last rant. obviously. i mean, a whole month went by. buihihi. for those of you who've been reading una's blog, yes, i went berjoget yesterday. and no, i'm not about to embarrass myself by telling you people the exact details of what went on during the whole berjoget session. what i can tell you is that i had about 1 day of berjoget practice before i had to betul2 berjoget in front of about 100 ppl. heres a pic from the berjoget session.

oh yeah, i had a total blast. if you completely disregard the bit at the end where i had to wait outside the gate of college hafaf at 3 in the morning for more than 40 minutes so that the pak guard would come and unlock the bloody gate for us. and the bit after that where i had to sleep without kipas coz there was some stuff being done at the sungai pusu's tnb cawangan. still, i cant complain much. it was a good experience. opportunities like these dont come round often. and when else would iiu be engulfed in complete darkness save for the light from the moon. it was breath taking. me and yan and runiz and aishah literally lied down on the street looking up at the stars. the sky was so clear last night. not a cloud in sight. pretty. oh yeah, since when is it common knowledge that the 1st ever catholic church built in malaysia is the St Paul's.

last weekend was fun too. went back to melaka to join the petronas ngv family day thingamabob. visited uwan (bless her heart) who hasnt been feeling well lately. then stayed at this kawaii apartment in ayer keroh where we had the family day. it wasnt really a family day. it was more like a family afternoon. but still. it was truck loadsa fun. when else do i get to see my
dad engage in a child to child communication type thing. came in third in two events. one was carrying marbles with chopsticks (a difficult game which requires wit and dexterity) and egg throwing (no wit or dexterity involved, just fear of having egg splattered all over your face). that night we had the first pngv annual dinner. it was nice. karaoke sessions and witty banter all round. plus, that's when the 6 of us collected the 10 sets of condiment container thingies. yep, that's what we got for coming 3rd in 2 events. the morning after i woke up with a pair of really sore quads after my pathetic attempt at walking the length of a volleyball court without touching the ground and with 3 bricks as tools (??). had breakfast and then took part in a few rounds of volleyball matches. i teamed up with some of my dad's colleagues and staff (all over the age of 30 i reckon) and dude went in the opposite team, teaming up with a lot of really old people. that was quite an experience. never thought i could get my arse kicked by a bunch of old geezers. but that's life for you.

hmm. what else did i do?? oh yeah! i went to genting with my roomates yan, kak ima and kak iza plus kak ayu, who could be considered my roomate since she hangs out at our room most of the time. that was really really fun (i've ran out of adjectives to describe fun). it coulda been way more fun if it werent raining and half the cool rides werent closed. but it was all good. i enjoyed the trip.

arsenal-wise, things arent looking so good. lost the fa cup draw with bolton, and the premiership match against liverpool last week. got real madrid next week. *shudder*. its ok. i have faith. we WILL win something this season. and that something will be the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE (applause). and we WILL qualify for europe next season. theres no doubt about that.

i think thats it for now. i've gots to go y'all. tomorrow have to wake up early to go back to uni. so take care boys n girls. adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'geographically challenged' baharuddin

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

buenos dias!!

how've you been? good i hope (wahahaha! skema siot). first thing's first. havent had the chance to say this yet, so, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! hope all of you will have the best year ever and that god will keep you all out of harm's way.i havent made any new year's resolutions this year. its pointless. i know i'll break them within a week anyway, being the ever-so-determined person that i am. hahaha. besides, i reckon you shouldnt just make resolutions when new year comes. make them any time you like. right??

and one more wish. SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL ADHA!!! its a bit pointless to tell you all to eat moderately coz i definitely didnt. hahaha. talk about gluttony. which makes me wonder whether eating glutinous rice makes me even more of a glutton. is that the right word? ah well, you know what i mean.

i was just thinking the other day how much useless info my brain can retain. its silly that i can remember the middle names and birthdays of the arsenal first team and not the really important formulas for fluid mechanics. i try and try to forget that karl fredrik ljungberg was born on 16th of april 1977. but it doesnt work. so i guess i'll just have to live with that fact.

speaking of arsenal. hahaha. i missed a whole lot of matches. the one i'm really upset about missing is the home game against united. managed a draw against them. cant complain really considering they're 2nd and we're not. apparently those who were lucky enough to have watched it thought it was a good match. but every cloud has a silver lining. i watched the arsenal match triumph against middlesbrough (again, skema giler ayat). sangat hebat!!! i didnt see the beginning due to foreseen circumstances (which is ayah taking the mickey and not letting me watch). by the time i tuned in it was about 3 minutes till half time and arsenal were 4-0 up! i was like, biar betul, but the scoreboard never lies. bwahahaha!! serves u right boro for beating us 2-1 in september. padan muka. although no one reading this would care so much since i doubt that any of them are boro fans so the gloating privileges cant be used to full effects.

anyways, after halftime i got a bit sleepy so i decided to just watch the replay some other time until dude came in and said 'dude, its 5-0'. so i went back downstairs and watched the rest of the match with henry back to his full capabilities and scoring a hat trick. all hail king henry! seriously though, i didnt think boro took us seriously enough. their defence was rubbish i think. they knew henry never miss chances so why did they leave all that space for him to run around. that is a question that would be left unanswered. so seven-nil is the final score, and that whinger cattermole goes home crying after 20 mins of whinging. (okay, i made that crying part up but the rest is true).

elsewhere, united were thrashed by city. hahaha. you have to feel sorry for them. gloating rights for city fans fully deserved considering united are 2nd and city are not. kinda makes me feel inferior considering we're higher than city but only managed a draw with united. but that, ladies and gents, is the power of underestimation and the beauty of football. watch enough and you'll see pleasant surprises.

back to the non-footballing world. i dont get why some people (particularly older people), cant take other people's opinions. i mean, you have your opinion, i'm entitled to mine, i so dont have to agree with you. you voiced yours out and i voiced out mine, thats it la. why must people who cant take other people's opinions shove their opinions down other people with different opinions's throats. your opinion doesnt have to be right. huargh!! sangat frustrating. if you didnt catch that the first time, try reading it again. hahaha. points go out to those who can tell me how many times i mentioned the word opinion, including that last one, in this paragraph. hahaha. no prizes though. sorry.

next week is the mid-sem break. ooohh!! lotsa plans in store. we plan to go to genting on the monday but whether i go not entirely depends on dear father who seems to be enjoying taking the mick out of me more and more recently. therefore, i have made a foolproof plan! behold!! plan X!! this plan involves me and my comfy bed at home, the tv i'm sorely missing and the internet, for downloading anime pleasure. safety features include the 'no going out = no outside injury' theory whereby if you dont go out, chances are you wouldnt get involved in a car accident. although household accidents should be taken into considerations, the chances of that happening are greatly reduced if i dont leave my bed, which is why this plan is so foolproof (its was proven by a fool). whats more is that i can finally catch up on the 56 hours of sleep i missed during the past 7 weeks. bwahahaha!!

so i think thats it for now. got thermo at 2 dis afternoon (20 mins away at the time of writing). i have physically prepared for the lecture by not eating lunch, so that the hunger would keep me awake during class. its hilarious how much my classmates' energy level change during the point of entering the class, where energy level is at its peak (noisy kids) to the middle of the class where energy level is at its lowest (kids dozing off and tersengguk). bwahahaha. thats how i live through thermo lectures, by looking at other people dozing off.

right then, now i'm really gonna go. updates later (3 weeks from now is still later). stay outta trouble lads and lasses. adios y hasta luego.

khairun 'can take other people's opinions' baharuddin

Sunday, January 01, 2006

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